I’m sure this happened but they didn’t put it on the episode. Right? Just kidding, but I wish 😃


So I’ve finally had the time to watch the episode and I’ve come up with this gifset. I hope you like it ^^

anonymous asked:

Supergirl character's and the true about them: Kara Danvers: Betrayed her aunt. Lena Luthor: Lived off the Luthor's alien-racist legacy. J'onn J'onzz: Abandoned his people. Alex Danvers: A drunken party goer. Cat Grant: Got rid of her son. James Olsen: Sponged of Superman's fame. Maggie Sawyer: Cheated on every girl she was with. Mon-el: Lived off his slave-owning parents legacy.

yea some people have done shitty things but kara danvers is literally supergirl. lena luthor was a child and now she’s tried to cure cancer and is doing everything in her power to undo her family’s mistakes. j’onn j’onzz’s people were being slaughtered and now he’s a superhero. alex danvers is a government agent saving her city and fiercely protective of everyone she loves. cat grant is my feminist mom. james olsen left metropolis to establish himself and is a hero outside of the guardian and as the guardian. maggie sawyer well i dont rlly like her tha much but whatever. its called character development. mon-el, however, was a slaver and faced no consequences for it and is a misogynistic abuser whos existence is racist and homophobic.