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More omega!Kageyama

Kageyama is the only omega in the team. Yes, there are some betas (Yamaguchi, Suga, Noya) and mostly alphas (Daichi, Tanaka, Asahi, Tsukishima, Hinata) but no omegas. Zero.

It’s not really a problem but he kinda hates it sometimes. Everyone tries to take care of him or protect him from harm and even tough he really appreciates it and feels touched by that it also makes him feel angry because “I can take care of myself, thank you”.

He really likes to be with the team. He secretly loves cuddling and grooming them separately once in a while (everyone knows so they let him do it without complain, even Tsuki who deep down enjoys the attention).

The moments when hates being an omega is when his heat is close. All his teammates start acting weird around him and try to touch him more than usual. Like if they’re trying to scent him. He won’t lie, he likes it. But it can be troublesome and create some friction between the alphas. That is why he prefers to be close to Suga in those times. He’s beta scent is strong enough to cover his and hide any traces of the heat.

Kageyama knows that the moment he decides to start a relationship with someone it’ll be a pain in the ass. Because they will have to get first his whole team to reach to him. He still doesn’t know if he’s lucky or he will be single forever.

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Hey hey hey!!!! For the fic drabble thing: 31 with platonic shidge :D

Lol why do I do the things I do? Post Season Two. 

“You lied to me.”

Pidge took a deep breath, wrapping her arms around her legs and rocking ever so slightly where she was sitting. “You lied to me,” she said again, voice cracking. “You promised you’d be here for me and you’re…and you’re not.”

She swallowed hard, letting the tears that had gathered in the edges of her eyes slip over her cheeks and run down her chin. “And I’m trying so hard not to be mad at you,” she whispered to the hologram in front of her. 

The wavering image of Shiro didn’t speak back, just stood, hands on hips, smiling confidently. Pidge wanted to kick it in the face, but she knew that it would accomplish nothing more than falling flat on her ass, so she refrained. 

“You promised you would help me find him,” she snapped, eyes flashing as she glared up at him. “You promised! And now you’re out somewhere in space doing something stupid and you’re probably hurt or you might be dead and I’m…”

She hiccuped, full on sobbing now, and buried her head in her arms. “I’m alone,” she choked. “I need you to come back.”

Pidge shuddered and forced herself to stand, move over to the control panel, hover her fingers over the “OFF” button. “I need you to come back,” she murmured. “And I need you to be okay.”

She hit it, shutting her eyes as the hologram flashed out of existence, body slumping over the controls. 

“I can’t lose another brother.”