chickenpox is honestly? one of the weirdest cultural things to exist. yhyh i know its not a cultural element, its a disease, but the culture that surrounds it is fucking ridiculous

like,, everyone’s just Expected to get chickenpox. its a part of childhood and because of ykno, developed immunity, you can only get it once, so you get hoards of ppl telling sick kids to enjoy it while it lasts because its become a SYMBOL of childhood. how hilarious is that?!

when i was 10 i did a school project on viruses and discovered tht a chickenpox vaccine exists, and let me tell u, that class of 9-11 year olds was outraged!! we thought it was so ridiculous tht ppl would get a vaccine to stop this universally-relatable fun-to-compare-experiences-about thing.

and, most amazingly: Chickenpox Playdates. possibly like the Weirdest thing people do wrt/ chickenpox right? so one kid gets ill and ofc suddenly everyone arranged playdates bc they want their kids to catch chickenpox asap. i mean it makes good sense but like, humans are fucking ridiculous

Interrogations and Negotiations - General Hux x Reader

A/N: So this is part two to the interrogation imagine, I’m writing this on my phone so I’ll edit it when I come back from my first day back to college tomorrow from the Easter term yhyh.

Request: Could you do a Part 2 for the one where you are in the interrogation room? (the one with Hux asking if everything was a lie and such)

Warnings: Mentions of Violence and blood.

Words: (would be great if Notes on an iPhone told you)

Laid on the bench in the detention cell, you had your arms wrapped around you slightly shivering from the slight draft from the vents. Dried blood stuck to your forehead from when you were being handled into the cell by a couple of armed Stormtroopers and Officers who prodded you with taser rods and spat at you, calling you all of the curse names that you could briefly translate.

Muscles ached, as you were pretty sure you were bruised under your now destroyed commander’s uniform - no, not yours… It belonged the The First Order, the real traitors and scum; and as much as you wanted to grasp your hair in frustration, your scalp hurt from when some fodder gripped your hair after you had been un-cuffed, and threw you into the corner of the drafty cell.

The feel for tears wasn’t there, this mission was going undercover for the Resistance and that’s exactly why you were here, but you lingered more than you should have. You made the mistake of not sneaking off wearing a Stormtrooper armor and flying off in a god damn TIE fighter with everything you had. It was just the little playground crush you had that got you into trouble though, the first ever distraction you’ve ever had on a mission.

The hard surface of the bench didn’t help your aching joints, no matter what position you sat or lay in, you couldn’t get into a position to keep you upright from your torture. The more you shifted, the more you questioned on who placed the order of your torturing. Was it Kylo Ren? Or General Hux himself?

Your cell door opened, compressed ‘whoosh’ echoing through the room as the door automatically slid up and General Hux stepped in. Glancing at him, you scowled as you sat up and held your ribs.

“Feeding time already, General?” Your voice cracked as you asked him with a snarky reply, scowl still on your face. “Or are you here to torture me more?”

Sighing, the ginger sat on the other side of the bench styled bed and looked over with pain on his face. “Please Y/N, just tell me the truth - was this a façade?” he swallowed the lump in his throat.

At that moment you almost wanted to jump across the bench and strangle him, “Why are you so eager? I gave you an answer before I was showered with saliva and tasered with poles. What do you want me to say?” You gritted between your teeth, clutching your ribs tighter.

“I want to know the truth, when we had those dates and ‘I love you’s’, everything - did you or did you not mean it?” Hux almost cried, wanting nothing more to reach over and hold you.

Silence filled the small room for a moment and you inhaled sharply, “It was real, It was genuine - ninety five percent of what I said was at least true. Everything else was just a staged show.”

Nothing was said for the next minute or so as you felt a pair of arms wrap around you, careful not to hurt your wounds. It took you by a genuine surprise but you used a free arm and wrapped an arm the General, burying your face into the crook of his neck. You had only realized that you were crying.

Hux pulled out of the hug and kept his arms on your shoulders, giving you a sympathetic smile and you knew it wasn’t good news he was going to deliver.

“Thank you for the truth, Y/N, but since the recognition of fooling and tricking the First Order, you’re no longer part of the Resistance… You’re going to serve us.”

The news dropped like a bomb shell, breaking you a little. You tried to process it a little bit just nodded as a stray tear left your eye, “Yes, General.”

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/post/92860230852/look-at-how-easily-liam-can-just-invade-zayns That looks like the scene from the picture of angry liam We got?

(x) yhyh i’m p. sure it was lol *though the angle of the pic makes the bars look closer 2 zayn**

it was during ‘Diana’ and liam sang 'front page is all your pictures’ and pointed at zayn which was probs ~funny banter~ bc the whole 'The Sun’ zerrie-kissing front page article thing and then he went up to him and

idek ??????? lmao liam looks like a lil puppy told off by his owner omg

Wewewe so this is what we did in our livestream last night~ ;; v ;; / It was really fun wowow we wanna do them more often. xD 

For a little explanation on this picture, this is a scene from mine and Tea’s rp where they’re at a cafe and Al burns his tongue on his coffee, so he want’s Artie to blow on his mouth to make it better. (he stole kiss too ahaaa-)

But yhyh we did this on iscribble so it’s not the greatest collab but it was hella fun and I really like it uguuuu~ /);; v ;;(\

We’ll do more in the future, so stay tuned for more~ <3

p.s. I drew Artie and Tea drew Alfie- 

When I’m older, I want to live in a cute apartment/small house and have a massive book collection and go into coffee shops all the time reading books. I want to wear cute clothes and be really creative and artistic. I want to just start drawing a picture of something or write a poem when I get inspired walking down the street. I want to have a job I love and travel the entire world. But mostly, I want to be happy and hopefully I’ll find my soul mate along the way.