yuhs replied to your postmy room smells like rotting meat again but it’s…


a baby skunk drowned in our pool once & it was so sad & so precious & I just didn’t want it to be thrown away & rot in the dump so I put it in a large jar with some embalming fluid & left it in my room. I didn’t screw the lid on right or something, & that week just so happened to be the hottest one of the year. my bedroom door was closed all week while I was away at college. when I came home & opened the door, I found a half empty jar with pulverized skunk meat that somehow had been pushed out from beneath the lid. the smell was horrendous. sweet at first like potpourri, but dead & stomach churning. your natural instinct is not to go nearer to the source.


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will you write more fanfiction? you're really good :) like really really really good. lol

oml I dunno why you think that but thank yhu x) and idk, probably? at some point