yi hei

*making snowmen*

Jian Yi: *Hey, He Tian!

Jian Yi: *points to snowman decorated with an evil smile and horns on its head*

Jian Yi: I made you as a snowman!

He Tian: …

He Tian: *looks at his own snowman* This could be you, but then I’d have to hollow out its head

Jian Yi: *gasps* You shit!

Mo Guan Shan: …

Zhan Zheng Xi: *sigh* 

Jian Yi and Zhan Zhengxi, 50 years later

Jian Yi: Hey Zhan Xixi check out how fast I can go down this hill in a wheelchair

~more old couple headcanons~

Jian Yi: Look I got us some Viagra
Zhan Zhengxi:
Zhan Zhengxi: I will poison your medication

Jian Yi: Can you believe it’s our 50 year anniversary
Zhan Zhengxi: *tries lighting up 50 sparklers*
Jian Yi: Zhan Xixi you’re going to set the house on fire…

Jian Yi: Look at all these young whippersnappers
Zhan Zhengxi: Did you actually just call them whippersnappers
Jian Yi: Yeah I’ve always wanted to do that

Jian Yi: He princess carries me when my arthritis is bad
Zhan Zhengxi: I will stab you with this walking stick if you don’t shut it

Jian Yi: Do you remember when we were young and emotionally constipated
Zhan Zhengxi: Were you referring to your gay crisis
Jian Yi: There’s a reason why I said ‘emotionally constipated’

Jian Yi: We’ve been together 50 years and you still get embarrassed when I call you Xi?
Zhan Zhengxi: Stop it! Stop it!

Jian Yi: *humming* I can’t hear you, I’m old and deaf!
Zhan Zhengxi: *storms into bathroom*
Jian Yi: And now I’m blind

Jian Yi: *Pretends his dentures is a snapping turtle* 

Zhan Zhengxi: My tombstone will read: ‘Zhan Zhengxi, full time babysitter of Jian Yi’
Jian Yi: That would make you a pedophile
Zhan Zhengxi:
Zhan Zhengxi:
I pray death comes quickly
Jian Yi: You’re the one who comes quickly…
Zhan Zhengxi: ..I was eighteen, you bastard!


Hey, our Annecy short film is finally online, it has been released during the festival last week! The festival was so great!! 

I worked on that short film with @pierre-marieadnet , @coraliesketch , @tristanpoulain , @100drov and Shen Yi and it was a great pleasure !!! Love you guys !!

I’ll put my own researches and my step by step animations soon :) Stay tuned!

At night
  • Zhan Zhengxi: Hey Jian Yi, I want to talk to you about something
  • Jian Yi: I'm sorry... *gets up, grabs Zhan Xixi's entire closet, bed and furniture* it was nice *ugly crying* knowing you... *dramatic movements* I'm sorry for... *drowning in tears* doing that to you but I don't want you to hate me... *swims out of room, still 😭 *
  • Zhan Zhengxi: jeez Jian Yi i just wanted to talk about this new video game i got what the fuck
He Tian getting jealous
  • Mo GuanShan: *talks about stuff
  • Boy 1: *Agrees
  • Jian Yi: Hey, He Tian, Aren't you glaring at them for awhile right now, Don't tell me your getting jelly?
  • He Tian: Me getting jeal--GTFO!
  • Mo GuanShan: *Laughing, Lololol
  • He Tian: Hey babe, Shouldn't you be making me dinner right now?
  • Mo GuanShan: What?
  • Boy 1: Uh- Bro I think I should go
  • Jian Yi: ...
  • Zhan ZhengXi: ...

anonymous asked:

Hey...I don't really know who to ask this to so this is kinda open to anyone that sees it..but is there any chance you can link me to some of the rarer dan and phil videos. Like ones that haven't been posted to their own YouTube channels or some that they did for bbc or any that just don't have that many views?

im not at home rn so i cant link but maybe someone else could help ??


#maosandgaos family holiday

always you - part 47

Warning -



Jian Yi watched an unfamiliar number flash across his screen.

That was an unwelcome sight these days.

He sat the phone down.

About a minute later the new voicemail notification made him jump.

‘Hey, Jian Yi…it’s Mo Guan Shan. I… um… don’t really know what to say here or if this is even your number anymore. I was hoping to talk to you about… fuck, I don’t know. Just call me back please.’

Jian Yi sighed, pressing the number to call him back.’

He picked up on the first ring.

‘Hey, man-’

‘I’m going to text you the address of my work, meet me there around eight tonight.’


He ended the call and tossed his phone onto the bed.

This was going to be interesting.


When his shift was up, he grabbed some drinks, plopped down at his favorite table, and waited.

Mo Guan Shan had changed very little.

He wondered if he was thinking the same as he sat down across from him.

‘I’m sorry, Jian Yi, I really am. That was incredibly shitty of me.’

‘I just want to put it behind me. Thank you for the apology. I forgive you.’

‘Thank you.’

They were both silent for a moment.

‘It’s good to see you, Mo Guan Shan.’

‘It’s good to see you too. You look good.’

‘Ok, now I don’t believe you.’

They both laughed.

‘How have you been? The last few days aside.’

‘I’ve been alright. I opened up a restaurant a few years back, it’s going pretty well.’

‘That’s great, dude! Congratulations!’

‘Thank you.’

Jian Yi nodded, taking a drink.

‘You’re working here, then?’

‘Yeah, for the last few years.’

‘Do you live close by?’

‘A few miles away.’

‘Alone, or…’

‘With Zhengxi and He Tian.’

‘Can I ask you a question?’


‘How do you do it? The three of you, I mean.’

‘It’s a small apartment, so it’s a little tough.’

‘No, the relationship. I can barely keep up with one person, let alone two.’

‘It’s certainly not easy.’

‘I imagine not. Especially with those two…’

Jian Yi laughed.

‘Sorry, that came out badly.’

‘No, you’re right. It’s been a bit of a challenge.’

Mo Guan Shan looked away, taking a long drink.

‘Can I honest with you?’


‘I got that text from…’

‘He’s not Voldemort, you can say his name.’

‘From Ghost. About the three of you, and it just threw me off. I wanted to see him, to understand.’

‘Understand what?’

‘How he was managing a relationship with two people after how hard I tried to keep him around, but I get it now.’


‘Maybe it takes more than one person to handle him, to keep him in check. It makes sense.’


‘I just went through a pretty nasty breakup, and I haven’t been handling it well. It didn’t take much to set me off. I was jealous and bitter, and frankly a manipulative asshole.’

‘What happened?


‘With your relationship.’

‘Oh. I found out my son isn’t…wasn’t…my son.’


‘How old is he?’

‘Six months.’

‘How were you with her?’

‘Four years.’

‘Oh. Shit.’


‘I’m sorry, man.’

‘It’s alright, nothing can be done at this point. It was doomed to begin with.’


‘I guess I’m a little gayer than either one of us had planned.’

‘She thought you were straight?’

‘I gave it the old college try.’

‘No luck?’

He shook his head.

‘Can we talk about something else? Like why you actually invited me here?’


‘You want to talk about He Tian, right?’


‘What do you want to know?’


‘…are you sure?’

‘I need to figure this out.’


‘Look, I know you don’t want to talk about it, and normally I’d respect that, but we need to work this out. All of us.

‘Yeah, I guess so.’

‘Well, I started hanging out with He Tian again while they were still seeing each over.’

‘What was he like then?

‘Different. Broken.’

‘What did you do?’

‘I told him over and over again to leave him. Let him squeeze my hand while his brother gave him stitches, iced his bruises, held him while he cried.’


‘When he left him, he came to stay with me. His scars were fresh. He jumped when I touched him. It took a long before I could even hug him.’

‘But you two were together…’

‘After six months or so. He wanted so badly to forget. He thought being with me would help.’

‘Didn’t it?’

‘I thought so for awhile.’

‘What happened?’

‘Ghost. He came back two years later. Any good is done was gone. He left me and I didn’t hear anything from him until I talked to him a few days ago.’

‘What did you do?’

‘Nothing. There was nothing could do. I couldn’t stop him. I talked to his brother from time to time, just to check in, but I stopped a few years ago, when I found out he was with you.’


‘I’m not being weird, I was happy for him. If anything, I was worried about you.’


‘Because you’re nice. You’ve always been so nice. You always seemed so…breakable.’

‘I’m not.’

‘I’m realizing that.’

‘I don’t know what to do with all this. I’m watching them both self destruct over this, and I don’t know what to do.’

‘Have you met him?’

‘Yeah, a few days ago.’

‘How did that go?’

‘It was…odd.’

‘Jian Yi, do you know how dangerous he is?’

‘I know how dangerous he was for He Tian…’


‘I don’t understand.’

‘That’s the problem! You’re all so confused about this, acting like you don’t know why he’s here.’

‘I DON’T know why he’s here!’

‘He wants He Tian.’

‘He already had him. He doesn’t seem like the type to go back for seconds.’

‘He Tian left him.’


‘People don’t leave him. He uses them up and lets them go when he’s done all the damage he can do.’


‘Jesus, you’re all idiots.’


‘He Tian left him.’

Yeah, and…oh.’

The understanding washed over him like freezing water.

‘As broken as he seems, he made it out, cracked.’

‘I’ve been to two funerals in the last five years. Both boys that had been in He Tian’s position.’

‘He killed them?!’

‘He didn’t have to. They did it for him. The second one made it nearly six months. You can only go through so much and keep your will to live.’

‘Jesus Christ.’

‘It didn’t work with He Tian.’

Jian Yi was speechless.

‘Two weeks after he moved in with me, I had to shove my fingers down his throat when he’d taken a dozen too many pain killers.’


‘A month later I sat in the bathtub, trying to staunch the flow of blood from his wrists.’


‘Does he still have the scar on his shoulder?’


‘He had to have surgery to reconstruct the muscle, it went to the bone. He spent six months in physical therapy before he could use that arm again.’

He took another long drink before continuing.

‘I did what I could. I have it everything I had, but I couldn’t fix him.’

The red haired stared down at his hands where they rested on the table.

Jian Yi stood, walking around the table and sitting next to him, placing his hand over the other man’s.

‘Guan Shan, you can’t fix people. You can only share your strength. You can only do so much for a person and hope they meet you in the middle.’

Mo Guan Shan turned to face him.

‘Are you speaking from experience?’


Finding the only middle ground they could, they hugged.

Jian Yi wrapped his arms around Mo Guan Shan’s waist.

‘Please don’t say anything.’

Jian Yi was always very selective when sharing his memories.

Mo Guan Shan cradled his head, pulling his closer with a hand on his lower back.

‘Of course not.’

Zhengxi’s voice made them both jump.

‘Are you fucking kidding me?’