“Up until now, time had lost meaning to Stark because life had lost meaning. Now it was different: Time continued to mean nothing to Stark, but it wasn’t because of a sense of hopelessness. It was for the same reason it usually happened: He was in the throes of creativity.

Tony Stark was perfectly capable of getting up first thing in the morning, heading down to his work shop, and working until he finally noticed the hunger pangs in his stomach screaming at him. Taking a break, he would head to the kitchen to grab some breakfast only to discover that it was dinnertime.

That same focus of energy and effort was present now.”

-Iron Man Movie Novelization | Gif Series

Loki falls to Midgard from the void and starts getting as high a job as possible so he can have as much money as possible. This just so happens to come in the form of him using his knowledge to work his way up the ranks of Stark Industries, eventually working with the great Tony Stark himself, and forming an attachment to the genius. When he’s attacked by the Ten Rings, Loki outs himself by using his magic to find him and bring him back, saving Yinsen and Tony. Tony was there long enough to have the idea of Ironman form though, and proceeds to make it to save the people overseas. Loki unearths Obadiah’s scheme, and they both balance each other’s mental problems out, finally ending with a healthy psyche for each of them.

i shall not live in vain

When Rhodey finally finds Tony in the middle of the fucking desert, after far too many sleepless nights and endless days and nothing to show for it until Tony, as ever, made his own damn way out—

Well. When Rhodey finally finds Tony, when he finally receives word of an explosion of unknown origin and thinks only ‘There you are, buddy’, Tony isn’t alone.

There’s a man with him, badly wounded but still alive, a thin and frail-looking Afghani with badly broken glasses and steel in his eyes. Tony’s dragging him over the sand on a fractured piece of metal covered in the remains of a shirt, and Rhodey has never seen Tony look at anyone the way he does at this man. It’s part anger and part grief and part worship and part utter, absolute trust. Rhodey’s seen the first directed at many people, the second whenever someone mentions Maria Stark, the third sent towards Pepper’s back whenever she’s not looking, and the fourth only ever at those Tony keeps close—namely, Pepper, Happy, Obadiah, and Rhodey himself.

But for one person to inspire so much feeling in Tony—

That’s something new.

“Him first,” Tony says, when Rhodey tries to steer him towards a medic. He waves at the man. “Help Yinsen. I’m fine.”

He’s not, that arm is looking pretty bad and he’s badly burned and probably suffering from heatstroke, but Rhodey sees the tightness around Tony’s eyes whenever the—Yinsen, Tony calls him Yinsen—takes a rattling breath, and he directs the medic on.

Tony smiles at him, bright and thankful, and finally steps away from the makeshift stretcher. He’s still watching Yinsen, though, darting glances at the wounded man whenever he thinks he can get away with it.

Rhodey bundles them all back into the helicopter and straps Tony in himself. He meets the gaze of the medic still working on Yinsen, and the soldier nods once. Only then does Rhodey allow himself to relax. The man should be fine, which is likely all Tony will care about. Letting out a slow breath of relief, Rhodey signals the pilot, who takes off.

Yinsen survives the flight back to the base, and Tony falls asleep on Rhodey’s shoulder while they’re waiting for him to get out of surgery. Rhodey just wraps an arm around Tony’s shoulder and holds the genius close—and he is a genius for getting both of them out of that terrorist camp, and it really registers for Rhodey as it normally doesn’t when Tony is just making weapons or winning science awards.

Killing is easy.

Surviving, that’s the hard part.


Although Yinsen had remained vigorous with his ablutions, Stark had let himself go. This had nothing to do with any sense of giving in to misery or despair, as might have once been the case. Instead, for Tony Stark, this was business as usual. In the normal course of his normal life, once Stark became caught up in the throes of creation, personal hygiene went out the window. It usually fell to the disembodied promptings of Jarvis, or failing that, the corporeal prodding from Pepper, to remind Stark that he should think about changing the clothes he’d been wearing for three days or maybe run a razor across the bushy growth that was accruing on his face.

After the first day or so, Yinsen had simply taken to staying the hell out of Stark’s way. He had even stopped asking Stark if he was hungry since he tended not to receive answers. Instead, every so often, he would just put out food for Stark, who would - sooner or later - eat it without looking at it or even noticing that he was doing so.

-Iron Man Movie Novelization | Gif Series

Tony’s Story Arc Is A Phoenix

I originally wanted to do this as a continuation of this post, but I ended up doing it in a non-comic format, which made things way too long to be an add-on post to an already pretty long post. I’ll just put the first five panels freely and then put the rest under Read More.

** The Following texts appropriated from the above post, was originally written by @asexualtonystark 

Howard died, and left him with a legacy 

Tony had no choice but to preserve

And yet Tony made the Stark Industries 

Far more successful than Howard ever could

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it says a lot about tony that like…. so many times someone else tried to hurt him, they forced him to contemplate other people getting hurt. yinsen and the burning ember, stane threatening pepper, pepper being tortured, the vision where everyone’s dying, charlie spencer, his parents’ murder…

aou was a Mess but that bit of dialog between tony and fury was really good and it encompasses everything - “i watched all my friends die, you’d think that would be as bad as it gets, right? no, it wasn’t the worst part,” said tony, to which fury responded, “the worst part is that you didn’t”

he’d rather die instead of, or if worst comes to worst, with other people. the real way to hurt tony is to hurt others

and he’s supposedly selfish? lmfao ok

This line if anyone doesn’t know comes from Tony and Fury’s conversation during Age of Ultron. The conversation where Tony says that the vision Wanda gave him, is the future. He blames himself. 

This is not just the end of the path the group started them on, Tony claims all responsibility. I started us on. This idea that Tony tries to push off the blame for his actions, is honestly baffling. Tony consistently accepts blame for other people’s actions. 

Let’s go through some of the movies and see where Tony takes responsibility. 

In Ironman 1 we see Tony Stark, talking with Yinsen in Afghanistan. He’s scaredd, confused, and in pain. Despite all of that, one of the first things he notices about his kidnappers, they have his weapon. Which he finds absolutely jarring because he only sells his weapons to the US military. 

He is absolutely shocked that these terrorists have his weapons, because Obidiah was the one selling to them behind his back. However, he takes responsibility for his weapons getting in the wrong hands, and sets out to personally destroy every stockpile of weapons.

He took full responsibility for something that was not his fault. 

What about Age of Ultron.

The entire movie in Captain America civil war, is Tony attempting to make up for what happened. Notice he again says my fault. He has taken every bit of blame, he doesn’t blame Wanda for what she did to him, or for what she did to help Ultron with his plan. He doesn’t blame Bruce for helping him study the scepter. He doesn’t blame Ultron because ultimately Ultron’s actions were his own, he was a sentient being. Tony takes all of the blame on his shoulders, and supports the accords as a way of preventing further tragedies like Ultron. 

Tony consistently accepts blames for things he was only marginally connected to. Other people expect him to, and he gets blamed for the actions of others regularly.


This man blamed Tony Stark for the crimes Howard Stark committed against his father. Tony is expected to pay in blood for crimes that are not his own.  

Or what about 

Who after years of planning, and evil deeds blames Tony for all of it. A drunk celebrity said he would talk with him and then didn’t. I understand maybe Aldrich was devastated, and dealing with depression. However, his crimes are still his own, he still chose to commit them. He has had years to get a good therapist, he chose to develop a serum that kills people, and causes them to explode. 

This is not Tony’s fault, this is Killain’s. He made the decision to be a villain. 

Now let’s look at some of the other Avengers accepting responsibility for their actions. 

Well, that doesn’t sound like accepting responsibility for unleashing the Hulk onto a city of innocent people, and completely disrupting Dr. Banner’s peace of mind. She has to have accepted blame at some point, Captain America wouldn’t let her get away with this type of thing, would he?

“She’s just a kid.” Oh, of course well at least he accepts responsibility for his own mistakes.

“Did you know?” 

“I didn’t know it was him.”

“Don’t bullshit me Rogers, did you know?” 


Well he admits that he hid the truth for years after having his own lie waved in his face, not exactly taking responsibility.

What about Clint, he’s well known for considering the consequences of his actions. Mr. Clint “They’re considered.” Barton.

Oh no wait here’s another example of someone breaking the law and then blaming Tony for their own crimes. Wow the Aldrich Killian parallel I never wanted to make with one of my favorite comic book characters.

Now, all of the original team Cap is guilty of refusing responsibility for their crimes. What about Natasha? While we haven’t seen much of her origin Story she is supposed to be known for clearing the red off her ledger, and while we never see her take blame for much in canon, I blame Marvel’s shitiness with female characters and screen time. 

Or Bruce? Bruce is the only original Avenger we see taking blame for things other than Tony. He’ll take blame for any event the Hulk was involved in, that’s why he leaves at the end of AoU, because of Johannesburg. He still blames himself for breaking Harlem, despite the fight being necessary to protect people. 

Tl:dr this idea that Tony never accepts responsibility is really baffling to me, because team Cap never seemed to accept responsibility for anything they did wrong. Whereas Tony is constantly accepting blame, and working to improve himself and the situation. 

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So, I'm guessing Hugo is gay, bi, pan? Definitely not straight considering his reaction to the new guy. But that got me wondering what all the kid's sexualities are (unless that's something you haven't really thought out before it's cool)

((All the kiddies confirmed identities! Happy pride month!))

Tony as an Artist Headcanon

I know everyone talks about how Steve is an artist and went to art school but I truly believe that Tony is an artist too. I’m not talking about artist in a creator sense but as a designing and drawing kind of way.

I mean does one look at how wonderfully drawn the Mark-1 designs are in IM1? They are so detailed and intricate and the only person who could have drawn them is him. To validate that Yinsen asks Tony what all the papers are and he puts them together to show Yinsen the Mark-1 suit.

Plus he probably needed a way to design and create the objects in his head as a genius kid and might not have all the tools yet so he took to pen and paper and taught himself the skill to draw out intricate designs and learn how art, perspectives and proportions work so that he can create a base idea of how the invention is going to look.

So we fast forward to when the Avengers all live in the tower together and Steve visits Tony everyday and sketches or does paperwork while just being in the presence of the genius. Tony always asks to see Steve’s art with great enthusiasm. Steve always obliges because who is he to deny Tony anything really.

It became routine that Steve was the artist and Tony the inventor but one day when Steve falls asleep on the couch. Tony gets a bit of a roadblock in his inventing and needs a bit of stress relief. Trying to stay away from bad habits and is a bit tired of playing with his bots (daddy needs some alone time okay?) he notices Steve’s sketchbook laying on his chest. Carefully Tony plucks the book from Steve and opens to a new page and begins to doodle in the notebook. Once he finishes he doesn’t think to remove the sketches because it’s Steve he knows everything and Tony doesn’t really think about it much after putting the sketchbook back where he got it from.

Later Steve is going through his pad to find a page filled with art sketches that are completely in a different style than his own making him sure that he was not the one to draw this. He begins to wonder who in the world took his pad to draw in when he realized that all the sketches were of the workshop and there is only one other person who knows the place so intricately as him: Tony Stark. At this point he is flabbergasted at the fact that not only is Tony an outstanding artist but also the fact that it never occurred to him that Tony might be when he was a genius creator and inventor.

Steve carefully extracts the sketches from his notebook and finds a frame to put them in and hangs it in his room. He thinks it’s special and he wants to cherish it but he’s also possessive and selfish enough to not want to share this part of Tony with anyone.

It was in that moment when he finally placed the sketches on his wall besides his window that he wants to be with Tony. That this man was perfect for him. They already do what most couples do except the romantic parts of the relationship and Steve could imagine waking up in the morning and drawing a naked sleeping Tony tangled in their bedsheets.

So after getting a pep talk from both Sam and Natasha, because those two have been smacking him around to actually go ask the other man out, Steve asks Tony to go to a paint session with him in his art studio one flow above the workshop and order take-in.

They spend their first date painting each other Tony deciding to go more abstract while Steve goes more literal and having fun while drinking expensive wine (Tony drinks cranberry juice because he wants to get alcohol out of his life) and just having fun.

At the end they reveal the paintings and Steve loved the painting Tony did of him and vise versa but this is the first time Tony has ever actually showcased his art skills and is taken aback at how positively happy Steve is with his piece. He tries to down play it but Steve just glares at Tony hotly before deciding to hang it up on the wall of his favorite art pieces.

Tony placed Steve’s next to it and that is how art Thursdays become a monthly thing for them.

Bonus: on their wedding day they made everyone including themselves wear white and started a paint war completely ruining their suits but later after they have come back from their honey moon they find them encased in glass in Steve’s studio with a plank on each one says:


I’m reading the iron man novelization and oh my god:

“My people have a story about a prince,” Yinsen said as he worked the salvaged metal. “The king hated the prince, so he banished him to the underworld and jailed him there.”

Sweat poured from Tony’s body as he beat the metal into shape. “Tell me,” he said.

“The king made the prince work the iron pits. Year after year, the prince mined the heavy ore, becoming so strong he could crush pieces of it together in his bare hands.”

Tony wiped the soot from his face.

“Too late the king realized his mistake,” Yinsen continued. “He took his finest sword and went to kill the prince. But when he struck, the sword broke in half. The prince himself had become as strong as iron.

Tony lifted a glowing iron mask from the furnace. The mask was crude, but it would definitely suit his purpose.

“What next, young prince?” Yinsen asked.

Was this in the movie too, because I don’t remember this and this is so beautiful omg