Thrift Shopping

Went out with Yiting today, to catch up and to shop. Started off at Chinatown and had lunch at the Hawker Center. It’s been so long since I went out with a friend and ate at a Coffeeshop or a Hawker Center. Had Green Tea Macchiato from Koi but its standard has dropped and I like Gong Cha better now. Then we walked to Ann Siang Hill. There wasn’t anything much there except that it’s a nice place since there isn’t alot of people around. The only place we shopped at was Oakham Market. Saw this pretty dark blue dress but it made my upper body look too rectangular-ish. 

We then went to Bugis. Didn’t really think much about buying clothes because lately I haven’t been in the shopping mode but somehow, there were lots of pretty and worth-buying clothes.

So I ended up buying :

  • Black lace rectangular-ish top -$5
  • Long sleeve floral top - $5
  • Mustard dress - $10
  • Hot orange-red dress - $10
  • Apple layered top - $8

I'n so happy with them. Time to organize my wardrobe once again. Had Mos Burger for dinner and Grass Jelly with Peach for Dessert. Walked to Esplanade from Bugis and sat there for about an hour just chatting with Yiting. Life’s as good as it can be.

  • Yi Ting: Go sleep la
  • me : yep i will when its midnight haha
  • Yi Ting Tan : LOL cinderella ah you
  • me: yes so i will have my prince charming hehehe
  • Yi Ting : Haha you need your glass shoe first
  • me : it's okay wedges can replace glass shoes glass shoes will just break lol
  • Yi Ting : LOL and cut your feet And you will swear
  • me : YEA THEN SCARE THE PRINCE AWAY :/ and instead of a horse carriage i'll have a sports car
  • Yi Ting : Porche yahhhhh
  • me : YES [: