[ENG] 170426 MBC FM4U Radio Kim Shinyoung’s Noon Song of Hope (Jonghyun & Key Cut)
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170428 SHINee World 2017 ‘FIVE’ @ Yoyogi Ment 

cute MinKey ^^ I think there was  something on Key’s face which Minho was cleaning He even brought tissue for him…so cute :)


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So does teamin stay with key forever? Are his parents still alive and get him later. Btw I love this au.

Once a year, the community of merpeople that Taemin and Kibum live in has “Parents Day.” It’s a day when all the warriors who have children get to come home for the entire day and see and spend time with their kids. It’s a big deal, and even parents who aren’t warriors celebrate by giving special attention to their kids. 

Taemin absolutely hates Parents Day, because his parents never come.

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(170429) swv ~five~ in yoyogi day iv 

trans cr. sweetgravity

on onew’s “your number” ending line, “i always love you”:

K: before you were asking [the person on the phone] on dates, but you suddenly grew up and confessed. it’s like a line from an old drama.

onew said he said i love you because yoyogi is their last stop.


Do Me Right ~ SHINee World FIVE Yoyogi 170428


javiermartinartBlindness Key - Art commission with @smentertainment for their newest project! My blindness collection featuring the k-pop group @shinee.1of1 at @smt_tokyo Tokyo. Stay tuned for the next one in Korea😉