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Hey your cool do you have any headcannons about Bart? I have so many and i need someone to share them with help

Okay so I kind of have feeling about Bart’s, and since I’m not a good writer you will have to deal with my love for Bart. (If u wanna share your head cannon I would LOVE that)

Bart is kinda of a complex boy. Haven’t you ever noticed that he keeps smiling, and he always has a jolly attitude, even though he’s been through hell? He doesn’t even care. He’s not one of those people who can never take anything seriously though. He knows about hazards. He knows when it’s time to be serious. He’s been though hell and he is mature for it. He is kind to and is friends with Blue Beetle even thought the Beetle was the exact machine that enslaved him and the human race in the future. Bart Allen one tough dude, and if you don’t love him, I don’t understand you.


Young Justice team when asked what they think about Batman

Kaldur: “He is a wise and trustworthy leader. I respect him highly and never doubt his decisions." 

Conner: "Guy’s a jerk." 

M'gann: "Batman? He scares me. He’s always glaring silently as if planning to kill us or something. Once I tried reading his mind, but all I heard was echoes. It’s creepy." 

Wally: "Pfft, Bats? Please, the guy’s a total pushover. Once I was over their place and Robin and I made a blanket fort in the Batcave, and you know what Batman did? He just walked out of there and worked somewhere else. He’s probably nicer than my own parents." 

Artemis: "Literally the only person in the universe I don’t want to mess with, which says a lot cuz I’ll fight anyone." 

Robin: "B and I are going out for ice cream after patrol.” :) 


Young justice version! Spoiler: Bart’s in Jamie’s room

Wally: Excuse me, but I’m a scientist and there’s no such thing as magic so shut up 

Kent Nelson: *does magic*

Klarion: *does magic* 

Kaldur: *does mermaid magic*

Doctor Fate: *possesses Wally and makes him do magic while he watches from inside his helmet alongside another guy who’s not only dead but also does magic* 


repainting that Artemis picture from April this year. Also a shout out to all those who’ve stuck with me since yj and even before then, I;ve come so far artistically and I love you all for your support (and kind words because we all love compliments). Here’s to another year of art :D

-I’m also doing a redraw of an old yj piece because I’m feeling particularly nostalgic and I want to feel good about my art progress, stay tuned.