10 Things Furries are Tired of Hearing

Being a furry is awesome, but it does set you up to hear a lot of the same questions, myths, and misconceptions over and over again. Here are ten things furries could happily die without ever having to hear again.

1. I bet you wish you’d gone into engineering instead, what with the economy and all.

Not everybody can be an engineer, okay? The world needs people to make movies, sing songs, and sew fleshlights into plush toys.

2. Isn’t that just a pit stop on the way to being either an animal or human?

Yes, some have used the furry label as a “soft coming out” only to later reveal that they were animals the all along. But that doesn’t automatically mean furry is “just a phase”.

3. Furries just get paid less because they have less upper body strength

We have just as much muscle mass as everyone else, our arms are just tired from scritching. That doesn’t justify the wage gap though.

4. This is just a classic case of reverse-fursecution

Just don’t.

5. Fursuiting isn’t a real sport.

Um, is that why horses are in the Olympics but football players aren’t?

6. Was it hard to learn braille?


7. Better keep a close eye on my pets!

Wow, rude. Just let your furry friends fuck your pets, it’s only courtesy.

8. Won’t the fursuit sag when you’re older?

Yes, it’s supposed to. A six foot talking red and green dog is one thing, but a six foot talking red and green dog that never ages? Talk about unrealistic.

9. Are you planning on getting species reassignment surgery?

Okay, we get it. You’re curious. And if we can set aside our exhaustion and anger, I’m sure we can admit we understand why. Between full body hair plugs, snout augmentation, and owoplasty, it’s can be pretty extreme. But furries are not your titillating medical drama, and there are plenty of other sources where you can do your research. Furthermore, not all furries elect to get surgery. This is for a variety of reasons, but primarily because these procedures are not real, so mind your own beeswax!

10. How do your parents feel?

When will people get it; only furries may give birth to furries.