Exo reaction to their mascots

SM: Alright boys so we’ve decided to waste all of our money on you guys…so we got you each your very own mascot

Sehun: Oh so you can waste money on mascots but I can’t get a single Damn line in a song?!


Sehun: Chanyeol don’t even start!

SM: Look we told you we’re working on it

Sehun: Yeah that what you said for all the past albums

Suho: Can we just see the mascots?

SM: Oh yes …come on out boys

Mascots:*walk out*


Baekhyun:aw they are so cute!!!!

Sehun: Ewwww kyungsoo what’s wrong with your mascot?

Kyungsoo: I like him its so me….

Chanyeol: Why because he looks like he just killed someone?

Tao: Damn I look good like always!

Kyungsoo: It was just one time let it go!!!

Chen: Tao I wouldn’t say always

Tao: Excuse me?

Baekhyun:Just ignore him Tao! You look very nice today…

Tao: Nice? Bitch I look excellent everyday! I am Gucci and Gucci is me!

Lay: Why does Sehun’s mascot look so mad?

Sehun: Because he’s surrounded by peasants 24/7 and works for a shitty company and is stalked by crazy ass fans and has been banned from various bubble tea shops plus sebooty has gotten so big that now none of my pants fit!!Wouldn’t you be pissed?!!!

Kai: Um…

Sehun:*breathing heavy*

Kai: umm Se- Sehun? Maybe you need to sit your sebooty down?

Sehun: Bitch don’t tell me to calm down!!!!

Chanyeol: Whoa calm the hell down big bird!

Sehun: Who the hell are you calling big bird?! At least I don’t look like freaking Yoda!

Chanyeol: No you did not just go there!


Suho: Tao what the hell are you crying about I mean damn its not that serious your stupid mascot just fell over grow the hell up!!!


Tao:*stops crying*

Suho: Oh what now?

Kai: You just said a bad word!

Tao: You just yelled at me!

Suho: Yeah so what?! I’ve been taking care of your ungrateful asses dealing with all of your shit! Me and Kris broke up and Luhan left and now you bitches want me to fix everything?! Well maybe I can’t… I can’t even fix myself ….has anyone asked how am I feeling? No and will someone please tell Lay’s mascot to stop whoring around!


Tao:*starts crying again*

Kai: Sehun get off of Chanyeol

Kyungsoo: No let him sit on him that’s what he gets for talking about sebooty

Xiumin: What the?!

Sehun:*sitting on Chanyeols back*

Chanyeol: Get your big ass off of me!!

Sehun:That’s what you get for saying sebooty isn’t real…for your information sebooty is all real and natural

Chen: Ha Ha Ha Big Booty Hoe!!!!

Sehun: Want to hear a knock knock joke?

Chanyeol: Sure its not like I’m going anywhere

Sehun: Knock knock!

Chanyeol: Who’s there?

Sehun: Bitch…

Chanyeol: Bitch who?

Sehun: Bitch you!!!

Chen: *Laughing*

Suho: Tao stop crying and Sehun get off of Chanyeol!

Sehun: No you filthy peasant

Kai:*stops laughing*

Suho: I need a vacation

Kai: Wait Kyungsoo you killed somebody?