yin and yang dress

The signs as art hoe style

aries: black crop top, distressed mom jeans, burgundy beanie

taurus: cobalt blue dress, yin-yang choker, doc martens

gemini: starry night socks, mustard yellow cardigan, black beanie

cancer: grid print skirt, lavender crop top, white sneakers

leo: large glasses, floppy black hat, yellow striped dress

virgo: floral button down, birkenstocks, denim skirt

libra: circle shades, patchy jean jacket, moon choker

scorpio: red and white striped top, black high waisted shorts, blue converse

sagittarius: pineapple shirt, pink skirt, doc martens

capricorn: overalls with one strap undone, sunflower top, choker, black socks

aquarius: black and white striped top, vintage high waisted shorts, daisy crown

pisces: plum cardigan, mustard yellow crop top, white converse

anonymous asked:

I've always seen Kookmin as Yin and Yang for some reasons. Not only because they often dressed in black/white but also because when one is savage, the other is all fluffy, when one is lovydovey the other one is shy and so on. But in the end, I think they're both savage, both nice, both in love and the world arround them is full of rainbows!


I always saw them as opposites right from the beginning, though idk if that has anything to do with how I like to write them. When I first got into jikook I always saw Jimin as like the righteous character, full of justice and kindness, wheras Jungkook has more of the cold image, slightly more awkward and perhaps not socially inept but lacking in comparison to Jimin. Oh yeah, also with a lack of proficiency to express feelings. 

Obviously, they’re not like this in real life, because no one ever sticks to a consistent personality in every given situation ever, but I still identify that as the root of what tends to define them–like, I fell in love (figuratively) with Jimin back then cause of how nice I thought he was. And not to say Jungkook was like the meanest person ever but he reminded me too much of my annoying, bratty little sister at points. Even now ;) (side note: she gets so upset when i point at his lackluster images in BV2 and say: “look. look at this guy. he would literally be your best friend.” she was laughed for two minutes and then got mad at me haaaaaaa)

Anyways, I personally still see them like this and that’s why they remain such a strong OTP for me. Even on stage their voices and dance styles and performance methods are in sync, yet different and blend in with one another–which I honestly think is a literal, visual metaphor for their actual relationship/ They clearly are each other’s complements to me, and that’s why they offer so much as an entertaining couple ^^

I know seeing Daenerys in black & red is exciting and all, but I really loved her in white, purely for the Yin Yang aesthetic.

Dany with her white-blonde hair and white dress and her black dragon. Jon Snow in his black Night’s Watch garb and his white Direwolf.

Two Birds of a Feather | 01


Word Count: 5.904 

Genre: kingdom!au, soldier!jungkook + angst

A/N: Reposted story because the older one was highly unedited and needed to be refreshed.  

Summary: Jungkook thinks he’s nothing special at all. He lived in such a rugged era where it was hard to obtain food for one’s self, let alone a entire family; then there’s Y/N, the daughter of the king ― the complete opposite. You had everything handed to you in a silver platter. You two are so different from each other, yet have one thing in common  the grand ball that would treasure the celebration of your eldest sister.

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