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I need your guys help.

So I am obsessed with oc’s but it is so difficult to find blogs with oc’s. I love looking at gifsets, reading fanfics, seeing edits, and just basically seeing things for oc’s. However it is so hard to find any of these because all most reader insert imagines get tagged as oc and flood the tag. I was just wondering if any of you have blogs with oc’s, what tags you use, if there is a blog that catalogs oc’s, your fave oc blogs, etc.

Just help a pal out please?

So don’t go

Don’t go to an event if you have the chance of meeting someone you’re gonna hurt

Would you like it if you were him?

Standing in front of so many people

Being rejected when you’re supossed to be loved by all (bc you’re their fan , you’re an ahgase)

Biggest lesson you’ll learn in life is not to do something that would make you pain.

Even if Youngjae is not your bias , even if your bias is closer than you ever dreamt but so far . YOU SHOULDN’T MAKE ANOTHER PERSON FEEL LESS (loved) THAN OTHERS.

How often people only care about their feelings and forget others have feelings too.

Now Youngjae is crying.

Tears you ain’t worth it. Guess at least this person will learn a big lesson.

Don’t make others feel less in order to achieve your goals. 

Nobody will love that part of you.

I’m rly sorry to have to read this kind of fan accounts.

C’mon we’re on xmas. Spread the love. 

LOVE GOT7, love your fav group. Love their music. Love the fans you knew thanks to the fandom. Love what  life offers to you. Stay positive and make others feel better. You will (eventually) feel better too. 

Thank no one for Season 3 of Young Justice.

Thank no one but your selves. This happened because all of you, the fandom. This is not the work of Greg or anyone that’s part of the YJ. ( Maybe alittle). You all fought for years to get it back, doing everything and anything possible. We saw a glimmer of light and held on to it and helped it grow bigger and bigger until it was seen. Its been a long time coming my friends but our children are coming back home (looking at you wally).  

YOU made this all possible 
the FANS. 

In a year of shitty news atleast we all have this. We can finally get closure and continuation on everything. Here is to Season 3, here is to more twists, heartbreaks, funny memories and badass fight seens. 

Remember, you made this happen. Pat your selves on the back.
Rise from the ashes YJ Fandom,


Underwater Fish Babies of YJ in a Nutshell

Tula: angelic ocean goddess all the boys want

Garth: unintentionally Mr. Steal Yo Gurl

Kaldur’ahm: friendzoned in the reefs wanted on the streets

Lagoon Boy: actual fish baby fanboy green thang/pufferfish???? (who cares i dont think even m’gann does tbh)

Bluepulse Week 2016

If you haven’t already heard @emkayohh and I are running the first ever Bluepulse Week! So the rules are pretty simple. It will run over a whole week, with each day having a different theme. You can create whatever you want from fanfics to fanart to headcanons. Whatever!

Dates: 3rd - 9th October. (I live in Australia so I’m sorry if those dates aren’t preferable)


Day 1. Love Wins

Day 2. AU’s

Day 3. Nightmare

Day 4. Happiness

Day 5. Season 3

Day 6. Family

Day 7. Free Day

We made these themes really open, allowing for people to create a range of different things. 

Remember to tag whatever you make with #bluepulseweek2016 or submit it to our blog @bluepulse-week where we will reblog and keep everyone’s work. This is not a competition and is meant for fun. Also don’t be afraid to ask either of us anything!

Good luck!