Let’s play a fun round of “Is This Pain Due To My Crohn’s Disease Or Is My Appendix About To Burst?”!!!! Yaaaaay!!

Seriously, if this pain isn’t gone in a few hours I’m high-tailing it to the nearest A&E.

Biz Kürşad'ın 40 yiğidiyiz Çin sarayında
Biz Hz. Muhammed'in Ümmetiyiz Bedirde Uhud da Hendekte
Biz Ali'nin kılıcı Hamza'nın haşmeti Ömer'in adaletiyiz
Biz Ahlatta besmeleyle Malazgirt zaferi, Anafarlatalar da Çanakkale'yiz
At üstünde yalın kılıç ölen Enver'iz Turan ellerinde
Ülkücü derler bize
Ülkücü derler ya
Uzaktan bakarlar ya korkarak, takım elbiseliler derler ya hani
Hah işte biz onlarız, mangal gibi yürek taşıyan imanlı göğüslerimiz var bizim !

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… I love #katemulgrew - she’s “grand” in the Tallulah Bankhead sense of a larger-than-life theatrical personality. She is apparently spending a lot of time in Ireland right now, so she ’s affecting a slight brogue in her everyday speech. When @daverytech and I walked up, she through her arms around us and asked “How arrrre ‘yiz?” as if we were in a pub in Belfast. Theatrical in the best sense of the word.
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anonymous asked:

Ok hey yiz tY SO MUCH for the support (which i usually don't get) and today im going to the mall in this new rlly pretty crop top i got and (i hope) that imma make it sLaYy and imma try to keep ur advice in my head ty ilysm :* always b happy ily 😘😘

aw you’re welcome💖💖yess queen slay

anonymous asked:

Hey yiz ok so i have this thing where at home when im get rdy 2 go out im all confident & stuff & like "hellzyeah I'm rdy to slay" & then i go out and i cant anymore & i feel like shit and sometimes i even go home before it was predicted pls hulp

hey, yAs that ready to slay headset 👏🏼👏🏼 don’t lose that vibe, wherever you go make it feel like home - forget everyone else, the world is YOURS. own it ;) push yourself one day way outside of your comfort zone, it’ll be hard but do it again and again, it’ll get easier and eventually you’ll be ready to slAY everywhere