In some sense, the word enlightenment is misleading. It is no more about the light than the dark. Resisting the shadow just makes it darker. It is not about becoming continuously blissful. It is about becoming more authentic, more genuinely here. It is about holding the light & the shadow all at once. Perhaps we should call the ultimate goal enrealment—the quest to live in all aspects of reality at once.
—  Jeff Brown

I used Ki-urushi (brown lacquer) to make the color of this pen, which is originally turned out from a Maple wood blank. Finial is buffalo horn, half black half white like Yin & Yang.
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 J.J. & C.B.                                                                                                                                               
                            ❝  Power and control are opposites; where one rules absolutely, the other is absent.
                                           This is why the yin yang, the give and take is such a necessary evil.  ❞
                                                                                                                                                                @joneshead & @vixxen  

Beltane Blessings. This is one of my favorite works by renowned Art Deco designer Erté, it represents Infinity… the Sacred Figure 8 Energy…. the balancing of Feminine and Masculine Energies… of Yin & Yang, and Perfect Unification. It is in this sacred union that we can deeply connect, share and celebrate the unique and different gifts we have to offer each other. And that is really what it is all about. #sosayweall

Brent Living

Created for: The Sims 3

This is a Set with 19 Creations 

Brent Living is not just a Living. The sofa, loveseat and chair have a special design with organically shaped side railings that remind of the Oriental Yin Yang & forms. The total picture is a fun retro living that is in different natural fall colors available. Make sure that your game is fully patched and up to date for this set to show and work correctly in the game.