Friendly Reminder: Do NOT tweet Mashima!!!

I know a lot of people are probably furious at what might be happening next chapter but please do NOT tweet Mashima!! Do not send him hate or death threats or anything disgusting like that. I know you’re angry. A lot of us are angry. But sending hate to Mashima won’t change anything. Also take note that these spoilers technically shouldn’t be released right now since the actual chapter doesn’t officially come out until Wednesday (I think). So please respect that as well. 

But how will Gajeel react??? When he sees??? Juvia has died????

Yknow I bet initially he’ll be pissed at Gray for not saving her life and letting her die and he’ll try to go at Gray and attack him but when he sees the incredible emptiness and sorrow in Gray’s eyes, he’ll freeze in place and realize Gray did try to save her and prevent her from dying and that Juvia chose to give up her life.

He’ll probably feel short of breath and slowly lower his knees to the ground, face turned towards the floor. He’s in shock. He can’t believe the little water mage he’d known since his Phantom Lord days was fuckin gone. Dead. Not coming back. 

He won’t get to eat her baked goods again. He won’t hear her voice ringing out across the guild as she follows after “Gray-samaa~” He won’t be able to tease her about her feelings for the ice make mage or comfort her about her feelings when she was down.

This is the first time some members of the guild see him cry. Because his oldest friend is dead, and she ain’t comin back.

sharksrunfaster replied to your post “FUCK THIS!”

Just because she “died” doesn’t mean you should quit fairy tail. Juvia had great character development and an amazing story, we might be upset but she will not be forgotten and will see be the amazing character we love, and importing living on inside gray. She was amazing and is still amazing

Well in part I agree with you but on other hand I don’t accept her death. I don’t want to accept it. Not after all the characters that Mashima brought back to life (he killed some, I will not deny that) but after seeing how Gray was revived in the Eclipse arc, I want Juvia to live as well.
I probably won’t quit Fairy Tail, because I sinned already too deep into the Fairy Tail hell, but without her it won’t be the same… And I’m so much disappointed.

( sorry for my bad english..)