Wrapping shoulder rhododendron and goldfinch on a Washington native. From my up-for-grabs book! Thanks so much, Sarah!

Opening a Door in the Fourth Wall

Before I get into it, thanks everyone for being with us during the finale. We were nervous and tired and a made a lot of mistakes but ended up with some cool material that we hope will last in memories and inspire lives. We trust you guys to make use of what you see and become better for it – both the good and the bad – just as we have learned from our experience. 

There was a lot of positive reception to “From Way High Up,” the fourth wall breaking book Ianite sent Sparklez from her umbrella consciousness before her final dissolution. In that book she said some things that elicited feels but also provoked thought. A surprising number of you have said it’s one of the best fourth wall breaks you’ve ever seen. I’m honored you feel that way. I’d like to share with you a little secret as to how good fourth wall breaking can be done.

I haven’t read a lot, but I have read one really good thing. It’s the short story in the end credits of Minecraft. Go beat the Ender Dragon yourself for the ideal experience. Otherwise watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VWsq1JXVWY

t’s one of the most touching pieces I’ve ever read. Notice the way the two beings talk. They’re not addressing the player jokingly or recognizing the comedic situation that breaking the fourth wall often creates; they’re intimately discussing the player’s circumstances in light of the connection they have with the player. This is all within canon. They don’t break the wall; rather, they step right through it. They’re acknowledging themselves and the player as part of the same reality and as brushing elbows from across a veil. There’s no crumbling of brick or loud crash. It’s a subtle and beautiful acknowledgment of the super-story that links every level of existence. It’s a nod to the fundamental truth that there is no wall. Or at least, it is not a wall that must be broken. There can be a door, or a window, or a curtain, and you might have a key.

Sparklez had a key and it was his connection to his Lady. From across universes she found him; from way high up she showed him that Jordan Maron and CaptainSparklez were part of the same story – that Jordan Maron and Lady Ianite were part of the same story. Jordan Maron is Mianite Season Two canon.

And… so are you.

→ → トリッシュ  & レディ : デビルメイクライ4 スペシャルエディション
Received this super sexy pic from my friend, he has finished all characters in steam.I just finished Vergil’s story only in PS4 lol xdd ٩(ŏ﹏ŏ、)۶ I want to share it here although you may see it before, no watermark so you can use it as wallpaper, or print it as poster then kiss them everyday or…it doesn’t matter xdd Have a nice day!