Ok ok I finally got a chance to look over all this Jon x Arya shizz from the books that apparently hold romantic undertones and let me tell y'all…they were NOT kidding. It actually made me feel bad for wanting to take Jon away from Arya, the one man besides her father that thought her beautiful, like damn just typing that out makes my eyes water, that’s some depressing shit y'all.
And while we all focus on Sansa resembling Ygrite in her red hair, Arya resembles her much more where it counts, in character and bravery
So point blank I REALLY do not know what to believe anymore JonxDany, JonxSansa, JonxArya who tf knows
All I know is if Jonsa isn’t endgame I stfg I will PERSONALLY drive my ass to Kit’s home, bang on his door and ask “WHY. BITCH WHAAAAIIIIII. WHaT THE FUCK PART OF THIS LINGERINg ‘lET ME SNEAK A QUICK GAZE AT YO LIPS *mmmyus*’ FOREHEAD KISS, 'HOLDiNG oN TO FOR DEAR LIFE’ hAND HOLD, 'dANG MY SIS GOT HOT LOOK AT HER GROWN BEAUTY’ STARES, PART OF THIS SHIT LOOK PLATONIC TO YUUUUUUUU. Explain yourself.” Like damn if he got a crush on Sophie he don’t gotta bring me down with him goddamn it JON SNOW