Year in Review

This year has been an interesting and transformative one:

- I got married in New Orleans, with a full Thelemic, Gnostic Mass ceremony with my family (especially my Evangelical parents, my ex and our daughter), friends, and religious community in attendance
- I got back into therapy, finally focusing treatment on my PSTD which lead to me finding peace on some hairy things, some I’d carried with me since childhood
- I got a raise and promotion at my last job (big personal accomplishments), then was laid off a few month later (right before my wedding)
- I did a 2nd ayahuasca ritual that showed me how much I’ve grown, lead me through a death trip, urged me back into therapy, showing how much more I have to grow
- performed as a officer of several initiations for the first time within my tradition
- DJ’d for several of the biggest parties I’ve ever done, many of them out of state, and for shows of several of my all-time favorite bands (Leatherstrip being one of special note)
- I finally left the food industry after working in it for a full decade, moving into low voltage/telecom work
- I quit the club on good terms, and now that club is closing at the end of this year
- made it onto unemployment, fumbled that after 2 months, made it through many interviews, and finally persevered through the longest hiring process I’ve ever dealt with to have the most stable job I’ve ever held
- got a rescue puppy that has been a very positive influence on and addition to our family
- visited my grandparents for the first time in years, learning much more about our family history on my mother’s side (and insight on how it can take a long time to find the field of work one will eventually settle with)
- small moments throughout the year showed me that I have earned my peers respect and admiration. Basically, I realize that I don’t need to see myself as the worthless kid I have for so long seen myself as.
- I also reached 5 years of sobriety from alcohol