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mcgenji week day 2 | Alternate Universe

AU where Hanzo doesn’t kill Genji and Genji stays and works with the Shimada clan, and McCree is… well… McCree (with Deadlock? Or Blackwatch? that’s for Genji, Hanzo and the Shimada clan to find out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

also whoa, 2000 followers!! Thanks for sticking around despite me updating this blog sporadically ( TT TT ) ;;; I’ll continue drawing and doing my best!! Here’s another reminder (sorry) that I’m more active on twitter, where I post and hang around more frequently! 

And here’s a mcgenji comic that I doodled really quickly and posted on twitter a while back that I just realized I haven’t posted here yet, under the cut:

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chamberhood  asked:

can you draw on Hanzo and Widowmaker? Please

I don’t do requests but I cleaned up an old wmhanzo sketch just for this ask  _(:3」∠)_

(but anyway fashion au!!! i’d like to think they’d be mean fashion magazine editors or designers in this au… :)c )