Anyways Jon refers to Satin as “pretty” more than he refers to Ygritte or Val or any other woman beautiful/pretty

Satin, they called him, even in the wool and mail and boiled leather of the Night’s Watch; the name he’d gotten in the brothel where he’d been born and raised. He was pretty as a girl with his dark eyes, soft skin, and raven’s ringlets.

The shrieks were as bad as anything he had ever heard, and Satin looked as though he was going to be sick. Jon kicked the trapdoor shut, set the heavy iron kettle on top of it, and gave the boy with the pretty face a hard shake.

Satin was loosing quarrels at the wildlings on the steps, then ducking down behind a merlon to cock the crossbow. He may be pretty, but he’s quick.

All the smiles had died. “It was the priestess we were laughing at,” said Satin, a lithe and pretty youth who had once been a whore in Oldtown. “We were only having a jape, my lord.”

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Modern heartwarming AU: Ygritte, after spending MONTHS watching her boyfriend being ridiculously in love with his best friend sits them both and is like "Jon. Sam. You are so in love that you gave me cavities, it's seriously disgusting, and also polyamory is A Thing I am not opposed to. Get your shit together."


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Game of thrones 😏

  • otp - jon and ygritte (literally will never get over it), daenerys x khal drogo (i am depression) 
  • favourite canon pairing - jon x ygritte 
  • worst pairing ever - littlefinger and literally anyone
  • guilty pleasure pairing - jaime x cersei
  • a pairing you want to see more - jaime and brienne oh my god
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no” - jon x sansa…….romantically……………………..ew.
  • favorite non-romantic pair - jon x sansa, jaime x bronn, brienne x podrick

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Since you mentioned her, do you have any thoughts about Ygritte? I watched the show first and I was not impressed by her, lol (mostly because she reminds me of someone I know that I can't stand most of the time). After reading the book I understood her place as Jon's teacher about the Wildlings and him growing up/having his first sexual realtionship, but she still varies from "meh" to "romanticized abuser" depending on what mood I'm in (the last part is harsh, but I can't find a better word :/)

I think the sad thing is that Ygritte genuinely believed that Jon was “one of them” and genuinely believed he was reciprocating her feelings because he loved her, hence her massive hurt after he returns to the NW and reveals that he was just assimilating to survive. Her intentions with him were not malicious, but unfortunately even Jon has a hard time defining his relationship with Ygritte. His “wildling mind” is telling him he loves her and loves being with her, but his “Night’s Watch mind” is weighing him down with guilt and fear of dying at the wildlings’ hands. 

With Jon’s lack of honestly and his outward excitement at being with Ygritte, I can’t really blame her for believing that what they had was real. At the same time, I can’t say that what passed between Jon and Ygritte was entirely consensual– Jon’s consent is dubious at best, particularly when his flowery thoughts of Ygritte are interrupted by the reminder that he is entirely at the wildlings’ mercy and that he’s lying to survive.

Ygritte was not actively or maliciously abusing Jon because what Jon was telling her was that he loved her and loved being with her, and he had offered no evidence to the contrary, and in fact made the conscious choice not to in order to survive and appear as “one of them”. It’s a bad deal for both of them, in the end, as one finds out that the man she loved was lying to her from the start and the other one who was lying to survive is confused at his own feelings towards her.