yinsen is a hero

Honestly we all know yinsen wanted to die to be with his family. It would be so easy for him to kill himself with all the equipment they had available or to just provoke a terrorist into killing him. Instead, he chooses to save the guy that was probably, no matter how remotely, complicit in his family’s death. But he saves tony. He chooses to live only to make sure tony makes it out alive. Yinsen is a hero, and his lasts words were to tell tony stark not to waste his life.

oh shit

i’ve seen a lot of people lashing out on my poor Tony Stark today, so i just wanted to try and explain something.

remember Tony’s vision in AOU?

all his heroic friends are dead.

and then Steve says “you could’ve saved us? why didn’t you do more?”

Tony’s potential guilt, his fear for his friends, it weakens him. he wants to keep everyone safe. he needs to do something– to keep his friends- his family from dying.

now think of this too– Phil Coulson, Pietro Maximoff, Ho Yinsen– all heroes of some type who’ve actually died (or at least he thought so). heroes die with the way things are going, and those who don’t die get hurt in unfixable ways– bruce’s depression, wanda’s loss of her brother, pepper almost getting hurt or dying on several instances.

so here comes along general ross saying ‘oh, let’s get these heroes under control, they’re endangering people and acting totally on impulse’. to Tony, as a guy so afraid of losing his friends- his giant family of superheroes– doesn’t that sound pretty good? potential safety for the people you love?

and add Bucky to the equation.

i love Bucky as much as anyone, but realize this: he’s ex-Hydra, an assassin, and he’s tried to kill one, two, three! of Tony’s superhero buddies plus maria hill and fury (not to mention the theory that Bucky was probably behind the car crash that killed Howard and Maria Stark)– and Steve- mr.superhero himself– is willing to go to war for him, willing to endanger himself for him.

so at this point one side (gen ross) is offering safety for Tony’s friends and potential retribution for what Bucky did or did not do to his father. meanwhile the other side (steve’s side) is offering freedom and friendship, but the same old methods that have gotten people killed. 

so tell me, just with this in the mcu, what side would you choose?