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any headcanons for raven joining yj?


  • Raven is the first girl Gar crushes on, but he’s in complete denial when any of the others tease him about it. 
  • M’Gann doesn’t initially trust Raven around Gar because she can’t gauge her intentions, and her heritage makes it difficult to see the good in her.
  • However, Gar is so fiercely on Raven’s side, that he never backs down, even when the entire Justice League turns against her. Naturally, M’Gann is swayed over because she loves her brother and chooses to believe in him.
  • Her and Raven eventually become the best of friends, developing a mental link that excludes everyone else. It makes Gar super curious whenever he sees the two of them snickering about some inside joke.
  • Raven really likes spending time with Beast Boy; he’s sweet and funny and sincere. He’s also the first person on the team to welcome her with such open arms. 
  • They become best friends, and Raven feels like she can trust him with anything. 
  • Raven knows he has a crush on her (she’s an empath after all), but chooses not to bring it up because she doesn’t want to embarrass him. 
  • Deep down, she might like him back, but it’s going to take her a while to get to admitting it. 
  • Raven is passive in battle most of the time, and it’s part of the reason many don’t trust her easily. However, the one time Gar was seriously injured and was taken by the enemy, Raven used her powers offensively in a display of great strength drawn from her anger.
  • Beast Boy is the one who gives her a tour of the facilities when she first joins up. 
  • While everyone else fears her powers, Garfield is in awe of them, so fascinated by everything about her, she doesn’t even know how to answer his questions when he brings them up. 
  • Raven finds it cute when the other boys tease him about his feelings for her; he blushes and denies it, insisting they’re just friends (but she knows better). 
  • Eventually, M’Gann tries to get them both to admit to their feelings about one another (but Raven’s doom and gloom gets in the way a lot). 
  • Beast Boy tried to get Raven alone to go to the movies, but when Bart and Jaime teased them about dating, and he denied it, they tagged along just to prove a point. He was super annoyed when he didn’t even get to sit next to her during the film. 
  • Raven has never felt more helpless than the time she tapped into Gar’s sadness and was unable to fix the damage. This is when she learns that some wounds are never meant to heal.
  • She finds his powers kind of cool, even though she’s never been too big of a fan of animals. Her introduction to him consisted of smaller, cuter critters (like a monkey, puppy, or a cat), so when she witnesses him in battle as a T-Rex or a Lion, she’s almost terrified of how much she’d underestimated him.
  • Gar always picks the car during Monopoly night, ALWAYS. In fact, he’s nearly scratched Bart’s eyes out over it. The room went pretty silent the night Raven joined and decided to take the car (unknowing it was his favorite token). He just shrugged and went with the dog instead (much to Bart’s irritation).
  • Knowing how much Raven likes to read (and her affinity to poetry), Gar tries to write her a poem, but when he reads it to M’Gann for her advice, she can’t help but laugh (not because it was bad, but because he’s so sweet and simple and sincere in his words, it’s just adorable). However, he gets upset and crumples it up, deciding against it. Feeling pretty guilty, M’Gann reads the poem to Raven (claiming she wrote it) while Gar is in the room. He nearly panics until Raven smiles and says that it’s actually quite good and very romantic, admitting that she’s sort of a sucker for love poems anyways. That day, nothing could ruin Beast Boy’s good mood. 
  • Upon meeting him, Raven is unfazed by his strange appearance and green skin. Instead, she’s more intrigued with his freckles. 
  • Gar is usually a bumbling mess around Raven in front of the others, tripping over his words, or staring at her openly (she’s just so pretty). 
  • Raven picks mint chocolate chip ice cream when the group hits up an ice cream shop after a rough battle. Beast Boy asks her if it’s her favorite flavor, and she shrugs and says she doesn’t have one, but for some reason, she liked the color because it reminded her of him. She has a good poker face, but Gar’s all blushes and heart eyes. 
  • During sparring sessions, Gar always tries to avoid fighting Raven; he prefers cheering her on instead. 
  • Martian Manhunter and M’Gann basically accept Raven as part of the ‘green’ family, even if she doesn’t quite meet the criteria.  
  • Gar stops monkeying around because he’s secretly trying to impress Raven. When she asks him about it and he says he wants to look more ‘mature’, she says that she’d be his friend no matter what he looked like on the outside and that so long as he was happy, she’d be supportive. It was the first time they hugged (with Gar pulling her in tightly). 
  • On her first night, Raven doesn’t have pajamas, and since all the girls are way older than her, Beast Boy has to lend her his (they’re the only two close in age and size, with Raven a few inches taller). 
  • There was something funny about seeing the usually reserved empath in a pair of green paw-print pants and a tight grey shirt with a gorilla beating his chest on the front.  

EDIT: Geez I’m an idiot. For some reason I totally read this as BBRae YJ headcanons. Can you tell I’m ship trash? x_x Anyways anon, if you want Raven specific headcanons, feel free to send me another ask and I’ll provide some of just her and bonding with the YJ cast. SORRY FOR THE MIX UP D: