YJ countdown 3


Bart:Hey there, KID, KID~!

Wally: Don’t call me KID, kid!

B: Well, KID FLASH, Wally!

W: What?

B: Has YJ episode 8 started?

W: Told you it’s in 3 days!

B: Still 3 days? I thought it’s almost 1 day passed!

W: Only 5 minutes!

B: Time flows so slow! can we repair the time machine and jump to 3 days later? Pleasepleaseplease~?

W: I have to do my papers, shut up!

(small text below: Keep rocking the chair and I’ll hurt you…)


can’t wait as Bart, too.

Too excited about the end of Young Justice Invasion hiatus. So I decide to start a count down. Though I don’t have much time so only can I draw some sketch. the countdown sequence is random, doesn’t mean the priority of the characters I like.

First let me start with the Atlanteans.

6 days left to the end of the hiatus!(by Beijing time because I live in China.)


WonderGirl:Ah… There are only 4 days left to see Boss(Nightwing)’s handsome face and slim waist and nice butt and slender thigh and great move… Wish I can have mission with him again~

Batgirl: Still totally FANGIRL today?


Haha, I’m sorry the words are what I want to say not Wonder Girl. 

Only 4 days left to see Nightwing!!! Oh Yeah!!!