psychoqtpie-deactivated20130319  asked:

Hi there, I've only been following a few days so I have a lot to catch up on. Thus far though I really enjoy your blog. Your openness about depression is inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing. ~Jenny

Sincere Response: Thanks on all counts. WTJG is more and more about humor and satire, but tumblr lends itself to sharing on a more personal level. Thanks for reaching out and for following.

Ag Style Response: To save time, here’s an overview of the last three years…

  • Depression
  • Talking with a dog
  • Divorce
  • More Depression
  • Balloons
  • Less Depression
  • Your Mom
  • Your Mom
  • Ag Style rudeness
  • Using “fuck” and the word “pulp” to make 39,000 15 year olds laugh.
  • Your Mom
  • Avengers
  • More Depression
  • And then yesterday I posted about a friend who confused “bidet” and “beignet.”

The rest has mainly been reblogs.


psychoqtpie-deactivated20130319  asked:

Do you have any strange phobias?

Sincere Response: Nothing too strange. And not phobias per se. I was terrified of bats as a kid. Still don’t love them or bugs. I’d say I have a healthy dislike for snakes but nothing that would immobilize me. My broken brain does make me be “afraid” that people are always judging me or disliking me but none of the fine professionals who have assisted me have classified that as a phobia.

Ag Style Response: I am terrified of strikingly handsome men. Which is why I have no mirrors in my house.