ENDLESS YEARNING IN YOUR HEART - a m’gann m’orzz fanmix ((remake of a super old mix in honor of yj s3 being greenlit))

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[Trans] B.A.P Matoki Castle 140915 (Afternoon Session)

[Source: MusicChacoBABY, bapbias]
[Trans: hellosaya]

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The Recent B.A.P

Yongguk - Hairstyle

MC: Why did you cut your hair?
YG: No particular reason for my haircut. I can’t do hairstyles other than very short or very long hair.

Junhong - Manly

(When the screen showed Junhong’s close up, he was shy & happy)
MC: What do you think? (Asking ZL)
HC: Junhong has become a stinky man (pinched his nose when he was saying).
ZL responded by fanning his own jacket to send HC some manly smell of him. When HC & YJ were complimenting ZL, YG looked at ZL with warm eyes.

Himchan - Delicious Meat

HC made some comments on this but the fan account reporter forgot the details.

Jongup - Face became prettier

When they talked about someone became prettier recently, they asked “Who’s he?”
HC: Him~Chan~
YJ: Himchan San is dangerous! Getting chubbier is dangerous!
HC: I got chubbier recently, I gotta have some self-control now.
YJ: Dangerous!
HC: Don’t say that you punk! Youngjae!

When they talked about Jongup getting prettier recently, JU asked “….really?(hesitate)”
Translator: Your members and the staff said so.
JU: …… Really? (He didn’t notice about that)

Daehyun - Eyeliner

DH: To match with “Excuse Me”, I was put into red eyeliner. What do you think? (Asking fans)
Babyz: Handsome!!! Cute!!!
DH: Cute….? It’s handsome!! (*`へ´*) (Seems he would like to be praised handsome)

Youngjae - Petit Face

Youngjae used his single hand to cover his face to show the size of his face.
MC: Why is your face so small?
YJ: My mom…and Obasan…(he mixed up the pronunciation of “Dad (Otousan)” and “Old lady (Obasan)”)
MC: Eeh? Old lady?
YJ: My dad! (Otousan)(≧∇≦)
MC: Do your parents have small face too?
YJ: My mom has.
MC: Do you look like your mom?
YJ: Nope…
MC: So…do you look like your dad?
YJ: Nope…
MC: Then who do you look like!? (laugh)
YJ: My face… looks prettier than my mom.

Questions that you must answer it

JU rolled the dice and HC was chosen to answer the question.

Q. If you are a girl, which member would you like to date? Which member you definitely won’t date?

Before HC answered, DH kept shaking his head like he really doesn’t want to be chose by HC.

HC: I think you all know, it’s Jongup. He’s kinda laid-back, similar to me…so…what am I saying? (laugh)
MC: What do you think Jongup San?
JU: Not bad (^∇^)
MC: Then Jongup San, who will you choose?
JU: I’ll choose Zelo. He’s tall, I think that’s good.
ZL stood up and looked down like he was looking at his shorter girlfriend.
HC: (Being ditched) It’s okay…It’s okay…
MC: Which member you definitely won’t want him to be your boyfriend?
HC: Daehyun! (immediately)
DH: Thank you very much! (≧∇≦)(bow politely)
YJ: So nice……(not to be chosen by HC)
Daehyun went to hug Youngjae after bowing.
HC: The next one I hate to choose is Youngjae.
YJ: Thank you very much!!! XD
DH: Congratulations! (Then DaeJae hugged again)
HC: The reason I chose DH is because me and him both eat a lot, it’s gonna cost us a lot, but he is still a cute brother.
DH: Thank you very much!! (But he was totally not looking at HC’s direction lol)

DH rolled the dice and ZL was chosen to answer the next question.

Q. Where would you like to go with your girlfriend when you are on a date? What kind of clothes would you like her to wear?

ZL: I would like to be cooperative. I would let my girlfriend do whatever she wanna do, I can bring her anywhere which is near to where I live now. For clothes, as long as it looks good on her, anything will do, it’s better not something too revealing. If I have enough money, I would like to bring her to anywhere she wants to go. (He spoke like a machine gun)

Q. (Question for DH) Although it’s a Matoki Castle Day, which Disney princess would you prefer?

DH: Miss Elsa. She’s cute, she can use magic… but Babyz are the best for me.

Borrowing Things Game

The criteria were:
1. Princess-like outfit
2. The height difference with Junhong is at least 30cm when heels are taken off
3. There’s B.A.P CD inside her bag

They went around to find the Babyz who matched with these criteria, the winner was chosen according to the volume of Babyz’ support. Jongup won this game.

Hula Hoop Game

Whoever plays the hula hoop for the longest time would win this game.

YG had a big win for this game, while HC & ZL lose the game quickly.

Gesture Game

Each of them have a theme for their questions. They have to use gestures to hint the right answers to the Babyz.

Jongup’s theme was “Movie”. He has Spider Man, Matrix, Harry Potter and Babyz got the correct answers one by one. When he finished, Yongguk tried to imitate Spider Man and he looked good.

Daehyun’s theme was “Animals”. He got rabbit, gorilla, cat, dog etc and he made a lot of cute poses. While Yongguk and Youngjae imitated dogs lively as well.

Youngjae’s theme was “Beauty goods”. He got hair-dryer, lipstick, eyeliner etc. He demonstrated how to use theses goods on his model (Daehyun).

New Japanese Album to be released in Nov

YJ: We are going to release our new Japanese album in November, please anticipate a lot… There would be original new Japanese song(s)…

HC: Really? Original Japanese song?

YJ: May be……

At the end, the overall winner Jongup cosplayed as a King, while Yongguk being the loser was punished to wear maid costumes which all the members couldn’t stop laughing at him.

(hellosaya: I may or may not do the translation for Night Session……May be just some short fan accounts…since I’m freaking tired right now…)