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Just curious why does everyone hate Benedict cumberbatch so much? I feel like I missed something lol

idk why everyone else hates him, and i personally don’t hate him i just think he’s overrated. A lot of the roles he plays are essentially the same thing, and he was everywhere for like 2011-2013 so i was so bored of him. And then I don’t like the casting of him as Doctor Strange. So yh, i don’t hate him, i just hate how overexposed he is.  

[ something i’ve never understood

cyborg: someone should build a house up here
bb: yeah, if you like sunshine, and the beach *nudges*
raven: *giggle* y’know, you’re kinda funny

what about that statement was funny

like it wasn’t even a joke. if you like sunshine and the beach then yh, maybe you should live on an island in calafornia. it’s a legitimate statement. it’s like the least funny thing bb has said. 

you find that funny but roll your eyes at the cookie went to the doctor cuz he was feelin crummy? tf is wrong with you? ]

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who do you ship neji with ?

man where do i even start     ———    eh !  in all honestly i can’t really tell u i ship him with anyone specifically    (  i’m kinda partial about most of his ?? usual ships i guess  )   like okay don’t get me wrong neji & tenten are Important to me and so are neji & lee but ultimately !  it. sorta depends on whatever chemistry the charas develop ic ??  heck, i ship neji w/ bloody itachi uchiha bc a friend and i headcanon-ed stuff and things and it just sorta happened but that !  doesn’t mean i ship neji w/  … every itachi i guess. or just itachi in general. it’s kinda just that one itachi    …   i’M RAMBLING BUT YH BASICALLY I SHIP CHEMISTRY ??? i guess is what i’m tryna say

listen, bucky barnes, he just keeps breaking my heart. he was so confused when he picked up that newspaper to see his face plastered across the front claiming he’d attacked the UN. he was so accepting of people coming to kill him, just saying it was a good plan. he was so resigned to the fact he’d have to fight for survival. he didn’t resist when they arrested him and trapped him in a box, locking him down like some kind of feral animal. he doesn’t flinch at being treated like nothing bc he doesn’t think he deserves anything more than that and it’s all he’s known for so long and i just, my heart keeps breaking for him

So yh, I’m still awake..

I can’t remember whether or not I posted this before so here it is (probably again). It’s based off of Jack’s Kill the Plumber series. That was so fun to watch, and so long to do with a mouse… anyways, enjoy

JW/YH: “All these years, all alone, gone is the wind, gone is the rain. There were tears, there were faults, I still remember what I hold on to.”

JW/CW: “You’d know if you have loved dearly. You’d be lonely, you’d look back. There are still dreams, there is still you in my heart.”

JH/YH: “My friends, let’s walk together for a lifetime. Those days are lost. Just a word, just a lifetime, just a life-long affection, just a glass of liquor.”

DH/CW/JW: “My friends, we are never alone. I just call you “friend” and you will know. There are still wounds, there is still pain. But we have to keep going, you still have me.”

B.I: “What are we fighting for? What do we find so funny? We are still young and naive, we just want happiness. After lots of moments of regret and the liquor glass that is emptied out along with our hearts. With the people and music that I like, this should be a satisfactory life.”

BB: “Even if your heart breaks down, I will run for you. Even if the whole world betrays you, I am willing to fail with you. Your appearance in this empty space fill me up like an empty glass. There is no resting place in this constraining world. It’s not my mum, but the “cheers” of you and I.” [trs credit]

characters/pairing: dazai osamu/nakahara chuuya

summary: none, but this is very short and kind of cheesy

notes: happy birthday, @weakeninghope! as you’ve so nicely put it, you’re now able to read smut freely! sadly, this isn’t smut! it’s not long, and probably not the greatest thing, but i really wanted to give you something for your birthday, and i hope you will like it. (•‿•)

i hope you have a nice day, filled with happiness! *does finger gun* stay fab, old sinner, love ya -3-♡

Dazai stared at the ceiling, hands laying on his stomach. A soft buzzing was heard from the left, and the brunet sighed as the source of his troubles—a fly—repeatedly smashed into the pane of the window. He glanced at his right, gazing at the locks of red hair on the white pillow, and the pale, naked back of his partner, and a tender smile made its way on his lips. He turned on his side, propped his head with one hand, and caressed Chuuya’s back with the other, going up to thread his fingers through his hair, then tracing his spine with his forefinger. The redhead grunted, and Dazai stopped in his tracks, his hand resting on the small of his back. He stared at him, his thumb drawing circles on his skin, and his smile widened.

However, the moment was ruined by the fly, that (probably in a moment of despair), flew near Dazai’s ear, startling him. The brunet looked around him,  then groaned and buried his face in his pillow.

He was exhausted, he only wanted to sleep, but a fly had to get into their room and disturb the peace. He let out another sigh. Something swished at his right, but Dazai paid it no mind, too busy listening to the fly who had, once again, started smashing into the window.

‘Shitty Dazai,’ Chuuya suddenly mumbled, and the other turned to him. ‘It’s your turn.’

The brunet pouted, staring at the redhead’s neck for a while. The fly carried on flying dumbly, passing near the couple more than once.

Dazai sighed and sat up in the bed, briefly closing his eyes. ‘Did I wake you up?’ he whispered, glancing at Chuuya.

The redhead shifted slightly, and hummed (‘mhmmm’). The other grinned, interpreting the sound as a no, and he leaned down, pecking his shoulderblade.

He then stood up, slowly heading towards the window, slightly staggering due to the sleepiness washing over him. He opened the pane and pricked up his ears, trying to situate the fly, but nothing came. He gave up and instead gazed at the landscape, his hair ruffling in the night breeze. The streets were silent at this hour, and he felt his body relax.

So much better than this vile heat, Dazai thought, and he made a face at the mere thought of the day ahead of him.

The fly passed him as it flew out of the room, and he watched her fly towards the inky black sky. It disappeared from his sight, and the brunet stared at the stars for a while, then turned away from them, going back to bed. It would be useless to close the window: it was the only moment of the day a semblance of fresh air existed.

He had almost reached the bed when Chuuya moved, apparently trying to cover his back with the blankets with his feet.

‘Dazai, it’ll get cold.’

The brunet smiled, and the bed dipped under his weight as he lay down, slipping his legs under the covers.

‘Well,’ he started, and he wrapped his arms around the redhead’s waist, repeatedly poking his side so that he would turn around, ‘I’ll keep you warm.’

Chuuya sighed, and Dazai kissed his back, his forefinger still poking the other in the ribs.

‘You’re annoying,’ the redhead grumbled, ‘I bet you’re all sweaty and warm.’

Dazai let out a chuckle and pecked his back once again, this time a little higher. The other mumbled inaudible words, but he still rolled on his side, sliding his arms under Dazai’s tee-shirt and intertwinining their legs.

‘Oh dear, you aren’t,’ he muttered, and he burrowed his face in the crook of the brunet’s neck.

‘Of course, I was standing in front of the window.’

Chuuya hummed, and kissed his neck. ‘My own personal ice cube,’ he whispered.

Dazai chuckled at the nickname and tightened his hold around the redhead. ‘At your service.’

He caressed his back and smiled as his partner’s breathing slowed down, his arms loosening their grip around his waist as he fell back asleep. The brunet nestled against him, then kissed the top of his head. He closed his eyes, and buried his face in the redhead’s hair, inhaling his scent.

‘My very own sunshine.’


Age Defying Treatment Makes Paper Look 200 Years Younger!

This broadside encouraging New Yorkers to protest the Tea Act needed a little bit of work before it would be ready to exhibit this September. The treatment involved three baths as the document was cleaned and given a new backing of Japanese tissue.

Read more at the N-YHS Library’s blog!

To the public. : The sense of the city relative to the landing the India Company’s tea… . Printed by John Holt. 1774. New-York Historical Society

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