Mona so bored H E L P M E (˘_˘٥)

hye! i have final exam tomorrow. its FINAL EXAM BRO! final yOU KNOW! omg what am i doing rite now?! ughhh wotever. im so bored so lets play some games. so im gonna tag some of my close frens on tumblr (sorry if youre not in list but youre still my frens you know!)


  1. your birthday (im so forgetful…so…please keep in mind that “mona is so forgetful so please forgive her”)
  2. your fav foods
  3. do you save any url? (if yes please tell me! hehe)
  4. does your laptop have a name?
  5. do you have a crush?
  6. your 1st bias in kpop
  7. do you know how to cook?
  8. in Harry Potter movies, which character that you like? and why?
  9. describe lee so man (in your native language please hehe)
  10. i dont really like an emotional ppl. do you?

bonus questions! 

❤ do you sarang me? and why?

okay thats all! arigato gonzaimasuuuuuuuu/ runs to jaejoong arms

see you real soon! ヽ(^o^)ノ

sincerely; mona! LOL