The moon looked so cool last night. Tomorrow (11/14/16) is supposed to be a Super Moon: the biggest it will be for 20 years or so. I couldn’t get the moon’s details with my phone, but how the clouds cut the ring around the moon in half, and how the Earth’s celestial sister shone through the mists was an amazing thing to see. You can kinda get a taste of it with these. It was fucking magical, man. I just laid down and stared for 30 minutes. -cc

“Joy and sorrow are inseparable…Together they come and when one sits alone with you…Remember that the other is asleep upon your bed” -Khalil Gibran 

I got the idea to do this after talking to friend about @brutalmoose’s and @spacehamsterg’s respective channels and she pointed out how not only do they have opposite appearances (Ian’s hair swooping right and Jeff’s swooping left) but they also act opposite of each other.

And the more I thought about it, the more true it seemed. Where Jeff is energetic, hyperactive and fast paced, Ian is more laid-back, and chill. They play off each other so naturally that it’s no wonder why people think their brothers! lol