Some color sketchwork for my piece for the @radiance-anthology! I was originally trying to see if I could do parts of the piece in gouache (the Will on the right) because I like the flat, matte colors, but that turned out to be a bust because I’d have to do the entire thing lineless - drawing with ink pens on gouache is a pain, and the ink dries very glossy so it won’t scan or photograph properly. 

So basically, looks like I’m gonna stick with watercolor for now XD 

anonymous asked:

*Borks at the egg multiple times* "communicating may help it hatch" :v (@sometimes-blue-sundog)

Cleo: Bork

Draco: Y u do dis

Draco: Tf, it actually worked.

( I don’t know why this image is smaller but whatever. )

Draco: I does is now a father

Squirtle: Fuck, I exist

Well hecc here’s another character that you can ask at @sometimesteamharmony