Mance Ratder actually came out today! Without hissing or growling or being generally unsociable!

so I had a R. rattus party & took crappy cell phone pics because Mance is terrified of the big camera so I can’t get good pictures of his cute grumpy self.

(Ygritte is on the right in the pic with them both & she’s the bottom left solo one, the other two are Mance)

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Character: Jon Snow
Appears in: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But really: He falls in love with and has a sexual relationship with Ygritte, a wildling woman. He also pays a lot of attention to and constantly thinks about how pretty another male character, Satin Flowers, is.

“a lithe and pretty youth”
“He was pretty as a girl with his dark eyes, soft skin, and raven’s ringlets.”
“Satin’s voice was sweet as song”
“Satin was all grace”

He also takes Satin is his steward, even though this angers other members of the Nights Watch (both because Satin was very feminine and presumed to be gay, and because Satin had been trafficked before he joined the Nights Watch).

Clearly, Jon is bisexual.

With many thanks to the anon who sent us this write up and submission!

five game of thrones’ characters for every zodiac sign

aries: khal drogo, lord varys, mance rayder, arya stark, osha.
taurus: jon snow, hodor, davos seaworth, barristan selmy, brienne of tarth.
gemini: tyrion lannister, theon greyjoy, walder frey, ygritte, lysa arryn.
cancer: bran stark, jorah mormont, robb stark, trystane martell, gilly.
leo: jaime lannister, renly baratheon, daenerys targaryen, jojen reed, ellaria sand.
virgo: eddard stark, stannis baratheon, samwell tarly, missandei, yara greyjoy.
libra: tommen baratheon, lancel lannister, vyseris tararyen, myrcella baratheon, margaery tyrell.
scorpio: oberyn martell, ramsay bolton, sandor clegane, cersei lannister, olenna tyrell.
sagittarius: tywin lannister, bronn, loras tyrell, melisandre, talisa maegyr.
capricorn: joffrey baratheon, lord baelish, roose bolton, grand maester pycelle, catelyn tully.
aquarius: robert baratheon, daario naharis, olly, sansa stark, shae.
pisces: podrick payne, doran martell, gendry waters, robin arryn, shireen baratheon.