The first two tweets in almost 5 months, but I ain’t even mad.
And a perfectly fitting retweet to remind us that these feelings are nothing new. What an amazing account.

l0chn3ss  asked:

Any fandom prompt- "she will rise, she will rise. but when she does, I'll surely die"

i revel in taking your angst and refusing to comply

“Dude, this is a bad idea.”

Dude, keep your mouth shut.” Black*Star stuck his tongue out at him, voice pitched in a mocking tone. “This is gonna be awesome.”

Soul eyed the sleeping Maka in front of him with a not insignificant amount of caution. “Not gonna be awesome when you’re missing your testicles, because she will rip them from your body.”

Black*Star winced, hand twitching towards the aforementioned family jewels, but continued with his endeavor. “You worry too much.”

“And you have a goddamn death wish,” Soul hissed back, voice pitched a little too high. “How is this gonna end well?”

Black*Star made a non-committal sound, one that told Soul he hadn’t thought that far. 

“‘Star, what part of you woke up this morning and thought, yeah, drawing dicks on Maka’s face while she’s sleeping will definitely turn out alright?”

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Twins Revealed, hurray

I feel like stealing Yana’s thunder so have some photoshop jobs of things that will no doubt 100% become canoner than canon and all of the Canon DSLR, HD recroder cameras put together.

Exhibit A: Removed the conveniently placed lady on the right:

Exhibit B: Removed the conveniently placed speech bubble on the right:

Exhibit C: Threw in the other child

Exhibit D: Removed Baron Kelvin’s conveniently placed hand

honestly im so excited, when millennials get old enough to be in positions of power, college tuition is going to plummet and minimum wage is going to be like $20 

i just love it how this generation has absolutely had it with baby boomers and as soon as they’re all retired we’re gonna make sure the next generation doesn’t feel the same as we did

i love millennials