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150208 Infinite H Fan Sign 

Some girl told Hoya that she’s not going to be his fan anymore and gave him a letter. Hoya read the letter right after and explained to the fans.

Hoya: I don’t know if I should say this, but I had a good time today, but at the same time there was a part of me that didn’t feel too well. I received a letter from a fan earlier and I just read it now. She says that she’s not going to be my fan anymore, and that she’s disappointed at me, so even though it’s my first time saying something pessimistic like this in public, I will say it now. I’m not blaming her. I read the letter and I want to explain myself right now because I just think that there is a misunderstanding; because every fan is so important to me, I don’t want to lose any of you guys.

Dongwoo: Hoya’s hands are shaking right now.

Hoya: First of all, she said that my eyes are very cold and I’m not very responsive at the airport while I’m friendly at the official schedules. The reason why my eyes are ‘cold’ is because I usually don’t wear contact lenses at the airport-

Dongwoo: Yeah, his eyesight is really bad.

Hoya: -and I have a personal reason as to why I’m not very responsive to the fans at the airport. It’s not because I don’t care. I don’t think of those fans as sasaeng’s, and I also enjoy the photos that they take, I check the photos out often too. But those fans who come to see me at any unofficial schedule or hair salon or the airport - I can’t treat them in the same way that I treat the other fans. Airport is iffy too, because it’s not exactly an official schedule, but at the same time, it’s not unofficial either. I know that some of my fans choose to not come to the airport because they think that they will inconvenience me if they do - and when I think about those fans, I can’t do fan service at the airport like I normally would do on stage. Some Infinite members might be able to, but this is my belief, and this is why I act like that. I’m not being pretentious. If I was trying to, I would act the same at the airports, where there are just as many fans, and consider airport as an official schedule too. And I’m sorry that I have to talk about this at a fan sign. I just want to tell you guys the truth.

Dongwoo: I think it’s good that we can talk seriously and sincerely like this at a fan sign.

Hoya: And she’s also saying that I discriminate fan sites, but that is just ridiculous. I look at my photos on those fan sites often, but I don’t exactly know how many sites there are, how those fans who take my pictures look like, or what fan sites they manage. I posted a picture of the first meal that we received from a fan site when we were recording for Music Bank - or was it Music Core? - I don’t exactly remember, but yes, I uploaded a picture. After that first meal, another came from a different site the day after, but the recording was so busy that I took a picture of the meal but couldn’t post it. Then another arrived the day after and I took a picture of it, but I thought it would be strange of me to post today’s but not yesterday’s, so I discussed it with others and didn’t upload anything in the end. I just want to say that I don’t discriminate fan sites, that is just ridiculous. I’m not trying to blame this fan, I’m just trying to resolve a misunderstanding. So I hope that you guys won’t try to find and do something to this fan today -

Dongwoo: There is no need to attack or reproach this fan. We’re all different human beings and could have miscommunication because of our differences - we just need to communicate, you know?

Hoya: I tried to smile after getting this letter, but if I didn’t look well, I apologize.

Source: Murisu
Translation: ohmangotango

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Admiration  ▏Woohyun

Request: Hi hello! May I request a Woohyun oneshot where you’re Sungyeol’s best friend and he (Woohyun) falls in love with you? Thank you <3

Comments: This is another one of those late night scenarios that I just happen to write up because I have too many feels to contain to myself, therefore I share them with you, my lovely readers. Enjoy this fluff as a reliever from all the angst I’ve been hitting you with recently :3

“When I look at you, I know there’s nothing to improve because you’re perfect, girl.”

           Maybe it was her eyes.

           Yeah, her beautiful eyes that always stored the entire night sky in them, and shone bright each and every single time he saw her.

           Those eyes that he got lost in whenever she asked him the simplest of questions and made him get off track, leading her to giggle and probably assume he was a complete idiot.

           No, actually, it was probably her laugh now that he thought about it. The laugh that sounded like the most perfectly put together melodies of the song he wanted to hear over and over again.

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INFINITE: When he sees his crush.

Hello! I wouldn’t mind doing this at all, thank you for your request and I hope you enjoy!


Sunggyu: Calm down Sunggyu, she’s/he’s just walking by, so there’s no need to get your hopes up …yet.

Dongwoo: *Glances over* Since when did she/he get there?! *Laughs nervously* Just act cool and casual, don’t ruin image you’ve been working on for her…Even if she’s/he’s making hard not to.

Woohyun: *Covers smile* I think she/he just looked at me!! *Looks at Hoya* Did you see that?! Please tell me you saw that so I know I’m not going crazy over here!

Hoya: *Waves* Hey there, it’s been a while…How are things? I’ll stick with baby steps for now before I try to make bold moves on her/him. *Continues having small talk with her/him*

Sungyeol: *Looks up and sees her/him* How is she/he so great?…Ah, I shouldn’t stare, if she/he notices she/he might think I’m strange. *Looks down at laptop*…If only laptops had a back camera.

L: Okay, if I turn now and start walking in the same direction direction as her/him, we’ll be able to ‘coincidentally’ walk together. *Nods at his plan* Just act like you didn’t intend for this to happen and maybe she/he won’t notice.

Sungjong: *Smiles and winks at her/him* I’ve been practicing that for a week now. Hopefully she/he noticed that because if not I might have just missed my chance at–ah! She/He just smiled at me!