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Crushes are for Mortals - Klarion x Reader

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Requested by Anon -  a one shot where Klarion develops a crush on Reader who’s part of the Young Justice team

The first time Klarion saw you was during a meeting with The Light. They displayed your picture on the screen and Klarion was taken with you immediately. He didn’t listen to what they said about you, but he knew you were a magic-user and a powerful one at that. 

Teekl claimed Klarion developed a ‘crush’ on you, but he insisted crushes were for mortals. He was just curious about you in a romantic way. Teekl argued differently, but Klarion chose to ignore her.

Therefore, when Klarion was assigned to distract the team of ‘sidekicks’ while the Light stole something from Wayne Enterprises, he was ecstatic. Klarion didn’t bother himself with what the Light was doing, deciding to focus on his first meeting with you. 

“Team, you are needed in New York,” Batman ordered, marching into the mission room from the zeta tube. He had messaged the team moments ago to gather in the room to wait for him. You were excited, this was your first mission briefing. “Klarion the Witch Boy has broken into the Metropolitan Museum of Art and used his magic to bring all the artwork to life.” The team’s mouths dropped open in surprise as Batman brought up several videos of giant statues destroying cars, and people jumping out of paintings to tackle fleeing citizens. 

“Batman, why is Klarion attacking a museum? Is there any reason for him to be there?” Robin asked, stepping forward as a picture of Klarion floating amidst the destruction popped onto the screen. You studied the photo with fascination as you had heard about Klarion before, but had never seen him.

“It appears there is no logic behind his motives, but he must be stopped,” Batman answered, turning to focus on Kaldur. 

“We will stop him,” Kaldur replied, earning a nod from Batman. 

Batman turned his gaze to you. “I know this is your first mission (Y/N), and you might find the need to prove yourself, but do not take on Klarion directly. We still don’t know the extent of your magical powers.” You nodded in agreement, knowing Batman was right. Your magic were unpredictable at best, even after the years of training you had to perfect it. 

“Best of luck,” Batman finished, leaving the room in the same way he entered. You were a little surprised he was so calm about sending the team to face Klarion, but you could sense he was controlling his emotions to extreme amounts. 

“Head to the Bioship, we will form a plan of attack on your way to New York,” Kaldur ordered as the team headed towards the hanger bay. You were last to follow only to hide the grin on your face. Your first mission was going to be fun. 

The plan was simple. You and Kaldur would enter the museum through the front door, while M’gann and Robin entered through the roof. The rest of the team would sneak into the building through an underground passage way connected to the subway system. 

Once inside, you would all converge on the center of the museum where Klarion was hanging out. You were to hide in the shadows, offering assistance while the rest of the team attacked him directly. 

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. “(Y/N), I’ve been waiting for you,” Klarion announced once you entered the room with Kaldur. Your blood ran cold when he said your real name. Kaldur looked at you curiously before pushing you into the shadows of the room. Even hidden as you were, Klarion’s eyes seemed to find you anyway.

“Stop this, Klarion,” Kaldur shouted as the others slipped into the room, surrounding Klarion. Klarion’s eyes flickered to them, but remained focused on you as if he didn’t care about them. 

“It’s so nice to finally meet you, (Y/N),” Klarion replied as you felt a bit of fur brush passed your leg. You looked down, shocked to see Teekl staring up at you. Suddenly, Klarion’s magic swirled around you, dragging you towards him. 

“What are you doing?!” you screamed as the team tried to help you out of his magical grasp. Nothing they did worked as you were brought closer to Klarion. Teekl walked along beside you. “Let me go!” 

You looked over your shoulder at the team in panic, not sure what to do. Batman said you weren’t supposed to attack Klarion directly, but you had to do something. “Use your magic, (Y/N),” Robin shouted. “It’s your only chance.”

“Yes, use your magic, (Y/N). Let me see what you can do,” Klarion taunted as Teekl left your side to jump into his arms. You narrowed your eyes at him, feeling the magic built up inside of you. A shiver ran down your spine as you whispered a spell, your hands glowing with electrified blue. Gesturing outward, your magic erupted, blasting Klarion’s magical hold on you and throwing him and Teekl against the far wall. 

“Kid, get (Y/N) out of here,” Kaldur shouted as you were scooped up by Wally and whisked out of the room. 

“Bring (Y/N) back now,” Klarion pouted, his magic sending a shock wave through the building. Wally and you fell to the floor due to the instability as Klarion’s voice echoed through the halls.

“Why does he want you so bad?” Wally asked, trying to stand up on the shaking floor. 

“I don’t know,” you answered honestly. “I don’t even know how he knows my real name.” The floor stopped shaking, allowing Wally to scoop you up again and zoom out of the building. 

Wally dodged the living statues destroying the street. “It seems like you have a stalker, (Y/N). Congratulations,” Wally remarked sarcastically. You snorted at him as you used your magic to freeze another statue who was about to attack some pedestrians. 

“Thanks, Walls,” you replied, your voice dripping in sarcasm. Suddenly, Wally skidded to a stop when a portal opened and Klarion appeared in front of you. With a flick of his finger, Klarion send Wally flying back while grabbing you with his magic to pull you to him.

“What do you want with me?” you demanded, letting yourself be pulled until you stood next to him.  Teekl meowed at you, drawing your attention to the cat in his arms. “What do you mean he likes me?!”

Klarion’s eyes almost popped out of his head. “You can understand Teekl?”

“Of course, I can understand.the cat. How inadequate do you think I am?” you snapped back. 

A tiny smile came upon Klarion’s face. “I knew from the first time I saw you, you would be amazing.” You stared at him, trying to comprehend what he was saying. 

“Wait…Do you have a crush on me?” you questioned, watching his eyes flash at you. 

“No, that is ridiculous,” he retorted. His nose was in the air. “Crushes are for mortals.” Teekl meowed, denying his words. “It’s not a crush, you stupid cat. It’s a romantic interest.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s the same thing,” you responded, chuckling when Teekl agreed with you smugly. Klarion huffed.

The two of you were so absorbed in your conversation, you didn’t notice Wally trying to run towards you. “Get away from (Y/N), stalker,” he shouted, super-speeding to you. 

“Ah, shut up justice baby. The adults are trying to have a conversation,” Klarion shouted back, flicking his finger to magically gag Wally with a pacifier and locked him in a crib. You laughed at the enraged look on Wally’s face, even though you knew you shouldn’t.

“So,” you began, gazing into Klarion’s black eyes. “Did you do all this just talk to me?” Klarion rolled his eyes, gazing at the destruction around you with disinterest. 

“It’s not my best work, I know,” Klarion sighed. Your eyes widened as he looked genuinely disappointed. “But I didn’t do this just to speak with you.”

“Oh?” you commented, raising your eyebrows. In all honesty, you weren’t freaked out by him. It was flattering that he worked so hard to meet you, but you wished it hadn’t caused so much destruction. 

 Klarion gave you a devious look before taking a step away from you, letting Teekl jump out of his arms. “I want a magic duel with you, (Y/N). After all, I can’t have a romantic interest that is not my equal.”

“Okay,” you agreed, holding up your hand when he opened his mouth to reply. “But you need to free Kid Flash first.”

He sighed. “Fine.” Klarion waved his hand, turning his head away from Wally in disgust. Wally, freed from the crib and the pacifier, ran up to you.

“You need to get out of here, (Y/N),” Wally insisted, grabbing your arm. You shook your head at him.

“He wants a duel, Wally. If I refuse, he will continue destroying the city until I submit,” you explained with Klarion nodding his head in confirmation. Wally glared at him.

“But Batman said you weren’t supposed to take him on one-on-one,” Wally argued. You just looked at him until he sighed in defeat. 

“I accept your proposal to duel,” you said, turning back to Klarion. Klarion just smirked at Wally in trump. “However, I will propose stakes.”

Klarion sighed again. “I suppose it would make it more interesting,” he muttered. Teekl meowed at him. “I guess I could allow that.”

“If I win,” you stated, meeting Klarion’s eye. “You will repair the city to it’s condition before you started your rampage.” 

He huffed before a mischievous smirk grew on his face. “And if I win you’ll have to kiss me,” he declared, narrowing his eyes when Wally gagged. You just smiled.

“Deal,” you confirmed holding out your hand. Klarion took it after a moment as a glow from your entwined hands sealed the deal. 

“(Y/N), you can’t kiss him. He’s the bad guy,” Wally whispered as Klarion turned away from you to get some distance for the duel. 

“It’s magically sealed, Wally. I can’t do anything. Besides, he could have asked for my soul or something,” you argued, gesturing for Wally to get away. “Now get out of the way. I don’t want you caught in the crossfire.”

Wally sighed before speeding to the sidelines. Teekl moved to sit next to Wally, acting as the referee. Klarion and you prepared, ready for the call of the start. Teekl meowed, and it was on.

The battle was impressive with each clash and attack taking on a new creative flare. You kept your attacks powerful and heavy while Klarion kept his attacks small and imaginative. He was tough, but you knew you were winning and it wasn’t because he was letting you. His twitching face proved he was losing unintentionally. 

Sometime during the duel, the rest of the team arrived. You could feel their eyes on you, silently cheering you on. 

You lost track of time, but you knew it was almost over. Klarion was radiating exhaustion, looking even more pale than he normally was.  Funny enough, you weren’t even tired yet. Knowing one more blast would finish the duel, you whispered a spell that sent Klarion collapsing to the ground.

The team cheered out loud as you glanced at Teekl to see if the match was officially over. She meowed, ending the match. The team came towards you, but you ignored them to sprint over to Klarion. 

“Klarion, are you okay?” you asked, laying his head into your lap. Teekl walked up to rub against you. You tapped his cheek, worrying when you didn’t get a response. “Klarion?”

He groaned a moment later, relieving you to no end. After dueling with him, you found a new sense of respect for him. A lord of chaos doesn’t play by the rules, but he did. 

“I knew you were amazing,” he mumbled, staring up at you with his black eyes. There was a sparkle in them that wasn’t there before. “My equal.”

“I don’t know about equal, because I won,” you retorted kindly, smiling at him. He smirked at you deviously. 

“Therefore, I must follow our arrangement,” he replied, standing up with only slight difficulty. His hand glowed as he repaired the world around you back into it’s original form. When it was finished, he turned back to you. “It’s done.”

“Thank you. I know you didn’t have to follow the rules or our deal, but thanks for doing it anyway,” you said, blushing at how intense his gaze was. It seemed like he respected you as his equal now. 

“It’s was my pleasure, (Y/N),” he purred, taking your hand to place a kiss on the back of it. “I believe we will meet again very soon.” With that, he picked up Teekl and jumped through a portal, disappearing from your sight.

You stared at the spot where he last stood, trying to comprehend what he meant. Suddenly, a hand came down on your shoulder. “Hey (Y/N), what was that hand kiss about?” Robin asked, his hand was the one resting on your shoulder. The rest of the team gathered around you, bombarding you with questions. 

“And why does he want to see you again?” Artemis demanded, crossing her arms.

“How does he know your name?”

“Why was he after you this whole time?”

“Did he say you are his equal?”

“Klarion planned this whole thing to meet you, didn’t he?”

“Umm…,” you whimpered as the questions messed with your head. “I don’t really know.” Your thoughts drifted back to Klarion, wondering when you would see him again and what that meeting would entail. 

Klarion was back in a meeting with the Light, choosing to once again to not pay attention and think on you instead. “Our mission failed. Batman was waiting for us,” Sportsmaster complained to the Light. He shook his fist in the air. “The Witch Boy didn’t do his job.”

“I did as instructed Sportsmusher,” Klarion retorted. “I distracted the justice babies.” 

“Yes,” Lex Luthor agreed. “We should have had you distracting the Justice League as well as their sidekicks.”

“None of that is important right now,” Vandal Savage snapped, turning to focus on Klarion. “Did you discover (Y/N)’s magic levels?”

Klarion froze, cursing himself for not paying attention when the Light was talking about you. He wouldn’t had such a public duel with you if he knew the Light was interested. You were his, and his alone. The Light wasn’t going to take you from him.

“Meh,” Klarion replied, shrugging his shoulders. “(Y/N) is average at best.”

“But they defeated you in a duel, did they not?” Ra’s al Ghul questioned. Klarion snorted, narrowing his eyes at Ra’s. The demon’s head literally said nothing during all the other meetings, but decided to speak up now. Klarion cursed his luck. His mind raced to come up with an excuse as Teekl meowed a suggestion.

Smiling at Teekl, Klarion answered calmly. “I let them win to give them a false sense of security.”

The Light stared at him for a long moment before nodding in confirmation. They turned onto another boring subject, leaving Klarion to go back to daydreaming. He was planning his next meeting with you. There was so many possibilities. He could kidnap you and take you to his private pocket dimension, or convince you to prank Dr. Fate with him. The possibilities soared through his head, but one thing was for certain, he will meet you again. 

  • me:bart allen, in young justice at least, is one of the most interesting characters that i've ever seen. it's difficult to tell where the performance ends and where he himself begins. how much of his personality is put on for show and how much is really just the way that he is? he's a fantastic liar, but the narrative doesn't condemn that, which is a really interesting move because of how thoroughly our culture hammers in the idea that someone has to always tell the truth or it's morally wrong. and how genuinely he comes to care for and trust jaime considering that he came back from the future to eliminate the blue beetle as a threat to the earth is just heartwarming, even if you don't ship it, especially due to his secretive personality. and this isn't even mentioning his relationship with wally or how interesting his future/reach slang is from a linguistic standpoint.
  • every member of my family:impulse is annoying

get to know me meme: [3/10] families → the Crocks

Dad will come after you. Let him. I’ll disappear like the Cheshire cat. You should go too. I’d let you go with me, but you’d slow me down. Someone has to be here when mom gets out. Haven’t you learned anything? In this family, it’s every girl for herself.