Average Joe of the Day: Yinka Dare.

He was from Nigeria. Think about it, how in the world do you get discovered if you are from Nigeria? They barely have enough food to eat none the less basketball courts. Well….he was discovered by a Nigeiran-born lawyer Lloyd Ukuw during a visit to Lagos. While Ukwu was driving, he noticed a very tall man sitting on a bench eating a bowl of food. That was Dare. Talk about right place at the right time. . 

If you remember he was a stud at Georgia Washington (i’m guessing very few people remember this but if you do you get bonus points). He got drafted by the NBA Powerhouse New Jersey Nets #14 overall. Lucky him. He holds the record for most minutes/games played without an assist (it happened in his first season).

It’s not often that you can say that the highlight of someone’s NBA career is when they were traded. Well for Dare that is the case. Dare, alongside David Benoit and Kevin Edwards, were traded to the Magic for Brian Evans and Rony Seikaly. He was then waived immediately. Wow. Talk about trading a bag of shit for a bag of shit. The only reason that trade probably went down was because Rony Seikaly has a hot wife (Elsa Benitez).