The One and Only God: Ý̧̘̤̪͈͖̣̽̃̒́H̡̨͗̊̑̃͛ͦ͆͆҉͓̩̞͎̘͖̣̜ͅV̧͈̝͔͔͉̅̈́̏͊̊̋͂̀H̢̙͕̥̿ͨͦͫ̀̆̚͡/The Great Will/Yehowah

Supreme Being in Christianity, Judaism and Islamic religions. He is said to be the creator of everything in the universe and is all powerful, all good, and all knowing. Because He is a metaphysical being, the true gender of the Creator is unknown but He is generally accepted as male or nothing at all. It is told in lore that He is the One True God, with all others simply being demons who tricked humans into praying to them.

According to Christianity, God is split into three parts who are also one. These are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, who symbolize God, Christ respectively. This vision of The Lord is considered blasphemy by Islamic religions, who state that Allah is unknowable and complete perfect in one shape.

He is both Christ and his father, the destroyer of Sodom and Gomorrah, the flooder of the world and the one who sent the plagues down to Egypt. In the ‘Old Testament’ He was often depicted as a wrathful god who would eventually mellow out during the ‘New Testament’. Some religions, such as Gnosticism, take this as evidence that the ‘God’ in the ‘Old Testament, is in fact, the Demiurge. This characterization of The Supreme One is possibly a left over from his original incarnation as Yahweh, a Canaanite war god. Over time worship of Yahweh grew to the point that all other gods were deposed and He was portrayed as the One and Only God.

The name Ý̧̘̤̪͈͖̣̽̃̒́H̡̨͗̊̑̃͛ͦ͆͆҉͓̩̞͎̘͖̣̜ͅV̧͈̝͔͔͉̅̈́̏͊̊̋͂̀H̢̙͕̥̿ͨͦͫ̀̆̚͡ comes from the Hebrew phrase known as the Tetragrammaton. The phrase is made up of the words ‘Yod, He, Waw, He’ and is sometimes translated as YHWH. Because the vowels included in the name were forbidden from being spoken or written down, they have become lost to history, rendering the true name unknowable and unpronounceable. Despite this, many ideas have popped up, including Yahweh, Yehowah, and even Jehovah. To get around this, Hebrews referred to The Lord as Adonai, while Christians simply use the word, God. The Tetragrammaton itself is said to mean ‘to exist’ or ‘to be’.


Because I couldn’t wait, here are some scans of the SMT4A artbook’s unused concept art for various Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse demons, by Masayuki Doi! Included are rough concepts for YHVH, Inanna, Dagda, Cleopatra, Danu, Miroku, Satan, and Adramelech! Almost all of them look SIGNIFICANTLY different from their final versions.

This isn’t all of them though! Full translations of Doi’s comments and more, courtesy of Dijeh, will be coming soonish, so keep your eyes peeled for more SMT4A content!


One of the most important aspects of the Occult is that of The Tetragrammaton. The Tetragrammaton is a Greek word meaning ‘the four lettered name’ and represents the four lettered name of God; the four Hebrew letters Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh, which transliterates into YHVH, or IHVH in Latin. Mispronunciations of The Tetragrammaton is where the name Jehovah, YahWeh, and YahVeh derive from. As all four letters are consonants, the true name of God is unpronounceable. Because the name is unpronounceable, inherently many derivations of a pronunciation exist which the magician can invoke in the work he performs. The quote of “Man Made In The Image Of God” also pertains to The Tetragrammaton as when all 4 Hebrew letters are written in an up-and-down orientation the word itself creates the form of a human being.

The Tetragrammaton in this representation is drawn as a Pentagram, which is one of the most important and misunderstand elements in the Occult. The Pentagram has 5 points, each of these points represents one of the 5 elements in nature: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the topmost center point represents Ether, or Spirit; all 5 elements of God and nature. Within the Pentagram itself contains the graphical representations of all 7 “planets” and alchemical elements: The Moon (Silver), The Sun (Gold), Jupiter (Tin), Saturn (Lead), Mars (Iron), Venus (Copper) and Mercury (Mercury or Quicksilver, the most sublime of all elements). With the 'Eyes of God’ in the center, thus this graphical representation of the The Tetragrammaton is an all encompassing depiction of God, nature and the Occult.

The Christian God is a Sky-Fairy: Oh Really?

One thing I keep seeing over and over on pagan and occult forums is rampant Christian-bashing and whining about the fact that the “xtians” are, like, existing and stuff, man. It’s a big topic, and it’s honestly one I don’t think I can address in a single post, but here’s a bit about some “arguments” I’ve overheard recently and why they’re ridiculous and I’d rather not hear them anymore.

I was on a forum the other day (I will not link to it) and a fellow made a long (and decidedly unrelated to the topic of the forum, which was witchcraft) post about how Christians have “dark and evil auras,” and then went on to grouse about how they’re just horrible for saying that he (the poster) was demon-possessed because he worshiped the Goddess and the God (he identified as pagan). I read this with wonderment and giggled a bit - isn’t this notion of them having “bad energy” and “evil auras” the same as them saying we’re (occultists) are demon-possessed? It sure sounds almost exactly the same!

After that, he started in on how he always made sure to tell them that their God was a lie and a “sky fairy” and on par with Santa Claus. Actually, uh, he took the Santa Claus metaphor quite far, comparing their prayers to the letters to the North Pole, etc. I hear this a lot from pagans and witches, and similar arguments, though not always referencing Santa! A lot of them just boil down to the idea that the Christian God is some sort of fantastic (in a bad way - as in, impossible) concept and can’t possibly exist, and we should all be euphoric that we’re free of the God Delusion or what-the-heck-ever. I hear this all the time from our community online.

Uhh, last I checked, half these people do believe in Gods and Goddesses. Aphrodite, Hermes, Apollo, etc - just not that pesky Yahweh chap. In fact, for a lot of people, any deity is approachable (another problem), but not, not, not the Christian god because he’s fiction and we’re more enlightened than that.

 Is it really so strange to think there might be a monotheistic God? I personally don’t believe nor ascribe to monotheism as it is traditionally framed, but is it so weird and fantastic and reality-denying that it deserves nothing but scorn? The last I checked, things like the existence of Yahweh (or Aphrodite, or Hermes) cannot be proved or disproved on a scale that would be necessary for it to be considered “factual” in the same sense that, say, the sky is blue most of the time. I personally have had experiences suggesting that things that people call deities do, in fact, exist, but for all I know, I could be wrong and it could all just be in my head.

There’s also the issue of so many of these people, like me, practicing magick. So, magick exists, but a monotheistic God is fantasy and impossible? I’m sorry, what? It’s just counter-intuitive, because if you know magick exists (and, at this point, I definitely do), it’s hard to place anything, especially something non-falsifiable like the existence of Yahweh, in the realm of impossibility unless I personally see evidence of it not being true. In fact, and this will shock people, I do believe an entity called YHVH exists. 

I don’t worship Him, but I believe he exists, as do a multitude of other beings. I realize the Christians are saying He is the only such deity in existence, but isn’t that an issue that we cannot resolve in our current state? See above about non-falsifiability. I guess if I wanted to be a jerk like some folks, I’d say something like, “Yeah, well they’re wrong because I talk to Demeter and she’s real and not a demon like they say so they don’t know what they’re talking about when they say other Gods aren’t real.”

Who gives a hoot? For all I know, someone who “talks to Demeter” might be having an entirely internal, subjective experience, and the Christian God might really be the only one in existence. Or not. Maybe the Christians really are confused about how reality works. Or, again, maybe we’re the ones who’re confused. There’s just no way to know. And no reason to care. I always wondered what all those “Stay in your own lane!” posts on the call-out blogs were all about, and now I think I know - it’s about minding your own business and letting people worship as they see fit, right? We readily apply this to pagans, but it gets tossed out the window whenever Christianity is mentioned. 

Why stand around banging the drum about how “ignorant” they are about the nature of divinity when we’ve got no real proof that they are, or we are, or whatever? Doing so doesn’t turn them into nice, happy pagans, and likely just makes them dislike pagans. Yes, many of them already don’t like the concept of paganism, but they’re free to not like it. If they’re smart, they’ll come to conclusions similar to my own and realize it’s not something worth arguing about. If not, ignore ‘em, but no reason to be antagonistic if they’re not actively infringing on you. Who knows. Maybe they’re still mad about the whole Roman thing, LOL, but you’re not making it any better by saying their God is a tooth fairy. I mean, they can say the same thing about your Goddess or whatever, and have just as much evidence to back it up (read: none).

If you really want to help Christians, society, and aid in improving mainstream Christianity, focus on something that’s actual definitely a real problem and doesn’t exist only in our heads. Petition to have laws that mix Christianity and other religions into the government taken off the books. Argue like it’s Youtube when someone mentions “teaching the Intelligent Design controversy.” Fight against instances of violence towards non-Christians. Etc.

But don’t whine about how they don’t believe in the same God you do. And stop trying to blame them for everything else, too. I actually saw someone on that same forum argue that the influx of people from Christianity is what created the popularity of the “Harm None” idea, and is ruining everything, etc. I see it over and over; people mention XYZ problem in paganism or elsewhere, and the peaceful tolerant pagans immediately jump into mental gymnastics to try to find a way to blame it on those dirty “xtians.” Heck, half the time when I mention that it’s probably not a good idea to think this way, I get labelled an “xtian.” 

One thing I wonder about, though. Christian witches do exist, and have arguably always existed in varying numbers. There’s got to be few Christian witches on all these witch forums and groups where this stuff happens. I wonder why they don’t speak up when people say things like this. Maybe because they’re tired of hearing it, and can’t be bothered? If so, good on them. Wish I was able to do that, but no… I have to argue on the Internet all day.


Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Normal Battle Theme (Town)

P̃oͪ̌ͬ̂̓w̃ͭ̍̿̓̈́́ē͊̏ͬ́r͆ͫͥ̒ͦ̄̚ ͬ̅̅̊͐̂͒ǐͬͫ͌̾͒̇s̎ ͫ̐̅ͧͤ̒t̏̐̇h͂̂ͨ̓e̊̏ͧͮ̊̌ͥ ̉̑̏̀̓̈́̑ͣͫrͬ̎̀̃͗͌ͩẽ̈̉̒͂͒ͯãͩ̒s̍ͣ͐̎͒oͨ͑͗̑n̑̽͂̓ ̒͗̌͑w̑ͫ̓̌͒̌h͛͗y̓̽̒ ͧ͊̽̓wͥ͂͂e̎ͦ͂ ̂͆ͨ̏̏̌̀̽ã̍̓r̓̀̎̅ͣ̆͂ê͋̒ͨͪ̏ ̎ͯ̀͐̿ͨ̅ā́͑ͯl̂̈ͦ͑̾̚l̑ͪ̌ͥ̓ ́̔f͗͋ͦ̉̀̈́̄̈i͂̾̊͒͊g̋ͥ̍h̊͐̊t̍ͯiͫ̒́͗̆͆̏̄n̎͂͛͋̽̋ͤͯg̾͊̽ͫ̊ ̋̐h̋ͪͨͥͦ͌̍̌āͩ̋̋̿r̄ͩ̿̏͐̐ͬͤd̊ͩ͛͑̔
̍̍̌̅̓̑Cͭ̌̀̒͛̂̓̍ö́͆̀nͣ̑̊ͦͫͦ̄̚tͥ̃r̾ͫ̆͑oͦ͗́l̆̐ͯͦͩ̃ ͗̍ͪ̑yͩ̒ͤͯ̅ͬ̒̽oͯ̅̎ͤͯuͨͭr̆͌ ͨ̉̈́ͥ̋͂bͧ̑̅ͤ̏o̊ͯͫ͌̽ͪdͧͯ̅̒̎̽̐ͮ͋y͂,̎ͫͩ̎̆̚ ̒͋͗y̓ͦ̈ͣ̓ͩōͥu̇ͤ̔́̔r̓̍̎ͭͫ ̽͒ͤs̍̃̍̈́ͪoͮͪ͛̉ͥuͦͪ̔̿l͋ ̔̍ͩ̈͆ͮͭ͒aͨ̚n͊̀̏̀͛͐̚d̏̽͂̓͋͛ ̎ͥhͤ̐̌͋e̐ͤa̎̇͐͋̿̒̾rͦ͗͂̄̂͗̑tͩ͗
͗ͫ͗̃͐ͨY̓ͤͧ̽̍ͬ͆ë́̔ͬ̈̈́sͤ̃̈́̄,́̀͌ ̉̓͂̈ͧ͂̒̽ͨs̒ͣͪ̇̎̈̍̓ͯȯ͂ͣm̅͛ͩ̉͛ͤ̒eͬ͌̑̏̊͌̊ ̇̑̐̎ͣ͋͒ò͂ͥ̀ͪ͐ͩ̚fͣ͆̔̇̊͆̍͆ ̇͛̂̉̄u͊͂̇͛ͭ̓ͪs̆͗ ͯ̈́̋̓wͬh͆͗ö́ͦ̐ ́ͭ̌ͮ͆̑̚̚qͪ̂ͮ́ͧ́u͒̌̃̋ͤͨͫ̔͛ï̊̐t͋ͯ̀ͪ̐ͬ́̑͌s̒̄ ̿̃̔̅̌̄aͤͨ̾̊̌̆̅r̽͆ͦ̆̎e͑ͫ̊͌̇͊ͩ̚ ͧͩ͆̄̇l̃̓̿ͦ̎͊i̐̉ͤ̓͗ͪͩk͑̾̈́̇̌ͨͯ̍e͌̓ ͋͐ͨͫl̈́̽ͬȁ͐͌̏̿ͣ̚mͦb͋ͮ̀̈͛͆s̒͌ ͫ̈̎̌̂t̏̂̔̒̊̉o͒̾̿̌̀̄̅̔ ̅͋ͣͮͫ̋ͭͦt̂ͬ̿h͒̊ͦ̽ͩe̐̊͗̉̎̍͑ ͗͑s̒ͩͭ̓lͭ̆̉̉̇̌àͬ͌̌ͬͥ̔̓͒uͨͫ̄ͤͤͫ̏̽g͌ͧ̂ͥh̆̇ͧ̑tͦe̓̎̓rͧͧ̎̐̄
̔̾̋̽ͩĹ̾ͨ̏̂eͫ̔ͪͮ̃̇́ť͌͛'ͬ͌̚s͆̓̍̾ͤ̐͗ ̅͒͛͊t͗͋̍̊̓ͩ̍r͗́yͥͩ̊ ͯ͒̋hͥ̿̈̆ā̄̐̈́̂ͩ̋r̋ͣ̀͑̅̎̍̈dͧ͒e̓͐͋̽řͪ ͧ̈́̽̂̀̓ͭͦtͬ̾o͑ͥ̓̇̂ͬ ͊͆̍̈͗̍̐ͩ̀r͆͆̄ͫ̑̏͗e͂̏ͥ͛͌̚a͑̒̑̎ͫ̎̚c̈́̒͋̃̅̽́̚h̑̈́ͩ͐̑̀ͯ̚ ̃̅̇͗͆̔̀tͩ̀ͩ̎ͬ͌̇h̋̃͒͋ͬͩ̑eͯ ̇̆̑ͤͣn̊ȅ̊ͪ̍̽xͩͦ̅̈̓̚t͋́ͥ̆̎ ̃̇̒̐́̋͗̌š̏̂tͪͯͪ̚aͨ͂g̽͋͌͑̓̐͒e̔̿̈ͧ͐