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Ur right jb and yj both look squishier lately and ummm the idea of them both eating midnight snacks together is the cutest gd thing I've ever heard and I have a cavity now 😭

LMAO, IT’S ACTUALLY A FACT. I forgot what interview or video, or internet cafe thing they did, but 2jae admitted to being night owls that always late night snack. XDDDD 

So I’m just imagining them hanging out in each others rooms playing games and snacking. I always picture Youngjae playing online games and Jb just watching him play because he finds it entertaining plus he just enjoys Youngjae’s company~ <3

[170312 TRANS] Dongdaemun “Wake Me Up” (ROSE) Fansign Compilation

‪To. Jonguppie‬
‪Please draw a spell or charm that will help some Jongup photocards come to the me who has no Jongup photocardsㅠㅠ I want Jongup photocards…‬
JU: (see pic) [T/N: I’m guessing “4car” is short for “pho[to]card”]

‪(cr: kisskiss_628)

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  • me: i hate that people start christmas on november 1st like thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet it honestly super anno--
  • Warner Brothers: We're giving Young Justice a third season.
  • me: sHO VE A CANdY CANE UP MY A S S 🎅 🎅 🎅 🎅 🎅 🎅 ITS a CHRISTMAS F❅❅❅ING MIRACLE 🎄🎄🎄