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“I have been traveling to Greece for many years. On my first trip I attended the Aegina Arts Center on the island of Aegina. It was a wonderful month of art and total immersion into Greece. I was hooked and have been going back ever since. I was also beginning my career as a graphic designer, so there were lapses of time between trips early on. In the 1980′s I became a regular visitor and knew this was the place I felt at home at. I started this blog in September 2012, just a couple of days before leaving for Athens and Paros. The idea came partly out of frustration over the negative news that had been coming out of Greece, and partly as a creative outlet for experiences and photos that have added up over the years. I don’t consider myself to be a writer, journalist, or editor, so don’t expect political opinion or perfect grammar. What you may find are some insights and visual experiences into the Greece that I know and love. So enjoy and feel free to comment. Pass the link to the blog along to your friends.”