Genre: Fluff (Sorry it’s not  smut but I saw a comment on YouTube about their otp singing in the kitchen and I thought that was adorable)

Summary: Dan making breakfast when he thought Phil was still asleep so he sings. I’m V bad a summary’s Also I’m still not used to writing in 3rd person so I’ve been trying to get better at it,


Dan had surprisingly woke up early, Phil was still sleeping soundly next to him. Dan loved waking up before Phil and seeing him in such a vulnerable state, his hair was all messy and his mouth was open slightly, Dan wiggled out from the arm Phil had strung over him before planting a kiss on his forehead and heading into the kitchen humming softly.

 He started a pot of coffee and then worked on making some American pancake batter. Hey, he missed the fluffiness of them. He started absentmindedly singing softly while mixing the ingredients, “I’m gonna make you bend and break
Say a prayer but let the good times roll” He swayed his hips slightly unaware of the raven haired man in the doorway watching him with a fond smile.

He sung the rest of that verse to the song before pouring the batter into the pan, “One night and one more time. Thanks for the memories” He raised his voice slightly.

“Even though they weren’t so great. He taste like you only sweeter.” A deeper voice said behind him causing him to jump, pale arms wrapped around his waist.

Dan turned around in his Phil’s arms, smiling down at the slightly shorter man, “One more night, yeah, one more time. Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories.” Dan reached a hand behind him scooping our some of the batter and placing a kiss on Phil’s nose to distract him, “See, he taste like you only sweeter!” He smeared the batter on Phil’s cheek, Phil yelped out a quick Dan before wiping his cheek then running his hand through Dan’s hair to get the batter in there.

They continued singing and throwing battering at each other and stealing occasional kisses before they smelt something burning. Dan rushed over and turned off the stove as Phil laughed and attempted to clean himself. Dan stuck his tongue out at Phil muttering that it was his fault and Phil just chuckled and planted a kiss on Dan’s sticky cheek.


This has no editing and it’s like 5 am and I made the mistake of staying up as tomorrow I have to work on a school project with a partner in like 4 hours. Tomorrow I should have some smut up. 

Election Day Playlist:

-The Kids Aren’t Alright (FOB)
-Let’s Kill Tonight (P!ATD)
-I’m Not Okay I Promise (MCR)
-The End (MCR)
-Dead! (MCR)
-Sugar We’re Going Down (FOB)
-American Idiot (Green Day)
-Doomed (BMTH)
-Go Go Go (SWS)
-Oh No (BMTH)
-Say Goodbye (Green Day)
-Troubled Times (Green Day)

-**BONUS**I Am Going To Kill The President of the United States of America (leathermouth)