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Pack it Up

Prompt: Can you do an imagine that’s Wally West x Reader where he comes back after disappearing. Like after YJ, Endgame??

Requested by: Anon

    You stare at the bed with a sense of trepidation. You haven’t slept in it in months. You’d barely been in the room in months. You run your fingers against the sheets, before pulling back. Slowly, you sit down, before collapsing backwards.

    His scent surrounds you immediately, as though time has stood still. You hadn’t been here in months, the idea of coming home too painful. The thought of Wally never coming home is staggering.

    You take in a deep breath. It had been six months since Wally had vanished in the Arctic. Searches had turned up nothing, and the knowledge of him never coming home had settled in your chest like a block of ice.

    “Y/N? Are you in here?”

    You struggle to a sitting position, your hands going under your sizeable baby bump in an attempt to provide support. A second later Roy enters followed by Jade. You and Roy had always been close. Jade’s friendship had come as a bit of a surprise. But when everyone had been hounding you for something it was Jade who had scared them away. It had been Jade who had set you down in their apartment’s guest room and told you it was okay to grieve.

    Not quite able to get upright you fall back, “Need some help?”

    You lift your head, “Yes please.”

    She takes your hands and jerks you to a sitting position. The one year old reaches for you and you take her. She bounces a bit on your legs before Jade takes her.

    “Are you sure you don’t want to stay?” Roy asks after a few minutes.

    You nod, “There’s too many memories here. I would be stuck in the past.”

    Roy’s voice is kind, “No one would blame you for staying there for a bit longer.”

    You shrug, “If I stay there any longer then I’ll be stuck there. That’s not good for me or little baby no name. Plus Wally would kill me if I kept moping.”

    They both shrug, before leaving the room. Over the next several days you spend your time packing up the apartment. You’d already rented something in Central City, close to yours and Wally’s parents. Your transfer documents had gone through months ago, and you’d transferred to the local college.

    “Are you sure you don’t mind watching her?”

    You wave off Roy and Jade, as they suit up, “I’ve watched your demon spawn how many times now? I’ve got this.”

    Jade smirks, “Never while being seven months pregnant while packing up an apartment to move.”

    You shrug again and watch them go. Lian had been on a schedule since she was three months old. The toddler is asleep by seven, and you’re eating Chinese food while you pack up the living bedroom. You find yourself stopping a lot. You hesitate when it comes to Wally’s clothing. You consider keeping it all, instead you force yourself to pick and choose.

    You keep a lot of his tee-shirts and hoodies. You wish you were smaller so that you could wear them, but you know better. You don’t want to stretch them out. You’re throwing pants in the “to donate” box when you hear the door open and close.

    You listen to the footsteps and immediately peg them as being too loud for Jade or Roy. You reach for the baseball bat in the back of the closet and sneak into the hallway. You wait with baited breath until the intruder turns down the hallway and then swing!

    You hit air, and a moment later you feel hands grip your wrists, and you’re met with a familiar set of green eyes. “Easy honey, easy. Remember the baby.”

    You feel your knees go weak, and he catches you as you fall. His name comes out in a whisper, “Wally, no, no, no, no, no, you’re …”

    “Alive, I’m alive sweet heart. Bart and Barry saved me. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I left you alone, that I made you cry.”

    You don’t question it, as you feel his hand rest on your pregnant belly, you cling to him, and do your best to assure yourself that he’s real. That you have your partner back. That your child has a father. And that you’re not alone.

What she says: I’m fine.
What she means: Dick can’t live without Wally. He couldn’t stay with the team because it reminded him too much of Wally. Living with the regret is going to turn him into Bruce which is exactly what he didn’t want. He’s going to become obsessed with finding Wally and his life is going to waste away until he does. Dick will never be fine again and it’s killing me inside.

Not Wally again!

Seriously am I the only one emotionally unstable because of what happened to Wally in the last episode of Flash? I can’t cope like at all. What makes it worse is I actually rewatched YJ ’s Endgame episode just before watchun the episode and now I’m mourning the loss of two Wally and I can’t anymore, it’s too much! Bring back my Wallys!

what if when yj!wally disappears in endgame he ends up in the flarrow universe

and he ends up in central city coz where the fuck else would he go and gets a job at star labs coz having access to tech and resources means he can try and find a way back to his universe.  but he doesn’t tell anyone he’s not from there.  after all, it’s not like there are any superheroes in this universe, nobody would believe him.  they’d just think he was crazy.

but then the particle accelerator explodes, and metahumans start cropping up, and also now barry’s the flash and hanging around star labs! and wally’s part of team flash but also trying to decide whether or not to tell the others that he’s also a speedster and from another world, but by now he’s been there too long to start revealing secrets and still have them trust him

at some  point he probably meets o liver and just laughs in his face coz hello that’s soooooo not oliver queen but obvs he can’t eplain why he’s laughing so he just ‘oh i saw a cat video last ight it was hilarious!!!!!!!!!”  and also he’s completely fascinated by the fact that there’s two black canaries like one was badass enough but two ????????????? woah.

and then the reverse flash is there and he’s just “it’s eobard thawne!!! i should say something ?! maybe ?!” but he still doesn’t coz secrets and also he can’t REALLY be sure who the reverse flash is maybe it’s different on this universe!  but then RF is eobard is wells, and at some point after that comes out wells makes some cryptic comment about how wally “isn’t the right Kid” or smth (coz yj!wally looks completely different from flarrow!wally) and everyone’slike ???????????????????????????????? wtf is that supposed to mean ??????  and wally sort of shrugs it off like “i have n o fucking clue guys idk he’s evil and tryna get in our heads tbh”

and the entire time he’s encouraging barry to tell iris his identity and keeps trying to push them together “you two are meant to be!! come on you HAVE to know that!!!!!!!” (and then gettin major heart eyes over linda but also “don’t date someone here you still have to go home  you CANT get attached”)

when jay shows up wally’s the very FIRST person to trust him completely and unconditionally coz it’s jay fucking garrick, why the hell COULDN’T we trust him ?? #grandpajayisthebest and also he’s kinda starstruck coz WOAH it’s jay but it’s YOUNG jay i will never get to experience this at home too bad he’s lost his powers whoops

bu like also now the entire team is working on finding a way to travel between worlds which is perfect ??? but also ??? wally isn’t from earth 2 but they’re  pretty much only making portals to there and if he tells them NOW that he’s a speedster from an alternate universe they’re gonna be mad at him for keeping this secret for so long, especially after everything with wells, so he keeps it zip

but he DOES propose the idea of inter-universal travel without the set portals, and to other universes and he and cisco start working on that but tbh it’s not a priority to anyone but wally coz they still gotta fight zoom y’know??

idk from there someone expand this with me