ying & yang living

Ooh I love this pairing! So nice~ I also wasn’t sure what to do, so I just wrote some headcanony things, hope it’s okay!

  • The most important thing in this relationship is respecting each other’s boundaries. Since Dark Shadow is very tame when it’s light, Tokoyami trusts his s/o not to abuse their power. (Judging by how dark his room is, I think the darkness is important for him)
  • But his s/o is also perfect to help him calm down, or if Dark Shadow is a bit too out of hand, they can help! He loves having someone who helps him have a good grasp of things.
  • He can’t give up being edgy I’m sorry that’s just the way he is. His s/o can’t make fun of him of course, but he also won’t expect them to adapt to his lifestyle.
  • Like the request says, ying and yang! Live and coexist together in harmony, but neither conforms to the other, either.
  • Whenever his s/o needs to intimidate someone, Tokoyami will gladly do so for them!