Fira was born in the small Ukrainian town of Monastyrschina in May 1899. She describes her family as extremely poor: “They did not own a house but rented two rooms from a Jewish landlord,” she explains. Her father was a striving shoemaker; her mother died young, when Fira was just ten years old. Fira never went to school and began to help her father at work at the age of twelve. Her father remarried shortly thereafter, and Fira was forced to look for ways to support herself. “At the time, no one wanted to marry me,” she explains, “because I was from a poor family with no yihes [pedigree].” During the pogroms of 1918, she lost her father and virtually everyone she knew. Her landlord and his family were also killed. With no one to turn to, she took up various residences as a live-in maid. In 1919 Fira’s life changed completely. She remembers how soldiers with Red flags marched to Monastyrschina. The large synagogue became a Soviet town hall. She says that people regularly gathered in the streets and discussed what the new government was doing. Fira overheard various conversations and decided to go to the council to ask if the Soviet regime could help her to get a room. The first official she talked to, a young Jewish man named Itsik S., invited her to live temporarily in his little apartment. “Times were different,” she sighs. “People were nicer.” The young man later helped Fira to get her own room. After that he convinced her to enroll in the new literacy courses that were held in the building, a former synagogue. It turned out that this was the first time Fira went inside this synagogue. During the four-month course she learned how to read and write both in Yiddish and Russian. As a result, she was able to get a job as a clerk in a local office. A year later Fira and Itsik married and eventually brought up three children. Reading and writing opened a new world for Fira. She began to devour newspapers, magazines, and books that were available in the new Yiddish library. She eagerly attended literary events, was active at local Soviet council meetings in her town, and even played an old witch in a local theater workshop. She said, “What we liked most, however, was when ‘real’ artists from bigger cities, such as Kiev or Odessa, came to Monastyrschina and recited poetry dealing with the civil war, about new people, women and children killed in the pogroms, and anything in general with Soviet characters.” She was so inspired by a poem at one such event that she wrote a letter to its author, Itsik Fefer:

I told him all about my life, my poor mother, the pogroms, and about what the Soviet regime gave me. I wanted him to write more about people like me, people who would have been dead if the Bolsheviks did not save us. I also asked him whether he could write some novels, as I liked them best. I said that I wanted him to write a book that would teach me and my children how to be real Soviet women: honest, proud, and hardworking.

Fira mailed the letter, and three months later, in November 1935, she received a reply. That letter from Itsik Fefer became one of Fira’s most precious possessions. It survived her evacuation to Frunze during World War II, and she managed to bring it with her every time she moved in Ukraine and Russia. She arrived in Moscow in the late 1950s, when her husband was offered a new job there. During most of her postwar life Fira wrote and read predominantly in Russian. However, this did not affect her attitude toward reading in Yiddish. For example, she devotedly subscribed to Sovetish Heymland (Soviet homeland), the only Yiddish language periodical that appeared in Russia after de-Stalinization. “I did not read all of it, but I liked to think that I supported Yiddish literature,” she explained. Fira would be surprised if she were told that she represented the embodiment of the ideal Soviet Jewish reader as imagined by state ideologues. She learned to read Yiddish because the Soviet regime gave her an opportunity to do so.

Anna Shternshis, Soviet and Kosher: Jewish Popular Culture in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939
If the 19days guys were memes

Grumpy Xi would obviously be The Grumpy Cat

While that Peter Pan looks perfect for Jian Yi

He Tian: a Pulp Ficion meme, ça va sans dir

An Eminem meme for Mo Guan Slim Shady

…and how to forget the big guys:

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Rurouni Kenshin Cast in TOKIO Kakeru Part 2

Here’s another segment from the same episode I translated before. First off, I’m sorry if this is one longass entry. I don’t know how to make GIFs (Actually, I do. It’s  a pain, though. lol!), but I really wanted to show you how Takeru died of embarrassment… sort of. 

Here you go. Enjoy!

Yamaguchi: Takei-san, you’re now 20 years old.

Emi: Yes.

Yamaguchi: Do you want to fall in love?

Emi: Yeah. I would love to.

Yamaguchi. You’re in the right age, after all. It’s the right time. What type of guy do you like?

Emi: Someone kind would be nice. For example, he’d say things like, “I bought this for us. Let’s eat it together.”

TOKIO members: Ahhh.

Nagase: “It’s hot, so I bought you this ice cream.” Something like that, huh?

TOKIO member: That’s nice. It’s a thoughtful gesture.

Emi: Yeah, yeah.

TOKIO member: Like, “Which flavor do you want?”

Emi: Yeah. Haha.

Matsuoka: “Let’s cut the food in half and share.” Yihee!

[Everyone laughs]

TOKIO member: What’s wrong? What’s wrong?

Emi: Also, I would love it if he introduces me to other people.

Yamaguchi: Like, when you started dating…

Emi: That’s right. For example, he’d let me meet his friends and introduce me as his girlfriend.

TOKIO: Ahhh…

Emi: I’ll think he’s a nice person if he does that. He can say, “This is my girlfriend. She’s very cute, right?” Haha!

Nagase: Like, so he’ll look cool in front of his friends, he’ll act the same way as he is when it’s just the two of you together [Something like that; I didn’t get this part clearly].

Emi: Yeah. I’d like to try that.

Yamaguchi: So, shall we do it?

TOKIO members: What? What will we do?

Yamaguchi: Let’s do it. “Introduce Your Precious Girlfriend in a Manly Way: Make Takei Emi’s Heart Skip a Beat” Battle!

Kamiki: What is this?

Aoki: What is this?

Emi: Hahaha.

Voiceover: Since we have this many men in the studio today, let’s make Takei-san’s heart skip a beat. Here’s the setting: In the middle of a date, the couple bumps into an acquaintance, and the men should introduce Takei-san as their precious girlfriend. Whoever says the best line wins. Let’s start with TOKIO’s relationship expert, Matsuoka-san!

[Basically, all the single guys had to participate except TOKIO’s leader Joushima, who’s old enough to be Emi’s dad. Haha! Kamiki-kun also didn’t participate. Too bad! Lol.]

Yamaguchi: Alright. Begin!

[Joushima acts as the acquaintance]

Matsuoka: Hey!

Joushima: Hey, Matsuoka!

Matsuoka: How are you? Ah, have I introduced her to you?

Joushima: This is the first time we’ve met.

Matsuoka: She’s Emi.

Emi: Nice to meet you.

Matsuoka: We started dating last month.

Joushima: Ah, is that so?

Matsuoka: We’re off to grab a meal now.

Joushima: I see.

Matsuoka: She doesn’t like fish, so we’ll eat grilled meat.

Joushima (to Emi): Please take care of Matsuoka.

Matsuoka: Hey, listen to what I’m saying!

Emi: Hahaha! He’s a nice friend.

Matsuoka: I was about to say, “She doesn’t eat fish. She’s cute, right?” But you cut me halfway through.

Joushima: I really thought you were a couple.

Nagase: Please don’t go acting on your own.

Joushima: Sorry. Sorry.

Voiceover: Leader, please don’t talk too much, okay? The next person is Aoki-san, Takei-san’s co-star in the movie.

Yamaguchi: Alright. Begin!

[Aoki asks Emi to hold his hand. Hihi!]

Aoki: Ah, Leader. Hello!

Joushima: Ah, yeah. We met last time, right?

Aoki: That’s right. I think I haven’t introduced her to you yet. This is my girlfriend.

Joushima: Is that so?

Aoki: Yeah. We’ve been thinking about getting married.

Emi: Hahaha!

Aoki: Please watch over us warmly.

Yamaguchi: Okay, cut!

Matsuoka: That was the ideal, right?  Mine looked like I was just fooling around, acting a like a playboy.

Kamiki: Yeah, you did.

Matsuoka: I did, right? Haha!

Voiceover: Next is TOKIO’s Nagase. He wants to do a fun introduction. Here it is!

Nagase: Oh, Joushima-kun! Let me introduce her. Emi-chan!

[Nagase did this “Choo Choo Train” dance made popular by EXILE. Emi just followed him. Haha!]

Yamaguchi: Okay, cut! What the hell was that?

[Everyone’s laughing except Takeru]

Kokubun: Wait, only Takeru-kun doesn’t look like he’s having fun.

Matsuoka: That’s because he hates to lose.

Takeru: I get it. I get it.

Yamaguchi: He’s the last one, after all.

Takeru: Everyone, let me show you the right way to do it.

TOKIO members: Ohhhh.

Takeru: This will make Takei-san the happiest.

Aoki: Oooohhh! Haha!

Voiceover: And the last one is the very confident Sato Takeru-san. Please show us the right way to do it.

[This time, Kamiki acts as the acquaintance.]

Takeru (to Emi): Let’s pretend we’re going shopping.

Emi: Okay.

Takeru: So, where should we go next?

Emi: Hmm…

Takeru: Oh, Ryu-chan!

Kamiki: Take-chan!

Takeru: What’s up? Are you alone?

Kamiki: Yeah, I am.

[The two of them kept talking over the other. They’re obviously nervous. Haha! It was like a really awkward acting workshop,]

Takeru: Ah, this is my girlfriend. She’s cute, right?

Kamiki: Is that so?

Takeru (to Emi): Come on, show us a cute expression. Show us a cute expression.

[They started giggling.]

Emi: Pardon me.

Kamiki: Nice to meet you.

Takeru: She’s cute, right? [He’s running out of things to say.]

Yamaguchi: Okay, cut!

TOKIO members: What was that?

Matsuoka: Only the “She’s cute, right?” part was okay.

TOKIO member: What do you mean “the right way to do it?”

Matsuoka: “She’s cute, right?” was fine. Why did you even have to say “Show us a cute expression?”

Takeru: Eh? Was that bad?

Kokubun: Which part was “the right way to do it?”

Takeru: I thought mine was the most orthodox.

[Everyone laughs]

Yamaguchi: So, who won?

Emi: Matsuoka-san. It was a fun way to do it.

Nagase: Mine was fun, too.

Matsuoka: But, only you were having fun. It was awkward for the girlfriend.

Emi: That was embarrassing.

Kokubun: Someone even said something about getting married, yet he still lost.

Emi: It also made me embarrassed.


EDIT: Changed the photos because the first one was a mess and it annoyed the hell out of me.

Time is not of the essence / Dear God, these are the traits I would like for my future husband to have.

My one and only Ninong, Tito Raemond, made a remark earlier this day that kinda stuck with me.

He said that, given the amount of time Joey and I spend together, para na rin daw kaming ten years na magkakilala. Binawi daw namin. I just smiled at him, and with a playful flick of my head, said in a maarte voice: “I’m fun to be with e.”

Joey and I marked our first year of being officially together last month. We were nearly nine months when he proposed, and we became official a month and five days after the first date. A whirlwind romance? I’d say there are others with shorter engagements than ours. I might not have known him that long, but I sure knew long before he proposed that he was “the one”.

How? For us, it was quite easy. I asked for him… and he also asked for me.

Some of you have probably read or come across with that YahooPH article that came out a few weeks back. In that writeup, I was so comfortable with Ms. Maridol (the writer, and whom I also consider a friend) that I told her how my relationship with Joey came about.

My best friend Marj and I are fond of going on spur-of-the-moment trips to Tagaytay. In one such trip on late February last year, I suddenly had the idea of writing all the characteristics we wanted in a husband into a letter to God. Sinakyan ni Marj yung idea ko, and on scraps of paper we got from the waiter at Balinsasayaw restaurant, we started enumerating. (When the right time comes, I will share with you guys a picture of my letter). 

Here’s some of what I wrote: 

I wanted someone smart and kind, someone who would love me and accept me for who I am and where I come from;

I wanted someone who was adventurous too - I asked for a surfer and a mountaineer, haha; 

I asked for someone who was “matulungin sa kapwa, malalim ang pananampalataya, mapagmahal sa pamilya at sa Inyo”, among other personality traits; 

I listed down physical attributes as well: I asked for someone taller than me, hindi masyadong balbon, “yung kakulay ko po”;

I asked the Lord, “hanggang ten years po yung agwat, if ever”.              

And on the second to the last request, for some reason, I wrote “gusto ko po businessman/entrepreneur”, which was honestly very weird, because for some months or even a year already, I was crushing on a public figure who was to my knowledge, neither a businessman nor an entrepreneur. I was just writing freely then - but on that crucial moment, I knew I could have asked for my crush, but I didn’t, and instead I created in that letter a man whom I knew, if God would answer my letter, I have not ever met yet.

Marj and I prayed to God together when we finished writing our letters. That was the first time I ever seriously prayed for a guy so specific and detailed, though I must have been throwing in a random “Lord, sana po magka-lovelife na ako” wish in my long list of prayers. Perhaps in that prayer I fully entrusted and committed my love life to God… and so when I came home, I inserted my letter to God in my Bible, and I forgot about it - meaning that was when I stopped asking God for a lovelife.

Six months later, Marj’s cousin Kuya Tantan who bikes with Joey, randomly thought of pairing us up. In that first week of knowing each other, I saw Joey five times. Yes, halos inaraw-araw niya ako. Yes, ang haba ng hair ko. And yes, ang saya-saya ko

(Hanggang ngayon!! Yihee!! Hehehe)

One of the things that I really really liked about us when we were dating, was how often and deeply and openly we would pray together. I have never shared a similar experience with anyone else… and every time we prayed it just really felt so good and peaceful, that everything is just right. 

We would always pray every time he brought me home, before he would leave. One night, he rendered me speechless when, holding my hand, our eyes closed in prayer, he uttered the following words:

“Lord, I would like to ask for Sitti’s hand to be my girlfriend… with the possibility of becoming my wife.”

My eyes popped open. I was shocked, I couldn’t believe my ears - never before, has someone directly asked God for my hand. Never before, has someone outrightly asked for God’s blessing to be my boyfriend. It was surreal, he wasn’t like anyone I’ve ever met before. I mean, this was God! He was asking God directly for me!

Of course my heart melted. Of course I shed a few, silent tears. Of course I loved him even more for what he said.

And i love him so much more now. And with God at our centre, with His love flowing through us, I believe there is nothing we can’t accomplish together - him, me, God.

That is the story of how we asked God for each other.

Some months into the relationship, my daily reading fell on the exact page where I inserted my letter. I’ve forgotten all about it! And as I reread all that I wrote, the same thought kept repeating itself over and over in my head: “Si Joey ‘to! Si Joey ‘to! Si Joey ‘to!

And if I, and some family members thought Joey and I were growing too close too fast, I shouldn’t have been surprised because apparently, in the tiny upper left space of my letter, I wrote a P.S.:

Lord, sana po by age 30 ikasal na po kami ni Marj. =)

I’m turning 30 next month, and on May next year, I will be Joey’s wife. <3

Our God, who hears and answers all our prayers, is a God of wonder and great, great love. My dearest friends, I encourage you - never stop praying, never stop trusting, never stop submitting your all to God. It is the only way for Him to truly work His wonders and His plans for us.

God bless everyone! Have a wonderful week. Bossa love and kisses from L.A. :)      


Chapter 14

Waking up has been a dread to me ever since I started living alone. But this time? Waking up feels like heaven. I opened my eyes and saw this beautiful lady pressed against my chest. As if we were puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. She was still sound asleep. Her lips a little swollen from all the kissing we made last night. A few strands of hair covers her face. I pushed her hair strands and tucked them behind her ears and stared at her for what seemed like forever. Taking in every detail of her face. She looked very beautiful and the sunrays seeping through her window made her even more wonderful. It’s like you’re staring at a painting of a scenery. So calm, beautiful and perfect. It’s like with just a look of her, you’re in paradise.

I kissed her lightly on her nose and her eyes fluttered open.

“Hi.” I greeted her.

“Hi.” she said and hugged me. “Good morning.” she added as she kissed my chest. I smiled as she tightened her embrace and I gave her a hug as well.

“How’re you feeling?” I asked her.

“Good. Beautiful. Wonderful. Happy. Giddy. I don’t know.” she said.

“I love you, Julie.” I whispered to her.

“I know.” she said and she gave me a chaste kiss on the lips. “What do you want for breakfast?”

“You.” I answered. She pinched my nose and we both laughed.

“I asked you a serious question.” she told me.

“And I gave you a serious answer. I want you for breakfast.” I said.

“No.” she said and stood up. I watched her look for something to wear then she found my polo and decided to wear it. I smiled at how it looked on her. Perfect. Just perfect. She puts her hair in a messy bun and walked to the door but paused to look at me. “Aren’t you coming?” she asked.

“No. Too lazy to move.” I said. She walked back to bed and stood there giving me the eye as she placed her hands on her hips and taps her foot impatiently. “Pull me up.” I said and lend her my hand. She grabbed my hand with both her hands and pulled me up but then I decided to play a trick on her and pulled her down instead.

“Oowww!” she cried when she landed on me. “Elmo.” she said as she looks at me. “Baba na tayo and make breakfast. You have rehearsals today remember?”

“Screw those rehearsals because I wanna cuddle with you all day.” I said and wrapped my arms around her. She kissed me lighlty on my nose and then smiled.

“Halika na. Gutom na ko and you know how grumpy I am when I’m hungry.” I laughed and kissed her on the lips before I nodded.

“Okay manager. Before you turn from hungry to hangry.” I said as I sat us both up. I was now sitting and she was on my lap, arms wrapped around my neck. “Pero bago tayo bumaba…”

“Ano?” she asked as she brushed my hair with her fingers.

“Kiss mo muna ako.” she giggled but gave me a long kiss, it left me short of breath.

“Oh halika na baba na tayo."and she pulled me and dragged me out of her room.


This is by far the best morning I had. Waking up next to that person who made me the happiest woman alive. Giving him hugs and kisses and making him as happy as how he made me. I was wearing his polo from last night and I couldn’t help but smile.

I was cooking pancakes when I felt him hug me from behind.

"Jules…” he said as he gives me chicken kisses on my shoulders.


“Sama ka sa akin sa work please?” he said.

“Ano ka ba. I have work too.”

“Ehh.” I turned around and faced him. He was pouting na akala mo nalugi.

“Tsk. Don’t pout on me like that. Di mo ko madadaan diyan no.” I told him and pinched his ears. He leaned his forehead on mine and kissed my nose.

“Wag ka na pumasok. Please?”

“Hindi pwede. May deliver kami sa isang party mamaya.” I answered and kissed him on the lips. “Wag na makulit ha?” I said.

“Ts. Fine. Di na. Pero let’s have dinner later?” he asked as he tightened his embrace and even swayed our bodies like there’s music playing.

“Mmmmm… Pag-iisipan ko.” he stopped and looked at me. I smiled at him and nodded. “Oo na. We’ll have dinner later.”

“Nice.” he said and brushed his lips against mine. I placed my hands on his neck and we deepened our kiss. The smell of burnt pancakes filled the air but we didn’t mind. Because kissing each other is the best breakfast ever.

“I’m gonna take a bath.” I said when we break apart.

“Sabay tayo?” he asked.

“Shut up.” I answered and ran upstairs.

“Hahaha. Julie andyan na ko!”

“Tsk. Stay away Elmo!” I yelled. I heard his laughter echoing around the house and I couldn’t help but laugh with him. Siguro this is what it really feels like being with the one you love.

“Jules.” he said peeking through my door.


“Sabay tayo maligo.” he said.

“Tigilan mo ko. Gusto mo lang makascore ulit eh. Nakakailan ka na ha.” I said.


“Eh your face.” I said and entered the bathroom.

When I got back to my room, I found him curled up in bed and sound asleep. I smiled as I watched his shoulders go up and down as he breathes. I went to bed and laid next to him. He has this peaceful aura in him. His face so calm and handsome. I could watch him all day and never get tired of it.

“Stop staring at me, I might melt.” he said and opened his eyes. “Hey there.”

“So you’re not asleep?” I asked him.

“I was but then I smelled strawberries and vanilla and I knew it was you.” he answered.

“Haha. Whatever. Let’s go?” I asked.

“Now? Can’t we just stay here?”

“Elmo I’m 1 hour late for work already. Baka sakalin na ko ni Jana.” I told him.

“Okay po. Tara na nga.” he said and kissed me on the lips before he stood up.

He brought me to work but had to go immediately because his rehearsals will start in 2 hours and he hasn’t prepared his things yet.

“I’ll pick you up after work okay?” he asked when I brought him to the door.

“Yeah. Hintayin kita dito.” I said and smiled.

“Okay. Kiss ko?”

“Tsk. Nakakahiya.” I said and slapped his chest gently.

“Kinakahiya mo ko?” he pouted.

“Hindi. Eh ang daming tao po kasi. PDA po tayo.” I said. “And remember. Medyo artista ka po no? Alam mo naman baka maissue.”


“Tsk. Mamaya na. Save those for later okay?” I said.

“Psh. Fine. Mamaya ha? Tatandaan ko yan. Bye na.”

“Bye. Ingat ka ha?”

“Yes po. I love you.” he said.

“You too.” and he smiled at me. He walked to his car and blew me a kiss before he went in.


“Anak ng. Brader, baka gusto mong liitan ngiti mo. Nakakatakot na eh.” I heard someone said.

I was brought back to reality and saw Sef sitting beside me on the bleachers. We were already at the studio rehearsing for tomorrow’s show.


“Ts. Kanina ka pa nakangiti. Nakakahiya naman sa araw yung liwanag ng ngiti mo. Hahahaha.” he said. “Bakit brad? May nangyari ba?”

“Ts. Wala dude.”

“Weh. Di nga? Yung girlfriend mo sa Bacolod ano na?”

“Ha? Si Julie?”

“Oo yun. Musta na kayo? Nung meeting mukhang badtrip ka eh. Lq ba kayo nun ha?” he asked.

“Hindi. Medyo ano lang. Uhm. Hindi naman kami eh. Bestfriend ko nga diba?”

“Lul mo. Bestfriend pero sa isang kwarto natulog? Tapos kung maglandian sa dancefloor kala mo magshota.” he said. “Seryoso na kasi pare. Wag na pa-showbiz.”

“Tsk. Wala nga. Di ko sure kung kami na ba. Basta. Mahirap i-explain.”

“Pero nakascore ka na?”

“Dyan ka na nga.” I laughed and went to go to our other co-artists.

“Hoy!!” he yelled after me. I glared at him and he just raised his hands in surrender. “Fine. Di na nga eh.”

After rehearsal, I ran to the parking lot and I think I beat the world’s fastest car’s record because in less than a minute, I was out of the building and on the way to Julie’s shop.

I was whistling as I was on my way to her shop getting excited for what could possibly happen tonight.

I parked my car in front of her shop and whistled my way in and to her office. I wanted to surprise her because I’m an hour early but it seemed that I’m the one who’ll be surprised.

“Uy, Moe pare.”

“Hi, Muppet!” she greeted me and kissed my cheek. “Uhm. Napadaan si Quen dito.”

“Yeah. Bought cupcakes for Julia.” he said and raised the box he’s holding. “Uhm. Sige Julie. I’ll uh… go ahead. Thanks sa cupcakes ha?” he said. He looked at me and smiled as he patted my shoulder before he completely went out of the shop.

“You’re here early.” I heard her say. “Moe?” and she snapped her fingers in front of my face.


“Wala. Sabi ko ang aga mo ata. It’s only 10pm. Your rehearsals should finish at around 11 pa diba?” she asked.

“Uhm. Direk had to go early kaya he let us go ng maaga din.” I answered absent-mindedly.

“Oh. Anything wrong?” she asked and cupped my face with her hands. “Ha?” she said and kissed me lightly on my lips.

“Wala. Pagod lang siguro.” I answered.

“Aww. Kawawa ka naman. Halika muna sa office. I’ll massage you first before we go okay?” I nodded and we went inside her office.

She made me sit on the couch as she sat on the couch’s backrest and she leaned my head on her lap. She started massaging my temple and my body began to relax.



“Wala. I thought you’re mad because Enrique came here.”

“Ha? Uhm…”

How will I tell her that I am mad. Not to her but to that guy. Pero I don’t want her to know that I am. She might think that I’m a selfish prick.

“No. Hindi ako galit.” I answered.

“Uhm… Sure ka?”

“Positive.” I said and took her hands and kissed them. “Halika na. Mukhang nalipasan ka na ng gutom. Let’s go.”

“Uhm. Uwi na lang tayo. I don’t feel like eating.”


“Wala lang. Let’s just… Let’s just go home.”


I went to Maqui’s place the next day. I wanted to talk to her about what’s happening to me. I feel confused. I feel weird.

“Maq?” I called her while she was getting us a cup of coffee.


“Uhm. Last Friday…”

“Oh ano? What happened last friday?” she asked and handed me the mug. She sat next to me on the couch and faced me with her legs crossed.

“Uhm… Ano kasi. Si Moe…”

“Oh anong meron?”

“May sinabi kasi siya eh. Ano…”

“Anak ng. Julie isa pang pambibitin mo huhulog kita sa hagdan.”

“Fine. Ito na. Last friday, he told me na mahal niya ko.”

“Shut up! Shut up!!” Maqui beamed. “Seryoso Julie?” I nodded and she hugged me. “Yihee! Edi kayo na nga talaga?”

“There’s a problem, Maq…”

“What is it? Don’t tell me nagpakipot ka nanaman? Sasakalin na talaga kita. Magsusuot pa ko ng gloves na may pointed studs para mas masakit.” she said.

“Maqui kasi nagpunta si Quen sa shop ko kahapon…”

“Heto nanaman po kami sa Quen na yan.” she said as she rolled her eyes. “Oh. Anong ginawa niya dun?”

“Uhm. He told me that he really likes me. Tapos uhm…”

“Oh. What else did he tell you?”

“He asked me if I would give him a chance.”

“And what did you tell him?” Maqui asked as if she was my mom and I did something that would make her mad once I say the wrong words.


“Ano na Julie? Pakasimple naman oh.”

“I told him that I love someone else.”

“Oh. Tapos?”

“He told me na okay lang daw and that he’s willing naman to be a friend na lang.”

“Eh yun naman pala eh. Oh anong hinihimutok mo dyan?”

“Si Elmo kasi.”


“He came to the shop an hour early eh sakto andun pa si Quen. Tas I asked him if he’s mad. Nilambing ko pa nga eh. Sabi niya hindi naman daw.”

“Eh anong inaangal mo? Buti nga hindi galit eh.” Maqui said.

“Maq kasi eh. Alam mo yung feeling na I was waiting for him to get mad para naman sure akong nagseselos siya and hindi lang dala ng galit sa akin yung confession niya about his feelings. Na hindi niya lang sinabi yun kasi ayaw niya mawalan ng bestfriend.” I said. Maqui heaved a deep sigh then looked at me.

“Julie, will you stop doubting him? Elmo loves you okay?”

“Maqui kasi eh…”

“Jules please naman. Give yourself a favor. Mahal mo siya. Mahal ka niya. Makuntento ka dun and stop thinking that he doesn’t love you that much. Alam mo kung bakit?”


“Hindi naman kasi siya magiging sunud-sunuran sa iyo kung hindi ka niya mahal eh.”