Fan art compilation time!!😄

Fan art 1. Cute Chanu & June the Jack Frost. Fan art cr@ katchup0_3

Fan art 2. “I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU” where B.I had his eye infection in Nagoya iKONCERT 160924-25 and iKON been watching his back closely especially on stage. Fan art @icelycheetea & @ katchup0_3

Fan art 3A. Yoyo & June as Yin & Yang. One is bright and the other one is dark…June looks like a creep in that fan art😂😂 cr @ katchup0_3
Fan art 3B. Jinan pic from live tweet Q&A 160928. Cr @icelycheetea

Fan art 4a. Happy #1konniversary! Fan art @ katchup0_3
Fan art 4b. Bobby of the MOBB fan art @k-1mi

Fan art 5. I thought the real pic was the fan art till I saw winnie the pooh on tue real fan art😂 fan art cr @k-1mi

Fan art 6…they’re just simply cute😍😍 fan art cr @s859160

In some sense, the word enlightenment is misleading. It is no more about the light than the dark. Resisting the shadow just makes it darker. It is not about becoming continuously blissful. It is about becoming more authentic, more genuinely here. It is about holding the light & the shadow all at once. Perhaps we should call the ultimate goal enrealment—the quest to live in all aspects of reality at once.
—  Jeff Brown