the signs as women in game of thrones
  • aries: ygritte // a lover and a fighter, hates to be betrayed but will never show their weakness
  • taurus: brienne of tarth // loyal, easily wounded but bears those wounds to greater purpose
  • gemini: arya stark // enfolds past hurts in different modes of behaviour, tough with a berry-soft core
  • cancer: sansa stark // delicate as bone china with barbs in their teeth, stronger than their milk-soft exterior
  • leo: olenna tyrell // no time or patience for flattery or foolery, fiercely protective, pun master
  • virgo: daenerys targaryen // a strong moral compass that's sometimes wrong, proud and beautiful
  • libra: catelyn stark // fears of loss often lead to mistakes, come to love slowly but it lasts forever
  • scorpio: ellaria sand // slow to gain trust and quick to lose it, hates a liar, afraid to ask for love
  • sagittarius: margaery tyrell // charm without manipulation, sticky-sweetness can earn enemies
  • capricorn: cersei lannister // looks out for the good of those they love to the detriment of others, thinks they know best
  • aquarius: melisandre // an enigma, a little odd but driven to a single goal, loyal to a fault
  • pisces: lyanna stark // looks after those around her, their secrets have secrets, an air of tragedy
  • Tyrion Lannister: You must be Ned Stark's bastard
  • Jeor Mormont: You must be Ned Stark's bastard
  • Mance Rayder: You must be Ned Stark's bastard
  • Ygritte: You must be Ned Stark's bastard
  • Stannis Baratheon: You must be Ned Stark's bastard
  • Ramsay Bolton: You must be Ned Stark's bastard
  • Beric Dondarrion: YOu look NotHINg liKE NeD StaRK

We don’t get to choose who we love

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And we don’t get not to

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So love burns us

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To the core

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Our flesh

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Our souls

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And yet we love

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We love again

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Once more, we love

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All the same

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