How to purchase Kris Wu’s first EP “6″ on QQ Music + group orders

Kris Wu will be releasing his first EP digitally on 25 July 2017 at 11:06 am CST. There are 3 tracks in the EP and it costs RMB 5 per copy. The preorder sales will start on 23 July 2017 at 11:06 am CST.

Here is the tutorial on how to purchase the EP on QQ music provided by @wuyifan-krisbar


#1: Please make sure that your phone is connected to VPN when you access QQ music. Here is another list of VPN you can use, choose China as country server (

#2: If you purchase 6 or more copies of “6″ EP, you will receive a Kris Wu exclusive audio. So, buy 6 or more at one go! 

#3: Here is the tutorial to register a QQ account if you don’t have one. (

#4: If you have Wechat wallet,you can use it to purchase “6″ too, please refer to this tutorial (


If you are interested to join and contribute to group orders for “6″, KrisBar, Meigeni Express and Meigeni Indonesia are organizing separate groups for fans.

@wuyifan-krisbar group order (

@meigeniexpress group order (

Meigeni Indonesia group order (

If you have extra $ to spend, it would be great if you can purchase “6″ and join the group order/s both.

Let’s all support Kris Wu and “6″! BUY “6″!


Genre: Drabble/Angst(?)

Summary: You and your boyfriend argue because he’s so jealous

Word Count: 327

Pairing: Kris Wu x M Reader

“What was that y/n?!” The angry shouts of your pissed off boyfriend rang through the previously silent apartment. You rolled your eyes and shoved your coat and shoes into the closet as he continued to scream.

“Why were your hands all over him? Huh?! Because you want him and not me?” He began accusing you, but you just ignored it until he punched a wall beside him. “Fucking answer me!” You rolled your eyes again and pushed him into the bathroom. You sat on the stool in front of him and began tending to his bloody hand. 

“Yif you have to stop.,” you mumbled sadly and continued bandaging. “That was my brother in law.” You blinked away the tears that were threatening to spill. He became tense under your touch, knowing what you were about to say. “I-i don’t think I c-can do this anymore.” You stood up and went to your shared bedroom and began packing your stuff. You had almost finished packing your first bag when you felt the arms around your waist and the soft lips brushing against your ear. “Babe I’m sorry,” he pulled you closer against him. “I’m sorry I'm always so jealous, I promise to get help.”

You tried to pull away from his touch but stopped when his lips dipped to your neck. “Baby I promise~” His hand snaked their way to your pants, palming you gently. “It’ll be ok~” You tried to resist but instantly crumbled when he began sucking on your sweet spot. A small whimper left your lips and you felt him smirk against your neck. “O-ok hyung..” He pulled away from your neck and spun you around, pressing a delicate kiss to your lips. You eventually pulled away, a sweet smile on both your faces. 

You reached a palm up to his cheek and caressed it gently, a soft gaze in your eyes as he leaned into your touch. “I love you hyung, and only you~”

Imagine Kris jumping ship on a fanfiction for the smallest infractions, mostly when the author uses “yea,” instead of “yeah.” It is not something he can let slide. He has to look at that for the next twenty-thousand words! Do you know how upsetting that is to look at?!


*Somewhere in China*

-Yifan’s phone starts ringing-

Yifan: -picks it up with a confused expression-

Yifan: Oh, Junmyeon..?

*2ne1’s Come Back Home plays at the other end of the line*