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Just a minor nitpick. the "Misplaced cel" tag has Sonic Underground even though it was the first Sonic cartoon to be done digitally...

I honestly couldn’t tell, I knew Hong Ying did the animation and I’ve spoken to Pierre De Celles briefly about his time working on it (hectic), however I never cottoned on to the fact that it was digital (in my eyes, digital stuff looks a bit sterile, though that’s usually a stylistic choice). It does give a possible explanation to a few things; like the scaling issues (that Sonic and Knuckles bit you all know about) as well as why Sonic got two mouths here.

However, it does raise the question of how people can make mistakes with digital work when ‘ctrl+z’ exists, I assume people just fail to notice these things in the rush to meet the deadline. It might also be interesting (for all you actual animation buffs out there) to make a comparison between mistakes made with digital animation drawing and traditional cel animation.

However I digress, on your point about nomenclature I know that I’m very broad with my terms (for instance I really should call a lot of things ‘layering mistake’). Honestly it’s laziness on my part because I either don’t know or I’d rather keep it simple, at this point I’ve got so many posts here that to go back and change them all would just be taking up my time that I need/should be spending on other things. I apologise for that, also I must ask what I should call a ‘misplaced cel’ on a digital screencap? Misplaced Layer?


Hetalia + Art: Asian Countries + Greece

China: Pavilions in the mountains of the immortals by Qiu Ying

Japan: Snow at Miyajima by Tsuchiya Koitsu

(South) Korea Oksunbong Peak by Kim Hong-do

Greece Sailing boats by Alexandros Christofis

Art by Himaruya, transparents by @transparentalia

No need of credit of permission, just don’t claim it as your own.


China’s new seniors! Good luck :)

Wang Yan || Fan Yilin
Deng Yalan || Zhu Xiaofang
Hong Ke || Liu Ying
Chen Zhaohui

Xu Chujun, Yi Ruoyang, Zhang Yan, Zhu Jialin, Zhou Lu, Xiao Jiale, Mei Jie, Liu Zhilin, Qin Chang, Li Ziqi, Zhou Jie, Lin Yitong, Li Haiming, Lin Jinyu, Kui Simin, Yao Shunyu, Xi Beini, Mao Yi, Wang Chuqiao, Li Linxi, Li Yanye, Wang Qianmei, Yuan Xiaoyang.

I do not take credit for any of these photos