Taylor planning the tour like
  • Taylor:k i'll kill them
  • Taylor:I'll just kill them like three times a day
  • Taylor:So i'll have an increidible cat walk.
  • Taylor:I'll sing every song in the album
  • Taylor:And i'll stick bracelets to every chair which will light up to the beat of the songs.
  • Taylor:Omg i'll sing a Wildest Dreams/Enchanted mashup. Yhea that'll do.
  • Taylor:And i'll just have amazing special guests cause why not.
  • Taylor:Maybe even recognize fans in the middle of concerts
  • Taylor:Oh and let me just write an incredible speech before clean that will make them all drown in their own tears.
  • Taylor:And i'll mention i love Scotish people in Scotland cause why not.
  • Taylor:And my mom will pick fans for loft 89'
  • Taylor:And why not Kevin.
  • Taylor:I'll bring all my supermodel squad to Hyde Park also.
  • Taylor:Yhea thats good. They'll be dead after that. Good.
A wild ride

we’re kinda back?? hello it’s me meshi! i’m off school so i’m going to start posting some fics :)

ship: NovaHD



“fuck!” Aleks yelled

Aleks clung onto the cart for dear life as he sped down the dusty hill in the beating sun. James was on his knees laughing at the top of the hill watching his friend skid to a painful crash on a rock. All this to escape the perils of the worlds longest running del taco.

James leapt down over the sandy dunes to the bottom of the hill where a shopping cart lay in one corner and a Russian lay in the other.

“You dumb fuck you could have bailed out” James tried to stifle a laugh as he helped up the bruised man.

“oh yhea i was gonna jump out of a speeding trolley and crash. to save my ass from crashing!” Alex pouted as he pulled his arm away from James and brushed himself off “your an ass at this point Del taco is better than a bruised face” Aleks stormed off to sit on an old rusty bench barely hanging on to its supporting screws. James laughed for a bit, before he eyed up the man walking away from him, he was glistening with sweat from the excitement and the heat. the colours of his tattoo looked intensified in the midday warmth. James squinted at him against the sunlight and admired his figure with raised eyebrows. damn. he thought.

He waited a bit after Aleks sat down before going at joining him on the bench. “hey don’t be like that’ he nudged his friend “at least we didn’t eat any of that skanky food” Aleks’ lip quivered as he tried not to laugh, James saw this and carried on. “like you said, the del taco is better than a bruised face; maybe i should head back-“ James got up slowly before he felt a tugging on his hoodie. “don’t be an ass stay here, do you really want a del taco, taco?” the two men smiled before James gave a mock sigh and sat back down; or Aleks pulled him. Pulled him so hard in fact that he was forced to put his arm around his Russian friend to avoid crushing him.

Aleks blushed a bit feeling James’ strong arm around him but he smiled and leaned into him as the sun moved across the sky. They sat for a bit in a deafening silence before James broke it by pushing his lips against Aleks’ fluffy hair, not a kiss but enough to make Aleks looked up and stare at his friend; before a choice could be made a loud squeak came from below them, before the bench gave way and the two man collapsed on the sandy floor in a heap.

They lay laughing until they were red in the face. “I hate you so much!” James yelled between laughter and pushed Aleks softly. “really, then what was that up there?” Aleks raised his eyebrow at James and the two lay in silence before… “James! Aleks!” Jordans voice was booming from above them. “Come on guys! we’re late!” His voice was getting closer and closer. The two looked at each other before parting with a rushed passionate kiss.

They both got up and dusted themselves off as Jordan peered over the edge of the pit. “What are you two dumbs up too??” he folded his arms and looked at them. “Avoiding you and your gross food!” James yelled scrambling back up the hill hiding his flushed cheeks. Aleks followed in suite but this time Jordan caught a glimpse of the mans blushing face. Jordan laughed before following the two men back to the car.


Hello! I hope you have seen a/ some dogs today! Sorry if my face looks all serious or grumpy but its for the thing! The thing being;

I am going to MCM this october with friends annnnnnnd i would love to cosplay a character from BBC Merlin! But! I dont know who! I wanted to do Mordred (older) but he’s too pretty and i don’t think i could pull it off lol.

I would really really appreciate if anyone had any suggestions or tips! Because im hopeless at this welp

But yhea, any suggestions or tips i will be very thankful!

femalegoldenfreddy asked:

Those things that judges you on your zodiac sign! Scorpios are always: the'll IGNOR you! Thare dark! They have little bat wings! So yhea


Those zodiac posts aren’t for everyone, dammit. Not all Pisces are nice, not all Geminis are evil.  i just picked random signs

This is the third time I’ve had to say this

Zodiac posts are based on

The OP’s experiecnce with that sign


Just randomness

sometimes im so lazy to speak and write english

people come to me on skype going om g vana we must talk

and im just??

yhea lets takj pls 

it’d be too damn awkward to say hey i don’t want to write on english today because what kind of an excuse is that??

but sometimes i really am too tired to think on english, to speak it, to write it, to make my sentences make sense

Bad girls:
  • Momo:so...you like hulkeye rigth?
  • he:yes is true love
  • momo and me:ahahahahahahaahah yhea yhea
  • he:wath???? >:? if you not like my otp don't laugth
  • momo:clint is maried
  • he:no way...;<;
  • me:and he have 3 kid's
  • he:NOOO WAY! ::::::::n:;;;;;;
  • momo:and he's love pietro maximoff ~`<`~ (lie) (((internal crying)))
  • me:aww yhe brha
  • he:Noo my ship is mega broke
  • me and momo:yhes we are bad girls