yikes twins

here is a preview of a comic i did for @giveyourbacktome-zine. this is the most important scene of the entire series to me!!!! i am always a slut for sibling feelings. i just forgot how bloody this scene actually was oops

Luke is overwhelmed by the truth, and is suddenly protective of his sister.
Thoughs on 4x23

2) EMILY AND JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3) Spencer and Dean when they fell asleep oh my goodness that was cute!
4) Stop making Holbrook seem creepy!!! I’ve already fallen in love with him.
5) “It’s like she had an evil twin”-Veronica Hastings. Uhmmmm. Sooo maybe Spencer is the twin?!? Yikes!!
6) Paige admitting she doesn’t care about what happens to Ali- called it!
7) Ella/Aria scene at the end was SO CUTE.
8) Finger bones, anybody? 😱
9) Jessica pulling down the shades after staring at Spencer…omg.
10) So there was blood on Spencer’s gown… Where was it from? It was blood, right? Was it from when she fell??