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Jon's likened to Ned but that doesn't mean he is his doppleganger. Catelyn called Ned plain but beauty is subjective, that's just one opinion. Also plain as compared to Brandon. Jon's also likened to Arya who is likened to Lyanna who was said to be pretty. There aren't any female POVs around Jon, but one Mel chapter, to give input on his looks (his description is vague) but women have been drawn to him, Ygritte/Mel/Val/Alys, that counts for something cont

Cont With two sets of genes from The Rhagear and Lyanna, I can’t see how hecould be average. Could be that he’s going through the awkward teen phase ashe’s still a teen in the books, but then gets Neville Longbottomed.

I mean, if Ned’s very own loving wife can’t help but admit that Ned’s a lil plain looking…

She remembered her own childish disappointment, the first time she had laid eyes on Eddard Stark. She had pictured him as a younger version of his brother Brandon, but that was wrong. Ned was shorter and plainer of face, and so somber. 

And then Cat says this about Jon:

She might have overlooked a dozen bastards for Ned’s sake, so long as they were out of sight. Jon was never out of sight, and as he grew, he looked more like Ned than any of the trueborn sons she bore him. Somehow that made it worse. 

Jon and Arya are said to have much of the same physical features, and that compared with her trueborn siblings, Arya looks most like Jon. Yes, people have commented that not only does she resemble Lyanna, but that Arya herself was pretty, but I sort of think of them as Ned and Lyanna: Lyanna is the pretty sister, Ned is the plain brother, but they still definitely look like they’re siblings.

I don’t believe women, particularly Melisandre, are drawn to Jon because of his looks. Jon inspires loyalty in more substantial ways than that. Melisandre senses a supernatural power in him, Alys trusts him because he’s Lord Commander, Ygritte finds his innocence charming, and Val imo has always come off as sort of lukewarm to him, but also holds a measure of trust and respect for him.

And honestly, genetics don’t work like “his mom was hot and his dad was hot so he’s gonna be hot too” lol. He might end up pulling a Neville Longbottom later, but as of right now I stand by my argument that Jon Snow is plain looking.