It is strange..

Today I was feeling rather low about myself, I kept thinking to myself,

“Your art is nothing special, you cannot achieve such wonderful art that your friends have already attained the abilities to create. You are truly quite pathetic when it comes to art, you can’t even move a simple mouse pad around to create some lines.”

Certain people came to mind..

(And many more at that..)

And then I started thinking to myself, “Even your words are too easy to mimic, look at all the grand writers around you, you don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to extensive vocabulary. As if you had anything special to offer..”

Certain people came to mind even then as well..

(And once again, there were many more that I could not list..)

All I could do was sit and hopefully get advice from a friend.. I had felt so down because of all the things that I had so badly desired but couldn’t have. But then, a beam of light had seem to come down on me and got me thinking..

“You know.. what does it matter if I possess the grand skill of crafting art, or perhaps even the influence of creating words that form into a sentence which then creates emotions and feeling that even the reader can imagine? While it may be true that perhaps some of the others around me can do it even better than I can, it does not matter, because you are special, and no one can copy you. You do not need to worry about being as good as the rest, just try your hardest and give it the best you’ve got. Keep standing tall, and you yourself will find comfort in your own abilities, even if perhaps now you cannot see them.”


... Where did you all come from?


That was the million dollar question since a long time.

While Luigi wasn’t getting tangled in Professor E. Gadd’s bizarre exploits with the Pixelator 8000, he sure was meeting a lot of people whether he liked it or not of recent past. At times it felt satisfying to have company when Mario would leave him alone for yet another adventure. Though, it tended to become a bit strange seeing to how out of all places, these newcomers would go to their house.

“H… Hello there! Sorry for not seeing you early, I was just… u-uh… ”

“Are you lost? I-If so, I can… I-I guess I can help you out or… s-something… ” Enough about inquiring if they needed plumbing; seems like no one actually had a toilet nowadays…

((Wow.. to be honest, I never thought I would make it this far. I had started this blog  about a month or so ago and have enjoyed all of the time that you guys have invested into me. I hadn’t even been sure at first whether to make this blog or not, but it turned out good in the end. I know I don’t have art or even any audio at the moment due to a bad microphone, but thank you all for being so generous to me and for making my days worth the wait.))

((As a 100 follower special, once I get my new microphone, and once Meta (or anyone) has come up with some good English lyrics that goes with Magolor Soul’s theme, I shall be singing that and posting it here on Tumblr.))

((Thank you all so much.))


((Video Format because I already did three audio posts..))

Bandanna Dee



((Noddy’s Valentine Present))


((The pixelated version of Patch from his banner, I don’t know why I decided to craft this pixel art. I just really enjoy watching Zee and Patch. I had hinted earlier that I was going to make this as well.))