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What I love about the Young Justice fandom is that we could get the smallest, most insignificant news regarding season 3, and within minutes the whole fandom will explode and come up with a trillion different theories by grasping at every straw they find and making a bunch connections that make little to no sense.

They could release a four second clip of Nightwing drinking a glass of milk and we’d be like “okay but judging by the consistency of the milk and the tiny bubble near the rim of the glass, it is obviously 2% milk he is drinking, and the color of the lamp in the corner and the position of the sun through the window clearly mean that Wally is alive in the speedforce and will return with the help of John Cena and a poodle okay, just look at the evidence”

Kid Flash: So can Atlanteans speak to fish?

Aqualad: No, we actually cannot. It is like a human trying to converse with a-

Robin: Hey, do you have to speak a different tonal language with them? Or is it just like a series of like bubbles and gurgles?

Aqualad: No, did you not hear-

Kid Flash: I bet it’s a bunch of gurgles like a salt water gurgle like *loudly gurgles*

Aqualad: No, we don-

Robin: No no no it would definitely be bubbles like GLUBGLUBGUBGLUBGLUB

Kid Flash: No no nooooo its *gurgles aggressively*


Kid Flash: *gurgling*

Flash & Rob: *gurgle/GLUBGLUB in harmony*

Aqualad: my king is testing me greatly

Hey YJ Fandom, you know I love you all but let’s try to keep the discourse at a minimum? We’re all very happy with the Season 3 news! Let’s try to be civil and keep the whole fandom happy!


I need your guys help.

So I am obsessed with oc’s but it is so difficult to find blogs with oc’s. I love looking at gifsets, reading fanfics, seeing edits, and just basically seeing things for oc’s. However it is so hard to find any of these because all most reader insert imagines get tagged as oc and flood the tag. I was just wondering if any of you have blogs with oc’s, what tags you use, if there is a blog that catalogs oc’s, your fave oc blogs, etc.

Just help a pal out please?

Underwater Fish Babies of YJ in a Nutshell

Tula: angelic ocean goddess all the boys want

Garth: unintentionally Mr. Steal Yo Gurl

Kaldur’ahm: friendzoned in the reefs wanted on the streets

Lagoon Boy: actual fish baby fanboy green thang/pufferfish???? (who cares i dont think even m’gann does tbh)

Okay, so I said I’d upload part two once the first part got ten notes beyond myself and @fire-fira, so here we go! Read part 1 [here]

“Bart, I want you to remember that this necklace means I will always be here for you, even when I’m not physically here, okay?” Laga said. “I’m always here for all of you.”
Bart touched the side of Laga’s face where the tooth had been knocked from, his small, childish hand gently exploring the odd feeling of where the skin dented in rather than out. “But it hurt you.”
“When am I not hurt?” Laga chuckled, trying to hide the wheezing cough that came with that. “I’m getting old, Bart. If I had stayed in the water, I might still be energetic, I knew plenty of kisegra the age I am now who moved as if they were younger than your father, the Flash. But the sea water was poisoned, or so we’ve been told, and Atlantis is gone. If I’m not in physical pain, my heart aches for all the lives lost in this battle. For all the friends I won’t see until I die.” Laga ran a scaled hand through Bart’s hair, surprisingly soft and clean for the setting they were in. “Maybe someday, the second Kid Flash will go back in time and stop this all from happening, and then get to watch me grow up without growing old so fast. Maybe he’s in this room. Maybe he and the Blue I knew will admit that they were head over heels for each other this time.”
“So, Kid Flash the second killed the person he loved, because he thought it would stop the Bugs but it just gave the Bugs more power?” Bart clarified, confused.
“Yeah.” Laga shook his head a little. “But the past is the past, and I can’t change it. All I can hope to do is improve the future. If we can get someone to the green lantern corp and say that the Reach is no longer welcome, they’ll drive the Bugs away for us, if Hal, Guy, or John are still there, they might even be able to rebuild parts of our old society.”
Buuuuut, if a Speedster travels back in time, they could stop this, right? Before it all happens?” Bart countered.
“Maybe. If they don’t cause it. I think the first thing a Speedster would have to do would be to save your grandpa.” Laga smiled slightly. “Barry was a nice man, so very kind, even to his villains. He might be surprised if a kid showed up in a time travel pod, claiming to be his grandchild, since he and Iris never planned to have kids, but if they were to show up before February 28th, in 2016, they could quite possible stop the On Mode Nathanial from killing him. You know Nathanial, don’t you?”
“Neutron? Yeah.” Bart nodded. “He’s nice. He wears a collar though, why?”
“Because his metagene would kill anyone and anything that got close enough to talk to, and that would be a very lonely life.” Laga explained. “Sleep now, my child of the warm current, tomorrow I’ll teach you all some magic.”


Laga did teach the kids a little magic the next day, he managed to make them all the tattoos needed for basic hydrokinesis, and over time, he taught them how to extract water from the ground and air around them.
He also showed them a couple games to play with the water, they made up some more. Even the speedsters joined, and everyone had a great time, until the Bugs showed up again.
“Run.” Laga ordered, scooping up the toddler, Static Shock’s grandkid. He put her in Yajri’s arms. “Run!” A couple other adults, Shock’s son, Nathanial, Jason, Damian, Longshadow, and a young man with fire powers, ran with the kids, keeping them somewhat together, and shooting things at the Bugs that tried to follow them.
They ran inland. Not even the Bugs dared to go to the desert of inner America these days, and there were rumors, that Don hadn’t had time to check out, of an oasis in the Rockies.
Maybe they could get the kids there in time. Maybe.
Greta Hayes popped up in front of them, and led them through a twisting maze of tunnels, possibly made from ruined buildings, and to the desert. “Secret.” She said, apologetically, and waved a hand.
“Sorry.” Replied another ghost, one that Laga barely remembered the voice of. “Sorry.” The second ghost repeated, shrugging apologetically at Laga as he turned to see him.
Jaime.” Laga said. “I- if we knew what he was planing…”
The male ghost raised a hand to stop him. “Sorry.” He repeated, looking a little annoyed, he then waved the hand in a “don’t worry about it” type of gesture.
“So you’re Jaime.” Jason tilted his head at the ghost. “Cool.”
Sorry.” Jaime growled a little, and stepped away from the exit, where he’d been standing.
“Do we follow him?” Fred asked.
Laga nodded and got his small mob moving again. “Thank you, Greta.”
“Secret.” She smiled sadly, and floated over to Bart momentarily. “Secret.” She ordered him. “Secret.”
“Sorry.” Jaime repeated, and made the classic “follow me” wave.
Once they were out of the cave and following Jaime, Laga tried to ask, “Was it really him? Did he really do this?”
The teenaged ghost smiled sorrowfully at Laga and shook his head. “Sorry.” He said, then looked at Jason.
“Hey, man, I don’t do that whole thing anymore.” Jason said. “Besides, you know I can’t say that stuff here.”
Soooooo-rryyyyyy.” Jaime snorted.
“No.” Jason said.
“Fine. I’ll translate for the ghost.” Damian snorted. “He’s saying that in this time line, yes it was who you don’t want to believe, but soon, one of these times around, it won’t be.”
“Oh.” Laga looked stricken. “I- I’ve done my best so far.”
“Sorry.” Jaime added, oddly chipper. “Sorry!” He threw an arm out, halting most of the group.
“He said that the B-the person from this version didn’t have any magic, so that might be the tipping point. Oh, and, the ash up ahead hides a trap, but he’s not sure quite where.” Damian added.
“Maybe start with the relevant information first next time?” Static’s son said, currently using his lightning to help get out of a pit he’d fallen into. “I almost landed on spikes down there!”
“Sorry.” Jaime rubbed the back of is head, blushing. Then he looked out at the planes in front of them, speculatively. “Sorry.” He added, and Beetle like wings sprouted from his hoodie as he took to the air. A couple kids yelped and jumped back at that.
“What’s he doing?” Laga asked Damian.
“He’s going to get someone from the oasis to lead us, it might take them a little to get out here, even if they still have cars?” Damian looked shocked. “I haven’t seen a car in decades.”
“So, do we hang out here or back in the caves?” Longshadow asked.
“We hang out anywhere we can find water.” Laga declared. “Jaime will be able to find us. He’s smart, even without his second brain. He knows I was born and raised under the waves.”
“They air is dry here.” Said a ten year old girl that had a water metagene, the magic only gave her another outlet for it. “I can’t feel water for miles.”
Laga frowned. “Thank you, Lotus.” He said. “Jacky, you can feel the ground, can you lead us over the path to the other side of the traps?”
“I can try.” The blind twelve year old agreed. “Single file, behind me.” He added. The adults were interspersed throughout the group, and carried the youngest. Bart was at the back, his elder sisters were somewhere closer to the front. Bart memorized everything about their walk, feeling that he’d need to do it again later, but unsure as to why.
Passing the pits took several days. They had no food, and no water. A large vehicle was waiting for them at the other end, a young blond woman sitting behind a strange wheel at the front.
“No way!” She gasped upon seeing them. “You survived! Kraken!”
“Cassie? You’ve hardly aged a day!” Laga gaped, he wasn’t doing too well. In fact, the moment Jacky made it clear that it was safe to not follow him anymore, Laga crumpled to the ground. “Neptune’s beard, I pushed too hard.” He said.
“No! Not now!” The woman, Cassie wailed. Bart zipped over to Laga, skidding to a halt next to him, on his knees. “No! No! I just got you back, no!” She started to sob, flying out of the vehicle to kneel next to Laga. “Please, please, you’re the last of my old friends, don’t you die on me too!”
“Tim’s still out there, last I saw.” Laga croaked.
“Wondergirl.” Jason said, stepping forward. “You know what has to happen. Get the kids to the oasis.”
“I’m not leaving uncle Laga.” Bart said, hugging the man. “If he’s not going to make it to this oasis place, I’m not going.”
Cassie hiccuped, largely ignoring Bart to speak to Jason. “You’re right. I’m not sure who you are, but, you’re right.”
“I’ll stay too. I have to make up for my past sins.” Nathaniel said.
“I’m going to the oasis.” Longshadow said, shaking her head. “I love Laga, he raised me, but I need food, water, and rest. So do the kids.”
“Get in the car.” Damian ordered. “All of you.” He started lifting kids up into the vehicle. “Miss Cassie-“
Bruce?” She asked, confused.
“No. I never met him.” Damian’s lips drew tight. “Mother never told him I was even conceived, not long after he adopted Nightwing.”
“Oh. I’m so sorry.” Cassie said.
Damian shrugged. “Call me the first of many who lost their parents to the Bugs, I suppose. Anyways, get the kids, Longshadow, and Hawkins out of here.”
“Yes, sir.” She agreed. “Kraken, I’m sorry. Say hello to the others for me.”
“Of course, Wonder…woman.” They smiled bitterly at each other, and Cassie planted a fraternal kiss on his forehead, before going and showing the kids and adults that were leaving how to buckle a seatbelt. Bart lifted Laga up to see the others leave, and he managed to wave goodbye.
Cassie had left some snacks, water bags, and a small blue sphere.
“The cure.” Nathanial said, shocked. “A metagene inhibitor.”
“Food!” Bart said. “Laga, do you want the water?”
“No, I’m too far gone. You eat it.” He croaked.
There was an explosion in the distance, where the others had gone.
“I hope that wasn’t the car.” Damian murmured. “Bart, don’t.” He added, when Bart got in position to run and check. “Please, leave us the hope that it wasn’t them.”
Bart grimaced, but sat back down, pulling Laga’s head into his lap in a crude mockery of all the time’s he’d sat in Laga’s lap.
“Eat, Bart.” Laga said. “Please.”
“Okay, uncle Laga.” Bart agreed, and started to eat. The others all ate some of the food too, and Jason put the rest in his bag.
“Bart, could you sing for me?” Laga asked. “You have such a sweet voice.”
Bart nodded. He hadn’t drunken enough recently to have tears in his eyes but the pain still pulled the corners of his eyes tight as his lip trembled. “Sweet water child,” he sang in Atlantean, “Don’t be afraid. Sweet water child, I will stay right here. Sweet water child, I love you…”
Laga reached up, and shakily brushed hair out of Bart’s eyes. “Promise me you won’t ever kill.” He croaked.
“Okay, I promise. I’ll never kill anyone.” Bart pressed his forehead to Laga’s, supposedly a familial gesture for Atlanteans. “I promise.”
“Thank you, eel.” Laga said, and closed his eyes. He was still breathing, but it was getting weaker.
“Tell my dad I’m sorry, Sharkface.” Jason said, putting a hand on Laga’s bare, scarred chest. “And I’m sorry to you, too.” Bart pressed his forehead to Laga’s even harder. “Sleep well.” Jason pulled his hand away, and a spirit came out, a young Laga.
“Well.” He said, and smirked slightly, before kneeling and putting a translucent hand on Bart’s cheek. “Well,” he repeated, softly, and Bart look up at him. Laga gently tapped his forehead to Bart’s, and then stepped back.
“Sorry.” Jaime said, coming up. He put a hand on Laga’s shoulder.
“Uncle Laga!” Bart tried to grab Laga’s wrist, but his hand went right through. “Don’t go, uncle Laga, please, I need you.”
Well.” Laga shook his head, apologetically. “Well.” His tone was gentle, far more gentle than any he’d ever used in life.
“Sorry.” His friend added, and pointed at the clouds. “Sorry,” he said, insistently.
“We don’t want to be here when the rains start. They’ll wash us down the pit and we’ll never get out. Come on, kiddo.” Jason scooped Bart up, and started jogging back over the pit. the ghosts of Laga and Jaime ran with them, leading the way when Jason was unsure. They went back to the caves, where Greta met them, and led them through different tunnels than before, Laga at her side, before he faded away. Bart wailed and cried without tears when that happened.
And then they were in the ruins of a mountain, and Jason was looking around in horror and the other two men stood in silent confusion.
“I heard it was gone but I thought that was propaganda.” He whispered. “No…
“Greta?” Nathanial turned to the cave system, but it was gone, entirely, and the ghost wasn’t there. “Great. She stuck us here.”
“Then let’s build a time machine.” Damian said.

To be continued