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Yitien is an online multiplayer game, filled with different kinds of adventure for your character to go on. Be you boy or girl, you can choose to be a Warrior, a Sword Dancer, a Healer or an Assassin. Along the way, you will meet a panda and he will become your pet. You can name both yourself, and the panda you meet. Drop into a world of Chinese forklore and build a clan to help along the way. Grow a farm, get married, and fight evil.

And add me on my character Kagura or Moegi for help!

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Do you have the will and discipline to become a hero and save the Yuan Dynasty people from famine, war and disgrace? Play Yitien online and become a hero with immeasurable power, choose between 3 classes, warrior, healer, and sword dancer. The faith of this people lie in your hands, are you going to answer the call? Play Yitien Chronicles free now and be in control of your own fate!

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