Finished! I had to fix more lineart too! SURPRISE? Haha not. 

However, I’m extremely happy with this and I feel I have mastered Yuma’s hair :D Astral’s markings are probably all wrong, but I concentrated hard on Yuma, so Astral suffered… *sigh* Can’t win them all?

Enjoy though!


Moar crazy Arc V theories about Ruri and Rin, don’t mind me

So, I had a thought. 

Since Serena seems to always rocking Juudai’s look in 2 of her default outfits, does this possibly mean that Rin and Ruri with dress in similar styles to Yuusei and Yuuma, respectively?

Like, will Rin rock out Yuusei’s blues and blacks with touches of red and orange? I mean, her boyfrand already rocks out a lot of white in his outfit, just like a certain other 5Ds character that’s bound to make an appearance soon, and has blue and blond hair just like a certain protagonist from 5Ds No, Krys, now isn’t the time for theories about Yuugo being Jack and Yuusei’s love child. That’s for another post entirely. It does lead me to hope that Rin has blonde hair, just for that theory alone.

And Shun does have similar shades of green in his hair that Kotori does, so is that a signifier that Ruri might have some visual cues about her that are going to remind us of Yuuma? God help the poor girl if she has to dress like Yuuma tho >>

/has the urge to draw a thing, damn it all.

Finally…..!!!!!! Here’s the pic of background for my ZEXAL doujinshi’s cover. Sorry for not everyone could be completed in this cover, but I really love all of ZEXAL’s characters!^^
BTW, this doujinshi should be sold on 07/07 (The Jump Only in Taiwan).

Wish I can finish it….> <