yi ho




A tree with deep roots,
Because the wind sways it not,
Blossoms Abundantly
And bears fruit.
The water from a deep spring,
Because a drought dries it not,
Becomes a stream
And flows to the sea.
from Yongbieocheonga (Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven)


@mythologicalnet - chinese mythology | the story of chang’e and houyi 

hou yi (后羿 /ho ee/) was an excellent archer. chang’e (嫦娥 /chung-er/) was his wife. long, long ago, there were ten suns in the sky burning the earth and the people were suffering. one day, hou yi used his bow and arrows to shoot down nine suns, leaving one for light and warmth. the people of earth were saved. the queen mother of the west gave hou yi a bottle of elixir that could make him immortal, but the bottle was only for one person, and although hou yi did want to become immortal, he wanted to stay with his beloved chang’e. therefore, he didn’t drink the elixir and instead, asked chang’e to keep it safe for him. as hou yi became famous, people had asked for him to be their master, and hou yi accepted, but not every student of hou yi had good morality. feng meng, a student of hou yi, wanted the elixir. so when hou yi went hunting with his students, feng meng stayed behind and tried to force chang’e to give him the elixir. chang’e knew she couldn’t defeat feng meng, and she knew she couldn’t give him the bottle, so she drank the elixir and became immortal, flying higher and higher until she stopped on the moon. hou yi was devastated when he received the news, and when he went back home, he moved a table under the moon and displayed fruits and cakes that chang’e had liked, and gave sacrifices to her. 


We must be hidden yet be alive.
We must be invisible, 
but we must give lively energy to the tree, leaves and flower petals.
On the ground called history, 
the root should be hidden and yet be rooted strongly and deeply.
We are…
this ground’s hidden root.

Zodiac Signs~

Quick little post about zodiac signs in Korean! Do you know what your animal is?

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

쥐띠 (jwi ddi) mouse
소띠 (so ddi) ox
호랑이띠 (ho rang yi ddi) tiger
토끼띠 (to kki ddi) rabbit
용띠 (yong ddi) dragon
뱀띠 (baem ddi) snake
말띠 (mal ddi) horse
양띠 (yang ddi) sheep
원숭이띠 (won soong yi ddi) monkey
닭띠 (dalk ddi) chicken
개띠 (gae ddi) dog
돼지띠 (dwae ji ddi) pig

Hope this helps and happy studying!~