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Terra Meets Aquanort: An Excerpt

Requested by @romy350-romyakari, this is an excerpt from the second (and last) part to my Terraqua-Aquanort fic, A Rush of Blood to the Head. It’s been a little more than two months since I put up the first part (yikes - I had reasons, shhhh). It took me a while to write a part that I thought would make a good excerpt to share - this fic is literally half-fluff, half-angst (if you don’t know my writing, I tend to say ‘to hell’ with labels). So thank you so much for waiting so long! This part will be titled “One Gain.” It will be up in a couple of weeks, so I hope it is enjoyable. Subject to editing.

What hurt the most were his obliques. He gripped them as leaned onto his Keyblade. At least he wasn’t thrown down. He waited for his opportunity, and it looked like she was waiting for the same. The smoky shadows that cascaded out of her long black sleeves still formed those annoying whips, but she kept them close.

The woman made the next move. She flailed her right arm first before closely following it with her left. Terra maintained his defensive stance, blocking each strike as she continued to wail at him. He could feel that he was getting a bit more sluggish every second. So he darted the next strike and sprinted at her with all his might, raising the incredibly heavy Ends of the Earth to hit her as hard as he could.

She dodged, and dodged again. He stopped, and there they waited. Again, there was that itching feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something about the way she was moving. It was acrobatic. It happened at all the exact moments that never left him surprised.

He kept his Keyblade close and he breathed hard. What was worse than being this injured and fighting a new enemy this powerful was the thought that was threatening to leave his mouth.

And he didn’t have the strength to keep it in. “Aqua?”

The shadows didn’t exactly dissipate. They crawled right back into her sleeves, gloved hands forming after it was all done. She started to remove the hood that was hiding her face.

It was as though the hand that was holding his Keyblade became weak. It felt like his face went cold, and he was floating in the air as he forgot the pain he was under. Her hair had gone mostly white, save for the roots which were still blue. Her eyes were bright as always, but instead of bearing that enamoring azure color that he kept a memory of all these years, they were amber. And they were furious.

All at once, Terra forgot he was breathing.

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I ship stydia. but isnt it possible its fan service since it wasnt planned from the start and i think jeff said he did this because it was the last season? and im also confused was it planned since the start? I heard jydia was endgame originally but then colton left

A few points to make, here:

1- I would need legitimate receipts of Jeff Davis telling fans he put Stiles and Lydia together only because it was the last season and people wanted it. No creator is going to admit they made a relationship come to fruition just for “fan service”. A writer/creators story is important to them, special and they hold it close. To say they did this just to do it means they don’t really care about their work, and I have a hard time believing that. A very hard time.

2- If Jackson and Lydia were supposed to be endgame, Jeff better have had one hell of a redemption arc planned for Jackson because otherwise, YIKES.

3- There is a huge difference between “planned from the beginning” and “fan service”. It’s possible that from S1/Ep1 Davis didn’t have the Stiles/Lydia romantic storyline in his mind, or maybe he originally thought they’d get together and she’d find her way back to Jackson, depending how long he had to tell the story. He probably didn’t even know if he’d get a second or third season, so his storyboards may have been different, or more vague. But over the course of the series, Davis consciously chose to write a growth arc for those two characters that in each season, shifted and moved and blossomed in a way that eventually brought them to a romantic pairing.
Stiles was the nerd with the crush on the snotty high school popular girl, and they transitioned to friends, to best friends, to being in love. Over SIX YEARS! There’s no way with the context provided it was a “happy accident”. You don’t grow two characters that way and not know what you’re doing. It’s Davis’ story, and everything had a purpose. And someone who believes that they were going to write Stiles pining for 6 seasons and Lydia never reciporcating…
EVER, is straight up bananas. That’s like saying “Archie turned Betty down in the pilot of Riverdale, so they’re never going to get together and if they do it’s fan service!”. Like… what? No. Your characters ebb and flow and they do it with reason.

4- Now if Davis said he did it because it’s the “last season” that’s very possibly him meaning to say he wasn’t going to put them together canonically until the last season for the big pay off. And that makes perfect sense.

5- When something is fan serviced , it’s usually rushed and doesn’t make sense. Stiles had broken up with Malia quite a bit ago, stating that the reason for it was that they were just “too different” (not in a way where they compliment each other but in a way where they don’t understand each other… like him and Lydia. Example: “I didn’t say it back” “you didn’t have too” and a million other moments). Lydia had failed relationship after failed relationship and she couldn’t even find a match with Parrish, all pointing towards the reason being the person she was looking for was right under her nose.

Just remember- everything in TV
has a purpose. Absolutely everything. And when it comes to 6 seasons worth of development well, that’s no brainer intentional.

No one has to like Stydia but no one can say they were just thrown together for the hell of it, I’m sorry.