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i really want to talk about tony's flaws like all of his but i know i will regret it the moments i said a word or two about it because some people (or many people) will go like "yhea he is such a *insert slurs etc etc*" and start pointing out points that are actually biased bcs of the characters that they loved have been wronged by tony lol (or they just want to hate on tony but i want to talk with ppl who do know tony's flaws ugh go away @ them)

Did u mean my Constant StRuggLE,,,™,,,, Tony is an incredible, complex, multidimensional character and also a good person and talking about that would be great except people nitpick and then ONLY WANT TO USE HIS FLAWS TO DISCUSS HOW TERRIBLE HE IS and then don’t acknowledge ANY OTHER CHARACTERS FLAWS and,,fucking,,,Twist Canon to Fit their “Tony stark, evil horrible person and cause of all suffering in this universe” narrative and it is EXHAUSTING like can I pls just talk about how much of a tiny disaster child my son is without having people fucking tear him apart for every single tiny thing they can find wrong with him holy shiT

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Hey Luci isn't that kinda dangerous to keep weapons so close to your body while sleeping seeing as you could harm yourself accidentally?

Oh well shit happens and it is better then someone snecking into my room kidnapping me and holding me for random but once they get the money kill me anyways, yhea I think I can handle a cut or two anon .

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Yhea, telling death threats to me (and she doesnt know about my anxiety, it puts me on edge) and nicole. i know she's done bad things in the past but nicole is my friend. im trying to help her and rachel is talking entirely in spanish. I'm trying to use google translate but uGH ITS HECK!!!

someone should tell her to stop being such a child because hiding behind your native tongue is cowardly -Cas