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Asian Actresses in Period Dramas - (Mini Masterlist)

It’s not as easy to find an abundance of pictures for Chinese actresses as it is for actresses from elsewhere. Let alone actresses in period dramas. If you’re not an avid drama-watcher and just want an actress who’ll fit your period faceclaim, you might not know who to start with or who’ll fit. Because of this problem, I’ve made a little list of Asian actresses/models (mostly Chinese) in period dramas. In this, I’ll list who has enough pictures and even videos for you to icon and/or gif.

When searching these actresses, try to search both their Chinese and English (if they have one) names. Also search for their name followed by the their movie/show name. For video resources, I use Youtube. Now, let’s start with…

Liu Shi Shi / Cecilia Liu

Pictures for icon-ing: Very high (predominately on tumblr)
Videos for gif & gif icons: High (video(s) to look for: Imperial Doctress, Sound of the Desert, Chinese Paladin 3, Brotherhood of Blades)

Zhao Wei / Vicki Zhao

Pictures for icon-ing: Very high
Videos for gif & gif icons: Medium (video(s) to look for: Painted Skin, The Duel, Mulan: Rise of Warrior)

( more under the cut )

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Nirvana in Fire Post Ending Fic Recs (ENG)

Updated: 20th April with six fics

Nirvana in Fire Fanfiction Recs (English language) From the wailing and gnashing of teeth on tumblr it seems there’s a new crop of brave souls venturing into Nirvana in Fire. Hello all! Please remain hydrated throughout the ride. 

 I’ve put together a rec list of post-ending fics to support you when you’ve finished. There be SPOILERS under the cut, so please only read if you’ve finished the drama.

If anyone knows of any I’ve missed please feel free to add :) 

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Xiang Mi Chen Chen Jin Ru Shuang 《香蜜沉沉烬如霜》 2017
Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost

Yang Zi 锦觅 杨紫饰
Xufengdenglun 旭凤 邓伦饰
Liu Ying  鎏英 陈钰琪饰
Yu Luo Yunxi 润玉 罗云熙饰
Sui Wo 穗禾 王一菲饰
Zhou Tingwei 奇鸢 邹廷威饰

Kamikaze 1/3

Prior to Russian Roulette.

→ Reader x Kai

→ A popular call girl is hired by a rich CEO to ruin his old friend Kai’s career and life.

→ Warnings: Angst/Thriller. Mentions of sex.

Word count: 1,8K

I had only expected another normal call.

Normal in my sense though, you know - the same greasy guys that had absolutely no chance to have sex with, I suppose, a normal person. They would hit me up with the same cringe-worthy ‘heey’ every time but it was alright because that was my job and I had gotten to this point in my life myself. I was alright.

But this- this was so far from normal.

Only a couple of minutes before I officially closed my line for they day, the phone had rung obnoxiously, startling me out of my small and cozy nap. I was prepared to kindly tell this person calling that he was a bit late and that I would not be able to schedule anything with him now- and that he could call earlier tomorrow.

Grabbing the phone and saying hello into the line, I was shocked to not hear another greasy ‘hey’ but instead a mature and deep voice speaking quickly. He spoke so fast and curtly that I was almost not able to understand anything. When I was finally able to focus, the voice stopped.

“Eh.. Hello?” My jaw was slack and I was only able to stare with wide eyes into the grungy wallpaper of my small apartment. I made a quick, internal note to starts saving some money to fix the place up.

The voice on the other side chuckled before sighing and starting again; slower this time. 

“Is this Y/N?”

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Massive ROCH 2014 update

The question isn’t who’s in ROCH, but who isn’t. This is a sprawling cast consisting of both veterans and newbies. Here is the full list and the characters they play:

  • Chen Xiao as Yang Guo / Yang Kang
    • Wu Lei as young Yang Guo
  • Michelle Chen as Xiaolongnü Zheng Guolin as Guo Jing
    • Zhang Zimu as young Xiaolongnü
  • Minna Yang as Huang Rong
  • Zhang Xinyu as Li Mochou
  • Rachel Momo as Guo Fu Song Yang as Zhen Zhibing
    • Jiang Yiyi as young Guo Fu
  • Sun Yaoqi as Lu Wushuang
    • Hu Shun'er as young Lu Wushuang
  • Zhao Hanyingzi as Cheng Ying Heizi as Jinlun Fawang
    • Chai Wei as young Cheng Ying
  • Zhang Xueying as Guo Xiang
  • Zhang Zhehan as Yelü Qi
  • Ma Yingqiao as Yelü Yan
  • Wang Shuang as Wanyan Ping
  • Cao Xinyue as Hong Lingbo
  • Wu Jingjing as Gongsun Lü'e
  • Qiu Xinzhi as Gongsun Zhi
  • Wang Maolei as Zhao Zhijing
  • Zhang Qian as Qiu Qianchi
  • Zhang Chao as Wu Dunru
    • Zhang Yijie as young Wu Dunru
  • Han Dongjun as Wu Xiuwen Zhao Kunpeng as Wu Santong
    • Fang Yangfei as young Wu Xiuwen
  • Zhang Yameng as Wu Sanniang
  • Guo Yuhan as Shagu
  • Christopher Lee as Huang Yaoshi
  • Zong Fengyan as Ouyang Feng
  • Yin Xiaotian as Hong Qigong
  • Zhou Dehua as Zhou Botong
  • Ji Chen as Yideng
  • Deng Limin as Ke Zhen'e
  • Shen Baoping as Qiu Chuji
  • Zhang Tianyang as Huodu
  • Daiding as Da'erba
  • Shao Min as Granny Sun
  • Meng Fei as Yelü Chucai
  • Cui Zhengbang as Guo Polu
  • Kang Lei as Ma Guangzuo
  • Yang Long as Nimoxing
  • Rong Yaozhong as Yinkexi
  • Yao Yichen as Chen Xuanfeng
  • Jian Renzi as Rou'er
  • Yi Kun as Lu Guanying
  • Liu Ye as Cheng Yaojia
  • Chen Tingjia as Du Xuelian
  • Li Yilin as Zhu Ziliu
  • Zhu Zixiao as Kublai Khan
  • Yan Kuan as Wang Chongyang
  • Dong Xuan as Lin Chaoying
  • Zhao Liying as Mu Nianci
  • Chen Xiang as Lu Zhanyuan
  • Deng Sha as He Yuanjun
  • Yang Rong as Mei Chaofeng
  • Huang Yi as Feng Heng
  • Zhang Danfeng as Dugu Qiubai
  • Qin Lan as Hexiang (Dugu Qiubai’s wife)
  • Zhang Meng as Liu Ying
  • Chen Zihan as Qiuyinong (Hong Qigong’s lover)
  • Huang Ming as Long Jiu

The Amazing Race of China [TV Show]

Episodes : 10 per season

Seasons Available : 2
Picture above is season 1

What is this?
Ever seen The Amazing Race come on TV before? If not, then I’ll tell you what it is! Originally an American show, The Amazing Race is a game where teams of two race across the ENTIRE world doing and participating in tasks they never would have dreamed of. With nothing else, but a partner, a map, and some money, contestants are thrown into completely unfamiliar surroundings trying to find their way to the finish line before the other teams do. If one was to be the last team to reach the finish line, that will be the end of their race around the world.

Participants of Season 1: [season 1 consisted mostly of celebrities who were chosen to participate]
- Wallace and Jackie Chung (siblings)
- Li Xiaopeng and Li Anqi (married couple)
- Bai Jugang and Guan Xiaotong (classmates)
- Jin Dachuan and Liu Chang (best buddies)
- Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan (bros)
- Calvin Chen and Zhou Weiting (friends)
- Zhou Tieling and Yueliang (father and daughter)
- Cherrie Ying and Liu Yun (best friends)

Participants of Season 2:
- Han Geng and Wu Xin (friends)
- Miriam Yeung and Ding Zi Gao (married couple)
- G.E.M and Jing Chang (friends)
- Xiao Yang and Wang Taili (partners in a band)
- Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo (friends)
- Yuan Zihui and Yuan Heyu (siblings)
- Eric and Bowie Tsang (father and daughter)
- Feng Zhe and Zhu Zhu (boyfriend and girlfriend)

Have I Watched This Yet?
Yes ! However, I only watched the first season because I’m biased and my super duper lovely husband Wallace Chung was in it. I spent three nights watching every episode of Season 1 and it was AMAZING! It made my heart race whenever something happened to my favorite team and although I was only sitting behind a phone screen biting nails nervously, I would consistently cheer on my most favorite team and a few of the other teams I liked. Would I recommend this to any one else? Uh… Yes ! :D

Where can I watch this?
-Hunan TV

Google AI is now as smart as a 6-year-old, IQ of Apple Siri half of Google's

How smart is Google? As smart as a six-year-old, says a report. Now that may not mean much but the report says that Google AI (artificial intelligence) is actually the smartest of its kind. There are other AIs too, but they are all behind the Google AI right now. Apple Siri, for example, has an IQ that is half of what Google AI has.

In a joint research report, three Chinese researchers – Feng Liu, Yong Shi, Ying Liu – have revealed that Google’s AI in 2016 had an IQ of 47.28, beating the Chinese search engine Baidu’s IQ of 32.92 and Microsoft’s Bing IQ of 31.98. The IQ of Apple Siri, as per the report, is 23.94 points.

The report also notes that none of the AI systems have an IQ of more than what a 6-year-old kid possess. Compared to an adult human, they are nowhere in picture. An 18-year-old, according to report, has an IQ of nearly 97 points.

The report does note that the AI systems are increasing their “intelligence” at a very rapid pace. Google AI and Microsoft AI have been getting smarter with time. The Microsoft’s Bing IQ which now has an IQ score of 31.98 had 13.5 in 2014 while Google’s AI had an IQ score of 26.5 back then.

The report establishes seven intelligence grades starting with 0, using mathematics formulas. Basically, the first grade systems are those things that fail to take instructions from humans. For eg- stones, water drops, wooden sticks and likewise. The second grade IQ holders can hold memories while the third grade IQ systems have a IQ similar to that of second-grade IQ systems only with “added capability that programs or data in their controllers and memories can be upgraded or augmented through non-networked interfaces.”

Examples of this are home computers and mobile phones. The last is sixth grade IQ which constantly innovates, creates new information using the “I/O ability, knowledge mastery, an application ability that all approach infinite values as time goes on.”

Also Read: Google AI program wins third straight match to take Go series

The report also talks about the AlphaGo, an AI program developed by Google subsidiary DeepMind. The AI made headlines for beating the South Korean professional and renowned Go player Lee Sedol in Seoul. The report did not assign any score to its IQ but noted that its IQ is below that of humans. The system lacks creativity and innovation.


{ 18.8.2016 | 10.15am } + instagram (@skyestudies)

Doodling and practising my calligraphy font! I’m sorry for not being active lately but I was trying to get into a routine (which hasn’t been working out very well; college is so tiring I’m collapsing on my bed the second I get home sigh) Hopefully things will settle down soon.

On a side note, Malaysia’s badminton mixed doubles pair Goh Liu Ying and Chan Peng Soon managed to get a silver medal in this year’s Olympics! Super proud since no one expected them to make it this far 💪🥈

🎧 : Hall of Fame The Script


China’s new seniors! Good luck :)

Wang Yan || Fan Yilin
Deng Yalan || Zhu Xiaofang
Hong Ke || Liu Ying
Chen Zhaohui

Xu Chujun, Yi Ruoyang, Zhang Yan, Zhu Jialin, Zhou Lu, Xiao Jiale, Mei Jie, Liu Zhilin, Qin Chang, Li Ziqi, Zhou Jie, Lin Yitong, Li Haiming, Lin Jinyu, Kui Simin, Yao Shunyu, Xi Beini, Mao Yi, Wang Chuqiao, Li Linxi, Li Yanye, Wang Qianmei, Yuan Xiaoyang.

I do not take credit for any of these photos


The Legend Of Shu Shan《蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇》2015. : illustrations

Chen Wei Ting, Zhao Li Ying,
Wu Qi Long, Liu Xin You, Ye Zu Xin
Location - Hengdian, Guangxi
Directed by - Albert Wong


Some of the National Team members during the ceremony. All of them have the dream to get their picture on the Champion’s Wall too someday. (except Huang Huidan, ofcourse)

Fan Yilin
Chen Siyi || Zhou Linlin
Zhou Linlin, Chen Zhaohui, Gong Kangyi
Bai Yawen || Liu Ying
Lv Jiaqi || Luo Huan, Liu Tingting, Zhou Linlin || Zhu Xiaofang
Fan Yilin, Huang Huidan, Wang Yan

I do not take credit for these photos