EXO Reaction when their famous girlfriend asks if she can check their phone and she finds A LOT of pictures of her saved from google

I’ll do this one for now, it’s cute, and then I get back home I’ll continue :) Xoxo, Admin A~

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“Oh my gawd! How did those pictures get there! That’s amazing! You did that just by unlocking my phone?!” *Should win an Oscar*


“Oh hey baobei… wanna see the pictures I saved on my computer too?” *It’s not a secret he is your fan number one*


“You caught me… I’m a naughty boy!” *Probably has more pictures hidden under the bed*


*You won’t find them because they are saved under the thousands of selfies he has* “This is how you hide your secrets~”


*Thinking* -Distract her… Distract her- “You look… very pretty tonight babe~” *Sex eyes xD*


“Wanna take another one with me? I never have enough!” *Proud of his actions*


*Struggles* -Act normal Baekhyun Act normal- “Ehh.. well.. Sehun saved them!”


*Doesn’t realize until too late* “Oh no… she will see the file I have there… Maybe I should start running away…”


*All cool* “You are my jagi… of course I’ll have pictures of you. Just like you have pictures of pre-debut me” *Smooth~*


*Embarrassed* “Yeah…. I have some pics of you… just a few…. like 10K… and I deleted some… But don’t tell the boys okay?” *Has to save his Satansoo image xD*


“Oh you saw them… What can I say? Your smile is beautiful and the fans take great pictures” *Blushing unicorn*


*Internally screaming* “Pictures? No… I don’t have pictures… why don’t you play a game hm?” *Trying so hard to not be discovered*

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DOES ANYONE SEE THE LIL BLINK AND MOUTH OPEN JONGIN DOES WHEN YIXING KISSES KYUNGSOO LIKE HES SO HURT “유쿠나잇 인터뷰 뽀뽀요정 #레이 #LAY #디오 #경수 “쬽 ^3^” “(!!!!)” “함본만 봐조…… 조기 가메라 이따?”“

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